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MilkIT partner-staff meeting

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MilkIT partner-staff meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MilkIT partner-staff meeting. Bageshwar, 28.09.2013 Thanammal and team (8 staffs). Discussion topics. Feed back of interventions Winter feed interventions Feeding trial plan Exposure visit- Kishan mela -Pant nagar IP meeting (feed) How to capture outputs Feedback .

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milkit partner staff meeting

MilkIT partner-staff meeting

Bageshwar, 28.09.2013

Thanammal and team (8 staffs)

discussion topics
Discussion topics
  • Feed back of interventions
  • Winter feed interventions
  • Feeding trial plan
  • Exposure visit- Kishanmela-Pant nagar
  • IP meeting (feed)
  • How to capture outputs
  • Feedback
interventions chirag saing cluster
Interventions- CHIRAG-Saing cluster
  • 10 farmers purchased CB dairy animals- one or two animals from Dunagiri, Champawat area- NABARD loan
  • Farmers who went to purchase crossbred animals from Dunagiri impressed the development that area and motivated- They have seen Kirpalsingh, Dunagiri , who have brought their kids education due to livelihood through dairy
  • Dr.N.K.Singh, KVK, Kafligarhis giving technical feedback on the shelter construction, feeding and management
  • All these 10 farmers made feed trough/manger based on his expert advise- informal, he visit to villages
  • Now these farmers have systemic management, farmers are getting up early morning to clean the house, regular feeding
  • 25 more farmers are demanding for loan arrangement for purchase of CB as they have facility to sell milk themselves through the marketing system they developed in Bageshwar
  • Anchal are now supporting more to farmers- giving regular service- feed arrangement- may be they feel as competition- healthy relation
  • Farmers are maintaining the marketing with Anchal
  • Demand for concentrate feed is increasing- plan for shop among farmers- need for sourcing- help needed from ILRI to technical sourcing
interventions sult
  • Baserianchal dairy-Farmers are not happy with the price with Anchal- they got more money initially, now they get very less- decrease number of farmers giving milk to Anchal
  • Staff decided to see where is the problem- farmer, secretary or Anchal level?
  • Discuss with Anchal for this issue
  • Feed intervention-the farmers gave feedback that the seed of maize and mandua (millet) (VPKAS)- grains more, grass is height and weight is more
  • Maize grain-lines 14-16(dual purpose), traditional-11. filled grains no gap
  • What to do-data-feed interventions
    • There is empty columns of feedback from farmers
    • Fill the format in feed interventions-details of harvest and feedback of farmers- end of October
winter feed interventions
Winter feed interventions
  • Dual purpose wheat
      • 300 kg seed is ordered with VPKAS- 200kg for Sult and 100 kg for Bageshwar, CHIRAG have little seed from last interventions
  • Barley and Oat
    • Sult- they have ordered 50kg with VPKAS
    • Bageshwar- they have seeds
    • Oats is not available with VPKAS- will get from pant nagar university through kishanmela
  • Feeding trial for prevention of wastage
  • Clover trial
    • Seed not available in VPKAS and Palampur. Will try from Pant Nagar and private seed company in Haldwani
feeding trial
Feeding trial
  • Locations-Bageshwar settlements
  • Saing cluster
    • Tana
    • Kaligarh
    • Talwarwai
    • ParBakhli
    • Beribagad
    • Paarketh
    • Pagna- outside our cluster but farmers are interested to participate
  • Joshiguan cluster
    • Garikhet
    • Awligarh
    • Binser
  • Sult- 6 settlements- Baseri, Sutoli, Besarbagad, Chiranga, Musoli, Gahnatimli (outside-interested)
  • Each settlement 8 animals- 2-control, 2-Feed trough, 2-cutting, 2-cutting and feed trough
  • 20 days?
  • CRP- for monitoring
    • 70-100 Rs per day, one each settlement
    • Josiguan- one person for three settlements- 5000 for 20 days
equipment feeding trial
Equipment-feeding trial
  • Cutting fodder
    • Hand cutting knife(locally made)- 100 purchased for Bageshwar, 50 purchased for Sult
    • The manual chaff cutter of old model- will be not used- feedback from farmers they do not want to use- already CHIRAG and IFAD, AH and Anchal gave-nothing in use
    • The motor one is very costly for farmers to buy- there are one or two farmers purchased their level
    • Will try for the chaff cutter of Gujarat farmer innovation- Dr.D.V.Singh advise- will go and see the cutter- cost is cheap- farmers can try this in half price for trial basis- we will get 10 for bageshwar (have fund themselves), 5 (sult) but have to check with fund?
    • Staff want to visit Gujarat for this chaff cutter and some innovations for milk products- Bageshwar farmers want to try milk products for their milk- ghee and paneer- will be good if any staff visit Amul and few farms
  • Manger
    • There are ten farmers constructed cement one, we will try with them (Bageshwar), and we will explore the wooden manger, seen in Dunagiri area
    • Wooden feed trough purchased (50) bageshwar will be tried
    • Sult- will try for wooden- let us see how farmers will adopt this technology- behaviour if said for price contribution- nothing will be in free this time
visit to gujarat
Visit to Gujarat
  • Why?
    • To see innovations of cutting fodder- equipment (local grass will be gtaken with them)
    • To see the equipment for milk products
    • Marketing and feeding management
    • Feed trough models
    • Key success points for dairy development- innovation adaption? Farmer meeting
  • Who?
    • Two staff from each cluster level and Thanammal
    • Bageshwar- 4 field staffs like to participate, Sult- 2 field staff
  • When?
    • Before feeding trial which is planned end of October-farmers are free
    • 12-17 October (approx including travel- 2 days field visit)
  • Fund?
    • Both partners will contribute half expenses.
  • Accommodation
    • NDDB/Amul-500/day- 3-4 rooms? Will discuss with them
  • Approval from Nils/Alan
visit to pant n agar university kishan mela
Visit to Pant Nagar University- kishanmela
  • CHIRAG is planning to take some farmers- especially the men group (20) as women are busy in cutting grass- 2-3 staffs will attend
    • Seeds different variety- oat, clover, demo of improved techniques
    • Animal husbandry exposure- university farm visit
    • Exchange information from other big farmers- knowledge flow
    • Some animal purchase- can see different breeds and interaction with experts
    • Poultry knowledge
    • Agricultural implements knowledge
    • Farmers meeting- constraints discussion
  • From Sult- one staff and 2-3 farmers will attend depends the budget they have?
  • Discussed with extension department- Kuldeep will co-ordinate
  • Budget- under exposure visit- partner level
capturing i ntermediate outputs
Capturing intermediate outputs
  • How to capture? Ideas?
    • We can write in daily dairy- whatever observation will be noted- staff level- compilation at every 3 months in staff meeting
    • Before and after- report for any village- how to do? Who will do- compilation from daily dairy
    • Writing case-study or stories
    • Minutes of village meetings- SHG meetings- regularly maintained by Bageshwar
  • The project is nice- capacity of staff is increased- thinking different to see evidence of interventions
  • There is constraint in fund for good development- especially sult area
  • Bageshwar- Vehicle problem is big problem for co-operative, so it will be good to have vehicle for the co-operative but how to get? Try to source fund- so that milk can be reached to Bageshwar in time- staff feel that if there vehicle they can cover more villages with same fund- as there is demand from many villages for marketing- for eg 10km from Saing cluster- many time they called for milk marketing. How to go ahead? We will discuss more for expansion- IFAD little interest to collaborate
  • Pagna- village they are getting milk for 12 km by walk to Bageshwar- due to road damage- how to capture this motivation
  • Options for milk products- sourcing for equipment and marketing- demand from Bageshwar
  • Kankhar-slow development- there is problem with secretary- measurement problem
  • There is more govt projects with more money without development- just distributing funds- sometime difficult to explain to farmers
  • We have made the platforms- for any govt or any organisation to work- SHG made by our project making a platform for the others to work there
  • There is diff method of working in research especially with ILRI- we have never worked this method of sustainability
  • We have to make our cluster like Gujarat- Ramesh Joshi- dream
  • Anchal rate is not satisfactory by farmers-Sult
  • Call senior management team for staff meeting- Thanammal suggestion