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South Florida Executive Board Media Training Primer PowerPoint Presentation
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South Florida Executive Board Media Training Primer

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South Florida Executive Board Media Training Primer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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South Florida Executive Board Media Training Primer. Mouse over to play audio. Good Media Relations is Good Business. Three Types Of Media Interviews . What Do All Media Interviews Have In Common?. 1. Commercial Control Credibility Cosmetics.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Commercial
  • Control
  • Credibility
  • Cosmetics

What do you want the audience to remember?

  • Have 3-4 key messages memorized!
  • Be ready for your elevator pitch!
  • Commercial
  • Control
  • Credibility
  • Cosmetics

Control – It’s all about attitude! Be confident

  • YOU are the expert
  • YOU are prepared
  • YOU will help someone become more aware of your agency/program.
  • Commercial
  • Control
  • Credibility
  • Cosmetics

Credibility – It’s about 3 things:

  • Don’t ever lie/guess
  • Stay in your lane!
  • Don’t lose your cool/patience.
  • Commercial
  • Control
  • Credibility
  • Cosmetics

Cosmetics – Seeing is believing!

  • Body language conveys the real you.
  • What’s behind you is important.
the interview prepare
The Interview: Prepare!
  • Why does the reporter want to interview you?
  • What will you discuss, to whom and for what reason?
  • Do your homework! Research!
  • What are your 3 key messages?
  • Practice
  • Rehearse, be confident, anticipate tough questions.
ground rules
Ground Rules
  • Perfectly acceptable to set rules before an interview.
  • Restrictive rules may reflect lack of transparency or trust.
  • Consider length of time to be a governing ground rule.
  • Recording the conversation?
the i nterview
The Interview
  • Answer the question!
  • Share your message early and often
  • Avoid jargon & Avoid personal opinions
  • Remember: you are talking to residents
  • Be friendly & courteous
  • Silence is golden
the interview tips
The Interview: Tips
  • Listen to the reporter’s entire question. Understand it. Clarify if needed.
  • Pause – Select key points. Keep eyes up.
  • Present – Repeat question in answer. Respond. Stop talking when you’ve answered the question to your satisfaction. Don’t ramble.
radio tips
Radio Tips
  • Ask if the interview will be live or on tape
  • Use conversational tone
  • Speak concisely
  • Don’t ramble. Don’t try to fill “dead air”
  • Keep your notes in front of you!
television tips
Television Tips
  • Ask the reporter what questions they’ll ask you
  • Check your appearance
  • Know what is behind you.
  • Speak to the interviewer. Ignore the camera.
  • Hand gestures acceptable.
  • Assume camera and microphone are always on.
print interview
Print Interview
  • Can be done in person, on telephone or email responses.
  • Follow up to check understanding.
  • Don’t assume you will be able to see article before it goes to print.
after the interview
After the Interview…
  • Provide any data/statistics/photos you agreed upon.
  • Verify with reporter you were understood.
  • Read/watch completed interview.
  • Share the coverage if you like it!
practice scenario
Practice Scenario


The South Florida Executive Board is having a job fair and you are representing your agency. A television reporter comes up to you and wants to interview you for a news story on the event.

south florida executive board media training primer1
South Florida Executive BoardMedia Training Primer
  • Thank you for reviewing this primer. Please contact the S FL FEB office for more information about the follow-on in-person media training offered through the FEB Public Affairs Committee.
  • South Florida Federal Executive Board
  • Phone: (954) 792-1109
  • E-mail: