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Helpmeets Bolivia

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Helpmeets Bolivia. Hilary Albrecht & James Sawyer. Our Original Project. Transfer of traditions from College Station campus to Qatar campus: Aimed at uniting the two campuses Increasing awareness of traditions G etting international students and students on campus involved in the project.

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helpmeets bolivia

Helpmeets Bolivia

Hilary Albrecht


James Sawyer

our original project
Our Original Project
  • Transfer of traditions from College Station campus to Qatar campus:
    • Aimed at uniting the two campuses
    • Increasing awareness of traditions
    • Getting international students and students on campus involved in the project
our plan
Our Plan
  • Our planning and work was done primarily through email correspondence
    • We had contacts in the Qatar support office, in Class Councils, Traditions Council and Student Government.
      • Gerald Harris- Class Councils
      • Nancy Allaham, Rachel Levins- Qatar Support Office
      • Julie Chase, and Rachel White- Qatar Campus
      • Jayati Desai- TAMU-Q Traditions Council
  • We planned to adapt Elephant Walk, Aggie Ring Dance, The Big Event, Maroon Out, Fish Fest, and Pull-Out Day by breaking up student teams to work on the events individually
the flop
The Flop
  • Communication issues
    • Delayed emails
  • Budget issues with the offices we were working with
  • Cultural differences
    • Caravan Walk
    • Event Feasibility (Big Event)
    • Ring Dance
    • Maroon Out
  • Didn’t have a chance to visit site
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Needs to be more direct
    • Visits
    • Video conferencing
  • Cultural differences
our rebound
Our Rebound

El Hospital del Niño in La Paz, Bolivia

el hospital del ni o
El Hospital Del Niño

160-bed, government-owned, underfinanced pediatric center with an annual budget of around $500,000.

The hospital has a desperate need of medical supplies, which leads to tragic outcomes for many of the patients.

Even basic medical supplies are scarce, so even small donations would make a huge difference.


Since 1950 the Bolivian population has more than doubled. As of 1995, the population of Bolivia totaled 7.4 million and has grown at a rate of 2.4 percent annually since 1991. The current population of the country is 8,043,499, with roughly 62.5% located in urban zones and 37.5% in rural areas.

Almost 30% of the population lives in La Paz

Despite the importance of its tin, silver, and other mines and its large reserves of natural gas and crude oil, Bolivia is one of the poorest nations in Latin America and still lives by a subsistence economy


We are creating a student organization to raise money and awareness for the hospital.

Have set up an account as well as a website to handle donations through PayPal

  • Raising money
    • T-shirts (shown on next slide)
      • Sold through pre-orders
      • Made a facebook event
      • Speaking with many of the Latin American student associations in order to sell the shirts
      • Personal contact and friends
    • Online donations through the website
    • Events with Latin American organizations



measure of success
Measure of Success
  • By being able to help the hospital provide better care for all their patients
  • We have set our donation goal at $1000 by the end of the semester in order to send a check with Belen Berdegue who is going there this summer
    • Blog
    • Twitter
    • Photos for the website
organization setup
Organization Setup
  • Fundraising event tentative for April 30th in coordination with Colombian students association
  • By the fall hope to be a recognized student association
    • Fundraisers in the fall
      • T-shirt sales
      • Events
    • If not we will be able to work with the Latin American associations on campus to continue sending donations through the account

Organization to continue through the summer and into the fall once the paperwork goes through

Donations on the website

Hope that the project will be continued by AFIL students. One prospective student (Belen Berdegue) is particularly interested