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Strategic Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan

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  1. Implementation Timeline Strategic Plan • Third Quarter Update – January 2014

  2. Strategic Plan • Board approves Strategic Plan • Superintendent assigns a year to begin for each action plan • Superintendent assigns “owner” of each action plan • Progress is tracked throughout the year, quarterly • Annual updates held spring of each year

  3. Strategic Plan • Seven action plans will be completed in Year 1 • One in Teaching and Learning - Ongoing • Two in Funding and Finance - Ongoing • One in Facilities - Complete • Two in Co-Curricular - Ongoing • One in Communications - Ongoing

  4. Strategic Plan • Teaching and Learning • Action Plan 1.1.4 Create a post-secondary plan for every secondary student at BAPS. • Assigned to Dr. Janet Dunlop • Strategies used to implement action plan include: • Formed committee to develop plan • Researched current models for student career advisement • Selected Naviance model and developing point of contact • Design implementation strategy and designate lead

  5. Strategic Plan • Funding and Finance • Action Plan 3.1.1 Develop opportunities to increase funding at the local level through various initiatives. • Assigned to Dwayne Thompson • Strategies used to implement action plan include: • Implemented P Card: YTD charged to P Card $950,315.86 (est. rebate $14,919) • Medicaid reimbursement: Board approved contract Sept. 16, 2013, and district is now acquiring signatures from parents • After meeting with BOK, we will begin to purchase Negotiable CDs this month to increase interest earnings • Will begin application and survey process in October, 2014 for eligibility for Federal Impact Aid • Meeting January 17, 2014 to discuss opportunities and options for Grant Writing

  6. Strategic Plan • Funding and Finance • Action Plan 3.2.1 Develop a three-tiered plan to educate all stakeholders regarding the district’s finances and budget. • Assigned to Dwayne Thompson • Strategies used to implement action plan include: • Financial summaries will be published in Arrowpoint in February and an overview in Annual Report when published • The Annual Budget and CAFR are now posted on the website • Additional personnel have been asked to join the Budget Committee • Basic level financial information has been and will be included to train and educate staff: Aug. 7, Oct. 22, Nov. 6, Feb. 6, and April 30 • In the process of including individual site budget reports on web page

  7. Strategic Plan • Facilities • Action Plan 4.2.1 Develop a Long Range Planning Committee that prioritizes the needs of the district and assists with items for bond issues, boundary zones, and land acquisitions. • Assigned to Michelle Bergwall • Strategies used to implement action plan include: • Most recent meeting included a review of community demographics, land availability/classification and statistics from City Planner FarhadDeroga • Information will be used to create a bond item list • Bond list will be submitted to the board for consideration in planning the next bond issue

  8. Strategic Plan • Co-Curricular • Action Plan 5.1.1 Identify required blocks of time based on local, state, and federal requirements and logistical constraints. • Assigned to Amy Fichtner • Update on activities to implement action plan include: • Embedded collaboration committee confirmed need for collaboration but determined that modifying the current school day is not a best course of action. • Embedded collaboration committee will be an ongoing committee in 2014. • Elementary principals met with instructional specialists to determine current use of collaboration time.

  9. Strategic Plan • Co-Curricular • Action Plan 5.2.1 Create a wider range of co-curricular activities for Broken Arrow students in grades Pre-K through 12th that are more relevant and accessible. • Assigned to Chuck Perry • Strategies used to implement action plan include: • Student Engagement Committee- Committee of students, staff, and community members tasked with developing programs for grades Pre-K-12. • BAHS Transition Camp - Focused on building relationships, creating a positive culture, and providing familiarity to campus for all incoming BAHS students • BAHS Student Leadership - Organizing leadership structure at BAHS to create a wider range of leadership opportunities and developing a leadership retreat and leadership academy to strengthen student leadership qualities • New Student Launch - Led by a group of BAHS students, staff, and community members, this group will be designed to welcome new students, and their families, to BAPS and BAHS. We will provide a welcome kit, resource information, and familiarization with campus functionality and staff

  10. Strategic Plan • Communications • Action Plan 6.1.1 Utilize street teams to collect and disseminate district communications to all audiences. • Assigned to Tara Thompson • Strategies used to implement action plan include: • Developed “Street Team FAQ” for members • Identified and contacted initial group for two-month pilot • Kickoff meeting delayed by snow day, rescheduled for Thursday • First project will be to spread information about Carnegie Hall event