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Strategic Education Plan and Report PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategic Education Plan and Report

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Strategic Education Plan and Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This page is for planning purposes only. Strategic Education Plan and Report. Guide on the Side. Within the Guide you will find: Reflective Questions to consider during the development of your plan.

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This page is for planning purposes only.

Strategic Education Plan and Report

Guide on the Side

  • Within the Guide you will find:
    • Reflective Questions to consider during the development of your plan.
    • Tips, Tools and Resources for developing the report and for ADCOS and/or board presentations.
    • Criteria to Remember – items from Ed Planning Criteria
    • GreyText – replace with your information

Quick Link: CESD Ed Planning and Reporting (All Ed Planning resources)

Quick Link: Ed Planning Guide for Leaders (Board Presentation schedule included)

Quick Link: CESD Ed Planning Template (Original template)

school name

[School Logo]

Strategic Education Plan and Report


[School Name]

about us
About Us…
  • [A few defining statements about your school, demographics…]
guiding principles school specific
Guiding Principles [school specific]

About Us

  • Mission: [Why we exist]
  • Vision: [What we hope to become]
  • Values: [How we behave]


CESD Mission Statement: Chinook’s Edge School Division will engage every student in meaningful learning by challenging, encouraging and believing in them.

Vision Statement: Chinook’s Edge School Division will be universally recognized as a collaborative learning community where learning is personalized for all students to achieve success as compassionate and innovative global citizens.

Reflective Question: Alignment

Is your school’s mission, vision and values clearly evident in the “About Us” section and does it all align and converge toward our main purpose in CESD of improving student learning?

target school goals and relevant inquiry questions

About Us

Target: School Goals and Relevant Inquiry Questions
  • Goal #1: [i.e.. Reading Literacy…]

[Inquiry Question: Will a strategic, clearly communicated plan…]

  • Goal#2:[ i.e.. Collaborative Inquiry…]

[Inquiry Question: Will a collaborative team of teachers

who are committed to reflection… ]

Reflective Questions: Collaborative Leadership

What was the process of identifying your school goals?

Did your planning process solicit input from staff, students and parents?

Do your goals support the CESD mission, vision and purpose?

our programs what makes us unique
Our Programs – What Makes Us Unique?

Tip: What is integral to your school’s success and contributes to you reaching your goals?

  • [Collaborative planning and Inquiry

- U of Lethbridge (David Townsend and Pam Adams)

- Critical questioning of practice]

what makes us unique
What Makes Us Unique
  • [i.e.. Health and Wellness]
  • [i.e.. Fine Arts Focus]
our successes and accomplishments 2012 2013
Our Successes and Accomplishments2012-2013

[i.e. Safe and Caring School]

[i.e. Collaborative Problem Solving]

successes and accomplishments
Successes and Accomplishments

[i.e. Coaching Culture]

[i.e. Intellectual Engagement]


This Page is for planning purposes only.

Results and Data

Quick Links:CESD Results (PATs and DIPs)

results and data
Results and Data

Criteria to remember: Include Accountability Pillar, PATs/DIPs, and other school generated data. Provide links to data plus a summary.

  • Accountability Pillar results
  • Achievement Tests Results
  • School Generated Data
  • Diploma Exams Results

Quick Link: Extranet

780-427-5318 Toll free 310-0000


This page is for planning purposes only.

Criteria to Remember:

Accountability Pillar Report Card

If an area is highlighted RED – there MUST be a detailed explanation and significant strategies that address improvement in this area.

Snipping Tool

When inserting a graph from the Accountability Survey report: it is better to cut and paste the graph directly from the word document from the extranet site.

accountability pillar results

Results and Data

Accountability Pillar Results

Back to Results

Annually, parents, staff and grade 4 students complete surveys that provide feedback to Alberta Education. Schools can then reflect upon results to make improvements and develop programs.

[Educational Quality]

School overall - ###%

School overall – ###%

Educational Quality

Continuous Improvement

Province overall – ###%

Province overall – ###%

accountability pillar results1

Results and Data

Accountability Pillar Results

Back to Results

Area of Focus :


School Province

Acceptable/Excellence Acceptable/Excellence

Mathematics ######% #######%

Language Arts ######% #######%

Key Strategies

  • [Differentiation - Purposeful Instructional Strategies]
  • [Personalization of Learning]

Results and Data

Schollie Satisfaction Survey Results[Annually, parent, staff and grade 4-5 students complete this survey. Schools can then reflect upon results to make improvements and develop programs.]

Back to Results

[Safe and Caring]

Students: Safety of School Environment – ##%

Caring Atmosphere - ###%

Feel Welcome – ###%

Staff: Safety of School Environment - ###%

Caring Atmosphere - ###%

Parent: Safety of School Environment - ###%

Caring Atmosphere – ###%

Feel Welcome – ###%

l a pat three year roll up grade three

Results and Data

[L.A. PAT: Three year roll-up (Grade Three)]

Provincial Achievement Test Results

Back to Results

[L.A./Math Five Year Roll-up (Grade three)]

Graph from Accountability Pillar

school generated data

Results and Data

School Generated Data

Example only, replace with your school data.

Back to Results

Safe and Caring – ##%

Continuous Improvement within the school – ##%

Effective communication between home/sch – ##%

planning for 2013 14


Planning for 2013-14

[A brief summary and analysis of Results: what did your results tell you?]

[Areas of Growth: Academic and Satisfaction]

Reflective Question: Are there any unexpected trends (pos/neg) that emerged from the data? What are they and how will you address them?



What new provincial goals tell us…

  • An excellent start to learning
    • There are no required performance measures for this goal.
  • Success for every student
    • students demonstrate proficiency in literacy and numeracy, students achieve educational outcomes, students demonstrate citizenship and entrepreneurship and we eliminate the achievement gap between First nations.
  • Quality teaching and school leadership
    • Teacher preparation and professional growth focus on the competencies needed to help students learn. Effective learning and teaching is achieved through collaborative leadership.
  • Engaged and effective governance
    • The education system demonstrates collaboration and engagement. Students and communities have access to safe and healthy learning environments.


This page is for planning purposes only.

[School Goals and Strategies – Next few Pages]

Strategies which reflect on school results and data analysis, School Goals and Provincial goals.

Criteria to Remember

Goals and strategies are:

Specific - clear

Measurable – measure for success and improvement


Relevant – consistent with CESD and school mission and vision

Time - Specified

QLE – goals and strategies are designed to improve the QLE within the school


FMNI, Library, Technology, Pyramid of supports (student services), school communication plan, etc…

Reflective Question: Quality Teaching

How does your planning process reflect the following CESD statement? We believe that continuous school improvement and student success in their learning depends on the quality of instruction in classrooms.

Reflective Questions: Evidence

How will you measure your school’s success? What will success look like if it is achieved?

Reflective Question: Closing the Gap

How do strategies within your plan narrow the academic gap between FNMI students and other students?

goals and targets for 2013 2014


Goals and Targets for 2013-2014

Goal #1:

Inquiry Question:


[Specific school goals]

Criteria to Remember

Goals and Strategies are: clear, concise, based on research and best practices, focused on the QLE and there are concrete links to the CESD and provincial goals.

Reflective Question: Educational Research

On what research are the strategies within your plan grounded ?

The QLE guides instructional practice within CESD. How are your goals and strategies linked to the various components that collectively form the QLE?

goals and targets for 2013 20141


Goals and Targets for 2013-2014

Goal #2:

Inquiry Question:


[Specific to school goal]

Reflective Question: Leadership Development

Distributed leadership within a school requires high levels of collaborative interaction. Does your plan address the development of distributed leadership within your school and the subsequent time requirements for collaboration ?

IL Project


Quick Link: Developing School Leadership Competencies using a collaborative Inquiry Model (2011-12)

goal alignment


Goal Alignment

Reflective Question: Do your school goals align with those of the province and the school division?

trends and challenges


Trends and Challenges


* What is on the horizon that requires awareness from all stakeholders?

* Are there challenges that are unique to our school or community?

school council and parental involvement
School Council and Parental Involvement

[Year-end BBQ]

[Christmas Turkey Dinner]

[Special Events and Speakers]

[Halloween Dance]

what you should remember about us
What You Should Remember About Us!

Key messages and large scale

indicators of success

and improvements.

Reflective Question: Values Audit

When you ask, do your stakeholders (teachers, students, parents and community)say that your school values what you claim to value as a school ?


This page is for planning purposes only.

  • Presentation to the Board Tips
  • Education Plan
  • Be Authentic.
  • Consider the Time Factor – 30 min (20 presentation + 10 Q and A)
  • E-mail the ‘PDF’ to Mandy. – Current version on planning page.
  • Trustees have online access to your plan via the planning page. No need for paper copies.
  • Checklist from Planning Guide.
  • Tell a story – Be engaging
  • What do you need from us?
  • Questions from Board will be focused on academic success and collaboration
  • Talk about class sizes, QLE, Instructional Leadership (time and support)
  • Memory Stick