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MilkIT Project Review Meeting Almora 03/12/13 PowerPoint Presentation
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MilkIT Project Review Meeting Almora 03/12/13

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MilkIT Project Review Meeting Almora 03/12/13 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MilkIT Project Review Meeting Almora 03/12/13. Activity review India Thanammal Ravichandran, Nils Teufel and team. Introduction. Brief review 2012 Details on 2013 by component Institutional strengthening Productivity enhancement Knowledge sharing. Brief recap 2012. Partner selection

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MilkIT Project Review Meeting Almora 03/12/13

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Presentation Transcript
milkit project review meeting almora 03 12 13

MilkITProject Review MeetingAlmora 03/12/13

Activity review


Thanammal Ravichandran, Nils Teufel and team

Project review meeting Almora

  • Brief review 2012
  • Details on 2013 by component
    • Institutional strengthening
    • Productivity enhancement
    • Knowledge sharing

Project review meeting Almora

brief recap 2012
Brief recap 2012
  • Partner selection
    • Research or development focus
    • Government or non-government emphasis
  • Village & household census
    • Basis for further data collection
  • Site selection

Project review meeting Almora

village census selection of mid cluster
Village census/Selection of mid-cluster
  • Village census data used for comparison
  • Criteria
    • Road accessibility(distance to road and distance to town)
    • Dairy animal population
    • Institutional base(SHG or federation activity; milk marketing)
    • Feed availability(cultivated land, grassland, cropping pattern)

Project review meeting Almora

household census
Household census
  • All selected cluster villages including the settlements
  • To characterise/classify the cluster
  • Information
    • Dairy animals
    • Production details
    • Milk selling pattern
    • Transaction feed and animals

Project review meeting Almora

site selection
Site Selection

Districts: 2 (IFAD project areas)

Blocks: 1 in each district(based on IFAD, dairy, partners, secondary data)

Max clusters: long-list of 40 villages / block based on partner experience and access

Mini clusters: 2-4 villages close together

Mid clusters : 2-3 mini-clusters, field worker area, IP

IPs: 2 mid-clusters -> 2 feed IPs -> 1 DVC IP/ block

Project review meeting Almora

considerations mid clusters sult
Considerations-mid clusters-Sult
  • Select on near-road and one far-away mid-cluster
  • Barkinda
    • Better road connectivity (<1km)
    • Favourable to connect to formal milk marketing,i.e. Aanchal, state dairy co-operative
    • More dairy animals and more cultivated land
  • Titoli
    • Not on road (2 km distance)
    • More dairy animals, more cultivated land
    • Farmers selling milk near congregation point

Project review meeting Almora

sult mid clusters
Sult mid-clusters

Project review meeting Almora

consideration mid clusters bageshwar
Consideration mid-clusters Bageshwar

New feed IP

  • Saing included
    • Formal milk marketing (Aanchal and federation level)
    • More dairy animals, more cultivated land
    • Strong institutional set-up (SHGs)
  • Chhona included
    • Good base for marketing platform, near to main road
    • KVK is in between these two clusters
    • But limited interest in improving marketing and feeding
      • limited land availability - less feed
      • more milk marketing to employees of mine factory - pressure
      • limited potential for improvement
  • Extension of activities to Joshiguan cluster
    • More land, feed availability
    • More interest for dairy/ crossbred animals
    • Easy access to market

Project review meeting Almora

bageshwar mid clusters
Bageshwar mid-clusters

Project review meeting Almora

component 1 institutional strengthening
Component 1Institutional strengthening
  • 2013
    • Enhancing innovation capacity
    • Involving local stakeholders in dairy value chain (DVC) analysis
    • Emerging basket of innovations

Project review meeting Almora

1 1 enhancing innovation capacity
1.1 Enhancing innovation capacity
  • Assess current innovation strategies
    • Actor mapping
    • Development history
  • Analyse innovation processes
    • Documentation of innovation platform meetings and follow-up activities:action plans, GoogleDrive, synthesis

Project review meeting Almora

actor mapping development history
Actor mapping -Development history
  • Interviews with different actors involved in development activities
    • Dairy development board (DDB)-Aanchaland Mahila dairy VikasPrayojna
    • Block development office (BDO)
    • Agricultural information centre/VPKAS/KVK(agriculture department/ICAR)
    • Animal husbandry department (veterinary clinic)
    • Forestry department
    • NGOs
      • BAIF-(active in neighbouring block)

Project review meeting Almora

interventions ddb since 1996
Interventions-DDB-since 1996

Formation of milk producing co-operative society

Collection of milk and marketing after value addition

Subsidy for transportation of milk

Incentive for head-load from remote villages

Credit and subsidy for crossbred purchase

Supply of feed and subsidy

First aid medicines and training to secretary

Training paravets for insemination

Exposure visit for dairy farmers

Distribution of fodder seeds

Project review meeting Almora

innovation platform dvc
Innovation platform-DVC

Meeting every 3-4 months

Discussion of many issues around dairy value chains - marketing, input support

Representation of farmers from each village

Participation of various institutions/ stakeholders; difficult to maintain continuity

Private sector is missing- see little benefits / no incentive

Project review meeting Almora

innovation platform actors
Innovation platform actors

state dairy co-operative (Aanchal)

national NGO (BAIF, breed improvement)

IFAD staff


Innovation platform DVC

Partner NGOs

veterinary officer

block & district administration

Missing: private sector!

Project review meeting Almora

net map example
Net map example

Project review meeting Almora

ip meeting documentation
IP meeting documentation

Record results

Formulate action plans

Record follow-up meetings and results

Share - GoogleDrive

Project review meeting Almora

1 2 local stakeholders involved in dvc analysis
1.2 Local stakeholders involved in DVC analysis
  • Rapid Market Assessment
  • Micro-business training
    • Co-op development Bageshwar
    • Replication in Sult?
  • Strategies for involving local decision makers
    • Advisory council
    • Participation in innovation platforms

Project review meeting Almora

value chain assessment
Value chain assessment
  • Limited value chain- sale of milk is less
    • Formal
      • Aanchal
      • Federation level milk co-operative- IFAD
    • Informal
      • Neighbours
      • Tea shops in village or near market
  • VCA mapping tool-Derek Baker/Participatory net map
    • Through PRA
    • Not many channels in village
    • Input service is limited to Aanchal
    • Identification of marketing constraints

Project review meeting Almora

swot aanchal linkage
SWOT-Aanchal linkage

Project review meeting Almora

1 3 emerging basket of innovations
1.3 Emerging basket of innovations
  • Innovation platforms as initial forum for developing innovative ideas: action plans
  • Collaborative development of proposed technologies with participants and experts
  • Discussion and assessment of innovations in innovation platforms: Issues regarding specific interventions discussed in IP meetings (e.g. development of Aanchal activities in Sult and growth of co-op in Bageshwar. But formal assessment still missing.

Project review meeting Almora



Project review meeting Almora

outcomes sult
  • Producer co-operative society in Barkinda mid-cluster for Aanchal milk collection
    • Musoli, Sutholi and Baseri villages
    • 46 members registered since March with Aanchal – state co-op
    • Price based on fat and lactometer reading
    • Issues with transparency (secretary of village co-op soc)
  • Besarbagarh and GehnaTimli (villages outside initial selection!)
    • Started this month
    • Collection points cover 2-3 villages
  • Aanchal support through inputs (feed, animal health, breed), exposure visit to Donogiri dairy
  • Breed improvement also through - AH department/ BAIF
  • One paravettraining - Titoli cluster, ULDB
  • Adoption of 10 SHGs (Barkinda cluster) for new ILSP programme/IFAD - outside current IPs

Project review meeting Almora

anecdotal evidence bhuwan pant chirag
Anecdotal evidence- Bhuwan Pant, CHIRAG

Project review meeting Almora

outcomes bageshwar
Outcomes - Bageshwar

Jeganath milk producer co-operative

Lack of Anchal support, IFAD response for payment- initiated for own co-operative

Since Feb

NABARD support for CB loan/subsidy- 12 animals

AH department support for health care / CB subsidy (4 animals)

KVK/VPKAS support for technical feeding

Self purchase of cream separator

Project review meeting Almora


Jeganath Milk producer Co-operative Background

  • dqyxzke % 11 ¼5 ifj;kstuk {ks= ls ckgj½
  • Participating villages : 11 (5-non selected villages)
  • dqyifjokj, households: 102
  • dqynqX/k dh ek=k milk/d % 90&100yh0 ¼izfr fnu½
  • dqynqX/k lxzag.kmilk Feb-Oct: 18]409 yh0 ¼Qjojh & vDVwcj½
  • rS;kjnqX/k mRikn % ngh]iuhj]dzhe]eBBk
  • Milk products : Paneer, Curd, Butter milk, cream
  • dqyykxr, operation cost : 19% (collection, rent, electricity, transport, sales person)
  • vkSlrvk; farmer income/mo% :0 600&1600 izfrekg@izfrfdlku

Project review meeting Almora

swot 1

Project review meeting Almora

swot 2

Project review meeting Almora

component 2 productivity
Component 2Productivity


Implementation strategies for feed innovations

Diffusion methods for feed innovations

Strategic learnings

Project review meeting Almora

2 1 implementation strategies for feed innovations
2.1 Implementation strategies for feed innovations
  • Establishment of feed innovation platforms
  • Identify appropriate technology options and initiate respective farmer trials
  • Economic assessment of interventions still outstanding
  • Inclusion of various local development organisations in feed IP platforms
    • Development officers, research (VPKAS, Jhansi), universities (Pantnagar, Palampur), gov development organisations (Aanchal, NABARD)

Project review meeting Almora

feed innovation platform
Feed innovation platform

Also main meetings every 3 months

More individual village level meetings for follow-up

Limited to nearby villages

Stakeholders of AnimHusbDep/Aanchal/KVK participate; sometime Agriculture Dept.

Expert support by VPKAS/ other institutions - outside IP

Feed is recognised as important issue – various opportunities identified

Main areas: Green fodder, processing/storage

Limited seed availability for new fodder species (e.g. grasses and legumes, both temperate and humid)Also, farmers get disturbed if the technology fails(Setaria grass- no germination; monsoon inundation)

NABARD support for grass land development

Project review meeting Almora

interventions innovations 1
Interventions/innovations 1
  • Dual-purpose cereals
    • wheat/ barley /maize /oat /finger millet
    • From VPKAS technical support
    • For fodder in winter/ more fodder and grain
    • Easy acceptance/agreement
  • Napier grass
    • Source VPKAS, AH dept for Sult
    • NABARD support for van panchayat development- Napier plantation (5 tons) - Bageshwar
  • Setaria grass
    • Seed source from Palampur university
    • Not germinated- seed viability? More rain?

Project review meeting Almora

interventions innovations 2
Interventions/innovations 2
  • Feed trough/feed drums
    • For prevention of fodder wastage- recently started
    • NABARD support in Bageshwar
  • Chaff cutter
    • Failure of typical manual chaff cutter- labour requirement
    • Small knife developed - acceptance is good
    • Will try the chaff cutter from Gujarat
  • Hay stacking/ Silage
    • Started in Saing and Garikhet village- some early adopters
    • Treatment with molasses and urea
    • Will try for 3-4/ farmers for 10-15 vill.- farmer preference
    • Analysis of grass after treatment

Project review meeting Almora



Feed trough

Demo silage

Silage pack

2 2 diffusion methods for feed innovations
2.2 Diffusion methods for feed innovations
  • Scaling-out approaches for feed innovations
    • Little so far
    • Technologies have not been optimised (annual cycle of feeding; machines just being tested)
    • Will have to be linked to the scaling-out of the innovation platform approach
    • Will require institutions with own initiative and interest

Project review meeting Almora

2 3 strategic learnings
2.3 Strategic learnings
    • Results of round 1(72 hh randomly selected from selected settlements)
  • Nutritional analysis of hay
    • Base-line results from 2012
    • Non-treatment samples 2013,waiting to collect post-treatment samples
  • Documentation of trial & feed IP results
  • Use of GoogleDrive system developed for DVC
  • Synthesis? Limited so far

Project review meeting Almora

feast constraints
FEAST - constraints
  • Sult
    • Shortage of green fodder in summer especially in May/June
    • Lack of quality veterinary services and breeding services
    • Lack of accessibility to concentrate feed
    • Fodder wastage during feeding
  • Bageshwar
    • Shortage of green fodder in summer (May/June) and winter(December/January)
    • Fodder wastage during feeding
    • Lack of feeding knowledge for dairy animals
    • Limited AI service especially to buffalo
    • Less grass land and less quality of grass
    • High feed cost for purchase of grass from other areas (Chhona)
    • Limited concentrate feeding

Project review meeting Almora

feast seasonal feed supply
FEAST - seasonal feed supply

Project review meeting Almora

feast feed contributions
FEAST - feed contributions

Project review meeting Almora

hay analysis
Hay analysis

480 samples analysed

Results show better values than rice straw:Hay: ndm: 1.16, ivomd: 50.1%; compared to Rice straw (Anantapur AP): ndm: 1.15, ivomd: 41.2% (ref-Thanammal-Msc study)

Differences between clusters in nutritive values:High in Saing, low in Chhona

Results shared in IP feed meeting

Urea/molasses treatment of hay suggested for increasing nutritive value hay (currently under trial)

Project review meeting Almora

component 3 knowledge sharing
Component 3Knowledge sharing

Local knowledge sharing

Wider knowledge sharing

Project review meeting Almora

3 1 local knowledge sharing
3.1 Local knowledge sharing

Knowledge gaps and pathways

Advisory council meeting

Links to IFAD/Ajeeveka/ILSP

Staff meetings - experience sharing

Staff capacity-building

Exposure visit farmers

Documentation & Communication

Project review meeting Almora


KuldeepThapiyal, CHIRAG

Project review meeting Almora

knowledge sharing details 1
Knowledge sharing – details 1
  • Advisory council meeting
    • 3 conducted, 1 Dehradun, 2 Almora
    • Participation from different institutions
    • Update plus planning, ideas for further improvement
  • Links to IFAD
    • Periodic sharing with IFAD staffs- Almora and Bageshwar
    • Adoption of SHGs in Sult area for ILSP
    • Support to co-operative in Bageshwar
    • Participation in IP meetings

Project review meeting Almora

knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing
  • Staff meeting
    • Every 3 months
    • To share experiences and learning
    • To plan next 3 months
  • Training/capacity building staffs
    • Training in Pant Nagar veterinary college
      • Disease, feed and breed management, economic assessment of dairy system, exposure to different cattle troughs, breed etc
      • Better linkage with technical expert for further communication
    • Visit to Anand & Mehsana dairy For better management of co-operative
      • Feeding systems/ tools
      • Machinery for dairy products

Project review meeting Almora

knowledge sharing1
Knowledge sharing
  • Exposure visit to Farmers
    • Donogiri dairy co-operative (Aanchal)
    • Pant Nagar kishanmela
  • Documentation & communication
    • IP minutes
    • GoogleDrive
    • Village activities
    • Outreach material(newsletter & leaflets with VPKAS/KVK & Pant Nagar)

Project review meeting Almora

constraints for expansion kuldeep
Constraints for expansion (Kuldeep)
  • Sufficient resources for further expansion of activities required.
  • Seasonal fluctuations of milk supply:
    • Lean periods with limited lead to lost customer confidence
    • Flush periods with excess supply lead to lost producer confidence
  • Maintenance of acquired equipment necessary; more training required
  • Ensure that interest of farmers is maintained, especially when some innovations are less successful
  • Ownership of IPs has to be established with appropriate institutions
  • How to ensure consistent quality of milk
  • More support from ILRI for better documentation to reach wider audience and to create more useful outputs
  • How to reach next level of expansion and ensure sustainability?
  • How to make engagement in and improvement of crop and livestock production socially desirable and an attractive investment opportunity?(Most active villagers are migrating out of cropping and livestock).

Project review meeting Almora

3 2 wider knowledge sharing
3.2 Wider knowledge sharing
  • Develop knowledge sharing strategy
    • Newsletter (with PantnagarUni)
    • Involve other institutions more actively
  • Monitor implementation of knowledge sharing strategy at local level (?)
  • Synthesis of knowledge sharing experiences and formulation of lessons learnt
    • Case studies
    • Journal papers

Project review meeting Almora