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Thought of the Day

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Thought of the Day.

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thought of the day
Thought of the Day

Describe what comes to mind when you hear someone talk about the “Middle Ages” or “knights”? What does a knight do, or what do they wear? Have you ever heard of jousting? If so, describe it. Write 5 complete sentences. Turn your Thought of the Day’s in at the basket. You should have 3.

king charlemagne
King Charlemagne

Germanic peoples move into Roman Empire

form kingdom of the Franks

while kings are losing power, Pepin steps in to claim kingship for himself & family

after Pepin’s death, son Charles is new Frankish king

Known as Charlemagne, Charles the Great, & Emperor of Romans

Very determined, decisive, intelligent, good warrior, Christian, & advocate for education

Rules from 768-814

Creates Carolingian Empire


Charlemagne dies & splits territories into smaller ones (now weak & vulnerable)

Muslims invade S. France

Magyars (from W. Asia) invade Central & Western Europe around Hungary

Vikings (Scandanavia) invade & settle area in France called Normandy

Love adventure, war, & trade

Sacked villages & towns

Great ship builders/sailors


Feudalism- political and social system formed to provide people with protection, land, and loyalty.

People needed protection

Went to noblemen & aristocrats

Vassal- man that served a lord militarily

Coats, lances


Feudal contract- unwritten rules of military service, payment in return provide land & backup in disputes


knights showed loyalty to one’s lord

ceremony to celebrate loyalty

Feudalism social system:


Great Lord

Less powerful lords




knights & lords were warriors

United under knighthood

Tournaments to show fighting skills


Great way to train for war

Chivalry- code of ethics to uphold

To defend church and people

Treat captives well (no dungeons)

Treat women with kindness & respect