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FCDS Internet Data Entry & Abstracting (FCDS IDEA) PowerPoint Presentation
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FCDS Internet Data Entry & Abstracting (FCDS IDEA)

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FCDS Internet Data Entry & Abstracting (FCDS IDEA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FCDS Internet Data Entry & Abstracting (FCDS IDEA). Why change to the Internet?. Previously received: 50-150 disks/month New labs/facilities will increase this dramatically Reporting requirements changing FCDS getting out of software publishing business (no FCDS V4 DOS software)

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Presentation Transcript
why change to the internet
Why change to the Internet?
  • Previously received: 50-150 disks/month
  • New labs/facilities will increase this dramatically
  • Reporting requirements changing
  • FCDS getting out of software publishing business (no FCDS V4 DOS software)
  • Improve data quality
how it works
How it works
  • Each abstractor receives login/password on private FCDS web server
  • Abstractor either uploads batch created with vendor software or enters individual abstracts
  • Basic error checks, quality control performed
  • FCDS moves data from web server to database server, performs detailed checks, submits reports back to abstractor
  • Improved data quality - basic errors are caught while documentation/knowledge is “nearby”
  • Increased responsiveness - reduces US mail
  • Online reports and quality control reports (future)
  • Bugs are fixed in one (web server) location
  • Abstractors need web access
  • Increased security needs
  • Vendorless abstractors have to work while online
  • It’s new and different
web anatomy 101
Web Anatomy 101

Basic Web request:1) Type in Web location2) Get back Web pageIt appears to be direct connection




what actually happens
What actually happens


Your request travels through many non-hospital, non-FCDS computers



why encryption is needed
Why Encryption is Needed
  • Web page request normally travels through many computers in plain text
  • Encryption changes requests so that information is humanly unreadable
  • Web page requests are decrypted automatically at your computer and FCDS web server
how web encryption works
How Web Encryption Works
  • Binary FCDS Web Server Certificate file installed on your computer in web browser
  • Each web page request is first encrypted using this file, then sent to FCDS
  • Web pages are decrypted on display at your computer
encrypted web pages
Encrypted Web pages

https://fcds.med.miami.edu/scripts/fcdsweb.pl(notice the “s” - for secure)

Encryption Certificate




FCDS Web Login

128-bit encryption

two ways to send data to fcds
Two ways to send data to FCDS
  • File upload using vendor supplied software
  • FCDS Single Abstract Entry to enter abstracts one case at a time over the web
upload vendor file to fcds
Upload Vendor file to FCDS
  • Create submission file using vendor software (ERS/MRS/IMPAC/etc.)
  • Login to FCDS page:
data is uploaded receipt printed19
Data is uploaded, receipt printed...

Temporary Vendor Verification file

vendor verification
Vendor Verification
  • For each Facility# (1100, 5200, etc.), 10 test cases must be submitted along with paper documentation to FCDS
  • Once the data has been uploaded and verified by your field coordinator, that Facility# has passed, and new cases will be accepted
  • All test cases are deleted!
vendor verification why
Vendor Verification…why?
  • To ensure vendors have updated their software for NAACCR V9 and FCDS 2001 requirements
  • Each vendor has multiple install options, so Facility by Facility check must be performed
  • FCDS Single Abstract Entry users do not have to submit test cases
enter an abstract29
Enter an abstract...

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