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Gauteng Provincial Government M&E System PowerPoint Presentation
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Gauteng Provincial Government M&E System

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Gauteng Provincial Government M&E System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gauteng Provincial Government M&E System
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  1. Gauteng Provincial Government M&E System Presentation to the Public Service M&E Learning Network, 14-15 May 2007

  2. Strategic Approach • In contributing to the national effort of halving unemployment and poverty by 2014, the EXCO identified the following strategic priorities: • Enabling faster economic growth and job creation • Fighting poverty and building safe, secure and sustainable communities • Developing healthy, skilled and productive people • Deepening democracy and promoting constitutional rights • Building an effective and caring government

  3. M&E System Design • Monitoring takes place against the backdrop of GPG’s planning cycle • Planning is: • Guided by political priorities as set out in the Five-Year Programme of Action for 2004 - 2009 • Regulated by the provincial Treasury cycle requirements

  4. GPG Planning Cycle • 1st Exco Retreat – April • Review and status quo analysis • Identification of delivery and political priorities for the political term & MTEF cycle • 1st Budget Lekgotla – June • Prioritize, link cabinet priorities to resource allocations, leading to indicative planning allocations • Followed by departments engaging in micro prioritization process working within indicative allocations • 2nd Exco Retreat – September • Identifies gaps (July Cabinet Lekgotla decisions) and other emerging priorities • Consolidates and formalises strategic priorities and programs for the coming year and the MTEF cycle • Budget Interrogations– September (ensures alignment between budget and political priorities) • 2nd Budget Lekgotla – October • Finalisation of allocations of the Budget for the MTEF cycle • Premier’s State of the Province Address – February • Provincial Budget Speech – February (a week later)

  5. M&E System Design The current M&E system monitors the following: • Implementation of the GPG Five-Year Programme of Action • Commitments made by the Premier in his annual Opening of Legislature speeches; • Implementation of key cross cutting issues including job creation, gender, disability, youth, children, and HIV&AIDS • A set of 54 Key Performance Indicators which measures key aspects of programmes and the impact of GPG programmes; • Key commitments made by MEC’s and the Premier at public meetings (Izimbizo) • Relevant commitments for GPG made by the President in his annual State of the Nation addresses

  6. National and Provincial Priorities Reporting Programme Formulation (POA) Monitoring (Feedback and Support) Inter- Departmental Coordination Commitments Indicators and Milestones

  7. M&E System Process • National and provincial priorities • Planning guided by 5YR POA Programme of Action for the Province and political priorities as determined by EXCO • Planning and formulation of POA • Alignment of National and Provincial Priorities with strategic plans • Formulate specific objectives and outputs • Capture objectives and outputs • Revise strategic and operational plans • Commitments • Extract commitments from the Opening of Legislature speech and validate with EXCO members. • Capture commitments

  8. M&E System Process • Indicators and Milestones • Formulate specific indicators and milestones • Inter-departmental coordination • Solicit Agreement on Roles and Responsibilities • Reporting • Submission of progress reports • Analysis of information • Provision of feedback • Production of monitoring report • Tabling of quarterly report at HOD Forum/EXCO for approval • Publishing on the GPG portal

  9. Gap Analysis • Province-Wide M&E Framework • M&E Capacity • Quality of information • Alignment issues: • GWM&E Framework and 5yr Strategic Agenda of Local Government • Programme Evaluation and Budget Analysis (PEBA) • Revised cluster system • Provincial service delivery objectives • Monitoring of EXCO and Makgotla resolutions • Feedback mechanism • Verification system

  10. Way Forward • State of readiness (being undertaken) • Development of a PWM&E Framework • Development of a M&E plans • Provincial capacity building initiatives • Continue with the GPG M&E Forum to share information and knowledge

  11. Thank you