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State Aid in Texas

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State Aid in Texas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State Aid in Texas. TASFAA ABC’s Pre-Conference Workshop October 2013 Jane Caldwell Director, Grants and Special Programs Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board j State Aid = 6.1% of Aid in Texas (FY12). State Aid Programs – FY2014* .

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State Aid in Texas

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    1. State Aid in Texas TASFAA ABC’s Pre-Conference Workshop October 2013 Jane Caldwell Director, Grants and Special Programs Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

    2. State Aid = 6.1% of Aid in Texas (FY12)

    3. State Aid Programs – FY2014* * State fiscal year 2014 = 2013-2014 academic year ** Beginning fall 2014, 2-year schools are being phased out of these programs.

    4. Institutions/CB Communications • Signed agreements/MOU’s with the CB – to follow statutes and rules; subject to audits and reviews • Program rules; written by CB & posted on CB site • Program guidelines; (requirements/deadlines) from CB • Program allocations(each school’s share of a program’s funds); calculated by CB & announced to the institutions • Funds requests; submitted by schools, requesting periodic disbursements • Reports (End-of-Year & Financial Aid Database Report); designed by CB & compiled and submitted by institutions

    5. State vs Federal Programs

    6. Texas Application for State Fin. Aid

    7. Classification as a TX Resident

    8. Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) • Funded through set-asides from tuition. • Eligibility requirements: • Enroll at a public institution • Financial need • Register with Selective Service or be exempt (all public institutions but CC’s) • Awarded based on institution’s policies and procedures. • Continuation award eligibility: • Not an entitlement – renewal awards occur at the institution’s discretion • No statutory end to student eligibility

    9. Texas B-On-Time Loan (BOT) • Eligibility requirements: • Texas resident enrolled full-time and eligible for federal aid • New, Fall 2014: can be awarded with TXG; unused funds swept on Feb. 20; no disbursements before 9/01; 2-yr inst – RY only; counseling required for high default & low forgiveness rates • Continuation award eligibility: • End of 1st year – institution’s SAP policy • Thereafter, overall GPA of 2.5; 75% completion in prior year • Ends with completion of a BA or 150 hours of BOT • Repayment benefits: • Loan forgiveness if graduate within a certain time frame, number of hours, and with a certain GPA • 0% interest loan if not eligible for forgiveness

    10. College Access Loan Program (CAL) • Available at public and private/non-profit institutions • Funded through the sale of state bonds • Eligibility requirements: • Texas resident enrolled at least ½ time • Receive a favorable credit evaluation or provide an eligible cosigner who has good credit standing • Meet the institution’s SAP policy • New, fall 2014: tiered origination fees based on highest score of student or cosigner – 0%, 3%, or 5%

    11. Texas College Work-Study (TCWS) • Available at public and private institutions • Funded through appropriations • Matching funds required unless proof is provided to the CB that matching is waived for Federal WS • Eligibility requirements: • Texas resident undergraduate or graduate student with financial need and enrolled at least ½-time • Registered with Selective Service (or exempt) • Not receiving an athletic scholarship • Not enrolled in a seminary or other program leading to ordination or licensure to preach for a religious sect or be a member of an order.

    12. Tuition Equalization Grant (TEG) • Funded through appropriations. • Eligibility requirements: • Texas resident or National Merit Finalist with need and enrolled ≥¾-time • Undergraduate or graduate • Registered with Selective Service (or exempt) • Not receiving an athletic scholarship • Paying more tuition than is required at a comparable public institution • Continuation award eligibility: • First year – meet college SAP • Subsequent years: 2.5 GPA, 75% completion rate; complete 24 SCH per year UG, (18 SCH per year for Grads) • Eligibility ends for undergrads -- 5 year max for 4 year degree, or 6 year max for 4+ year degree

    13. Top 10 Percent Scholarship • Funded through appropriations • Eligibility requirements: • Texas resident, registered with Selective Service (or exempt). • Recommended or higher HS curriculum; graduate from TX public or private HS in top 10 percent of the class • Meet priority deadline; show need (COA – EFC – PELL >=$1) • Maintain full-time enrollment through fall census date • Clear verification, duplicate award, etc. by October 1 • Continuation award eligibility: • Cumulative 3.25 GPA, complete 30 SCH and 75% of the hours attempted in the previous year • Eligibility ends with BA or 4 years – whichever comes first

    14. TX Educational Opportunity Grant (TEOG) • Funded through appropriations • Initial eligibility requirements: • Entering undergraduate at 2-year institution; not receiving a TX Grant • Texas resident with need, EFC < 2,000 and enrolled at least ½ time • Registered with Selective Service (or exempt) and no drug conviction • Continuation award eligibility: • Calculated need • End of 1st year – institution’s SAP policy; end of 2nd year and thereafter – overall GPA of 2.5 and 75% annual completion rate • Eligibility ends with the first of AD, 75 SCH’s, or 4 years

    15. TEXAS Grants Changes are noted with red ink.

    16. TEXAS Grants, 2013-2014 • Funded through appropriations • Initial Award Eligibility: • TX resident with need; EFC <$4,620; enrolled ¾ time; and • Registered with Selective Service (or exempt); no drug conviction; and • If graduated under the Recommended HS Curriculum (or higher), be an entering undergraduate at any public institutionwithin 16 months of HS graduation and if entering a public university, Lamar-Orange or Lamar-Port Arthur, meet Priority Model requirements to get top consideration; OR • Be an in-coming undergraduate with an associate’s degree who enters within 12 months of the receipt of the AD • Be an in-coming undergraduate who graduated HS on/after May 1, 2013, entered the military within 12 months of HS graduation and is enrolling within 12 months of an honorable discharge

    17. TXG Priority Model, 2013-2014 • Only applies to universities, Lamar-O and Lamar-PA • Priority will be given to students who meet the priority deadline, meet program basic requirements and qualify under any two of the following four areas of academic achievement : • Left-over funds after priority students are awarded will go to other eligible students meeting current requirements • Flag priority model recipients for tracking!

    18. TXG Initial Award Changes, Fall 2014 • No IY awards at the 2-year institutions, including Lamar-O and PO; IY awards only at universities, med & dental units • EFC cap for IY will be updated for new year tuition and fee costs • Foundation Program added to eligible HS curriculums • Enrollment in baccalaureate degree program required • New transfer student IY pathway: no previous TXG, at least 24 SCH, 2.5 overall GPA, TEOG in fall 2014 • Flag transfer students for tracking!

    19. TXG Renewal Awards • Basic RY Eligibility: • Must show financial need • SAP – at end of 1st year – meet institution’s SAP policy; • SAP – at end of 2nd year and thereafter – overall GPA of 2.5, 75% annual completion rate, and 24 SCH’s completed per year • Eligibility ends with BA, 150 grant SCH’s, or 5 years for 4-year plan; 6 years for 4+ year plan whichever occurs first • STARTING Fall 2014: RY awards at the 2-year institutions limited to eligible students with an IY award prior to fall 2014 • STARTING Fall 2014: RY awards at 4-year institutions limited to eligible students working on baccalaureate degrees unless the IY award was received prior to fall 2014

    20. Keep in Touch! • Grants & Special Programs: 1-800-242-3062 or 512-427-6340 • • G&SP Distribution List: • Official communications – program guidelines, allocations, + • Subscribe or unsubscribe to G/SP distribution list: • • G&SP Information Site: • Webinars, program information, report information, etc. •

    21. Congratulations! • You have entered a career that is extremely important, rewarding, challenging…and that can be very frustrating.  • Remember, you help students achieve their dreams. • It is an honor to work with you. Please contact us if we can ever be of assistance. Jane Caldwell & Grants/Special Programs