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Building an Enterprise Architecture of Statistics Korea Leechul Bae, Statistics Korea PowerPoint Presentation
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Building an Enterprise Architecture of Statistics Korea Leechul Bae, Statistics Korea

Building an Enterprise Architecture of Statistics Korea Leechul Bae, Statistics Korea

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Building an Enterprise Architecture of Statistics Korea Leechul Bae, Statistics Korea

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  1. Building an Enterprise Architecture of Statistics Korea Leechul Bae, Statistics Korea Meeting on the MSIS, Daejeon, Korea, 26-29 April 2010

  2. Contents 1. Back Ground 2. KOSTAT’s EA effort 3. Sharing Services Project with Government EA 4. Conclusion

  3. Back Ground Various Services & Information systems • In 2009 Kostat be near completion of statistic services by developing KOSIS, SGIS, MDSS etc • KOSIS : the world largest integrated DB of Macro data at the nation level • SGIS : a combination of statistics and maps • MDSS : Microdata service, DW : Dataware House • Developing the Statistics Production System • Census System for population & business • Integrated Administrative Data Management System

  4. Back Ground Still.. dissatisfactory • Increased IT organization and expanded IT cost, but still dissatisfaction • Because No governance system to control IT • There existed many problems • Each survey has respective survey system • Duplicated application software without reuse • Treat lightly standard of statistical information • To solve these Problem, New approach(EA) needed

  5. KOSTAT’s EA effort Vision & Strategies of the EA • EA Vision • To help building information system more efficiently • To support the Production of high quality statistics • EA Strategies • Achievement-based support for business objectives • Standardization and reuse of application systems • Standardization of data and systematization of metadata management • Reinforcement of the security system

  6. KOSTAT’s EA effort Four year’s Plan to Build EA(2008~2011) • The KOSTAT started building the EA at the CIO and CEO’s view in 2008 • In 2009 Building the EA at the designer’ view for Population & Social Statistics Bureau • In 2010 Building the EA at the designer’ view for application & data • In 2011 Building the EA at the designer’ view for all perspective • Derived Improvement tasks • Improvement tasks for Statistical Business • Improvement tasks for Informatization

  7. KOSTAT’s EA effort • Improvement Plans for Statistical Business • Standardize the statistical business process • statistical business was optimized at the respective survey levels • Standardization of the statistical production business was not sufficiently studied. • reinforcement of planning and analysis process • According to the comparison of GSBPM and the KOSTAT statistical business process, the KOSTAT had a weakness for specify needs and evaluate process • To solve this problem, the organizational restructuring for planning, analyses and services was suggested

  8. KOSTAT’s EA effort Current organization Population Census Division Vital Statistics Division Social Statistics Analysis Team Welfare Statistics Division Agriculture and Fisheries Statistics Division Social Statistics Planning Team Agriculture and Fishery Production Statistics Division Employment Statistics Division Social Statistics Service Team Comparison GSBPM and the KOSTAT Work Process

  9. KOSTAT’s EA effort • Improvement Plans for Information System • The individual survey systems had much similarity in their functions • Necessary to construct the generic statistics production system to share and reuse application functions

  10. Start Process 1 Process n End KOSTAT’s EA effort • Generic National Statistics Management System < Already built> Population management system Advanced statistical analysis tool (SAS, SPSS. etc) Integrated national statistics DB, (KOSIS) Population DB Integrated national statistics DB < Needed to be advanced> Meta data management system National statistics meta DB Generic Statistics Management System GSBPM (Generic Statistical Business Process Model) < Needed to be advanced> Statistical standards Website of statistical organizations Standards information Statistical policy management system Statistical coordination DB < Needed to be advanced> < Currently is being built> < Currently is being built> < Needed to be built> < Needed to be advanced> Integrated administrative data management system Integrated national statistics Micro data management system Statistical geographic information system E-survey system - Survey preparation, survey management, field survey and ICT support - Alternatives of field survey: CATI, CASI - Field survey support: PDA Integrated administrative data DB National statistics DW Statistical GIS

  11. Sharing Services with Government EA EA of Korean government • Ministry of Public Administration and Security (MOPAS)charge of the EA of Korean government • MOPAS carry forward Sharing Project To avoiding the duplication among agencies • Among 38 domains of categorized Administrative services, 14 domains are presented the new target architecture to be improved. • Statistics management was diagnosed as diversification and advised to step up to the unification phase

  12. Conclusion • The KOSTAT EA and the generic government EA greatly contributed to making the information planning of national statistics • necessary to introduce the EA plan proper for the situations of each agency. For this, related laws should be amended. • EA, terms should easy and convenient for the personnel of statistical production to understand and utilize. And the functions of the management system should be user-friendly