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Bolivia. La Paz, Bolivia .

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  1. Bolivia

  2. La Paz, Bolivia La Paz (Full name : Nuestra Señora de La Paz) is the administrative capital of Bolivia, as well as the departmental capital of La Paz Department. As of the 2001 census, the city of La Paz had a population of 789,585[2], and together with the neighboring cities of El Alto and Viacha, make the most populous urban area of Bolivia, with a population of over 1.6 million inhabitants (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica). Located at an altitude of 3,660 metres (12,008 ft), it is the world's highest capital city.

  3. Cochabamba, Bolivia Cochabamba is a city in central Bolivia, located in a valley bearing the same name in the Andesmountain range. It is the capital of the Cochabamba Department and is the third largest city in Bolivia with an urban population of 608,276 (2008)[1] and a metropolitan population of more than 1,000,000 people. The name derives from a compound of the Quechua words qucha, meaning "lake", and pampa, "open plain". Residents of the city and surrounding areas are commonly referred to as Cochabambinos. Cochabamba is known as the "City of Eternal Spring" and "The Garden City" due to its spring-like temperatures year round.

  4. La Paz Bolivia Cochabamba

  5. 3 things Bolivia is known for... First Bolivia is known for it’s markets, one that is really popular is the witches market in La Paz! The witches market looks like something out of Harry Potter, this is a big street market that sells everything! You are guarantied to see real life witches, magic spells, sorcery, and potions being sold. As soon as you begin exploring the strange and colourful objects and jars of strange powders displayed in these creepy looking stalls you will learn why the Witches Market got it’s name. Merchants are dressed up as witches and they decorate their stalls to look like a old shack or a spooky houses. Anyone who visits La Paz has to visit this market or you are missing out!! Second, Bolivia is known for their Coca. Coca is a leave that is very popular through out Bolivia and South America. Bolivia is the world’s third-largest cultivator of coca (after Columbia and Peru). There is an estimate of 26, 500 hectares under cultivation. Third, the Yungas Road connecting La Paz to the Yungas Valley is known for the world’s most dangerous road!!!!! Here are some facts and reasons why you would not want to drive this... Each year AT LEAST 25 vehicles plunge off this steep road... And more then 100 people per year lose their lives. Mr. Hunter I suggest you go to the Witches Market and DON’T drive on the worlds most dangerous road!!!!!

  6. The Incas ruled over Bolivia years ago. Now what has changed is there is a new way of government, now that the Incas don’t rule over that area know. Also since there is a new way of government there are new laws in place. My trip so far... My trip has been really cool so far because I just traveled from Argentina to Bolivia! Bolivia is a really cool place from what I have seen so far. I have gone to La Paz and Cochabamba, these places have been very beautiful. The witches market was awesome, I got some magic spells so I have to test them out when I get home. I suggest that anyone who is going for a trip to Bolivia; they have to go the Witches Market! I thought about going on the worlds most dangerous road but then I decided not to. Bolivia has been a great experience! Anyone who has not gone...you have to go!

  7. Interesting facts about Bolivia • Bolivia is the highest and most isolated of the Latin American Republics • Capital of Bolivia is La Paz. It is situated at an altitude of 11,910 feet, and is the highest administrative capital city in the world. • Lake Titicaca, located at an altitude of 12, 507feet. The highest commercially navigable body of water in the world. • Industrial resources of Bolivia are tin, natural gas, petroleum, silver, iron, lead, gold, zinc, tungsten, antimony, and hydropower. • Major agricultural products of Bolivia are soybeans, coffee, coca, cotton, corn, sugarcane, rice, potatoes, and timber. • Bolivia has only 1,320 sq km of irrigated land. • Languages spoken in Bolivia are Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara. • The United States is the largest trading partner of Bolivia. • Currency of Bolivia is Boliviano.

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