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Classroom Expectations

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Classroom Expectations

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  1. Classroom Expectations Film and Video Production 12

  2. Respect • This is something of a cliché but is absolutely essential within this room. A non-negotiable. • It means: • Treat yourself well • Treat others with dignity • Be professional with the instructor • Be extremely careful with all technology • Your actions define you more than anything else – what you give comes back to you.

  3. Effort • Give 100% effort. It’s that simple. • This course will require a lot of work from you; including writing. Academic writing. The fun stuff will eventually come along too • Don’t waste time. Don’t be off task. • You will be required to work well both individually and within groups – full effort is expected from each individual.

  4. Attendance • Be here. You need to be present to complete the work. • Be on time; we start after the bell. • Don’t ask to go to the washroom for the first, and last, 15 minutes of each period. One person is out at a time. • It is your responsibility to make up missed work. • School attendance policy applies here, meaning unexcused absences will be referred to the administration and could result in losing the credit.

  5. Assignments • You will be given ample time to work on most assignments during class but will be expected to complete work on your own time. • Students must complete all coursework to qualify for exemptions. Any incomplete assignment will be given a zero with a referral to the ARR. • A schedule of daily assignments, with attachments, will be available on my webpage. If you are sick – please refer to this to see what you’ve missed.

  6. Technology • Any improper use of technology will immediately result in a referral to the office – not to mention you will lose the privilege of working with our video gear for the remainder of the Semester. • You will be entrusted with a variety of video and sound capture equipment over the course of the Semester – it will be signed out to you, and you will be accountable for it’s safety. • You will be required to have a USB for this course; preferably with 16GB of space. See me if this is an issue.

  7. Cellphones • Texting is not permitted during instructional time. • Periodically you will be instructed to use your smartphone browser to assist with course work. • FVP12 does have a Remind 101 account which allows for you to receive updates/reminders via text: • Please text “@fvp12” to (289) 275-4529 • You will receive an email confirming your registration • Otherwise, all school technology policies apply in this room.

  8. Welcome! Film and Video Production 12