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State Aid in Texas

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State Aid in Texas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State Aid in Texas. Spring, 2010 Presenter: Jane Caldwell, Dir., Grants & Special Pgms. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board All Aid by Source 2008-2009. All Aid by Type – 2008-2009. All Lns. & Grnts. by Income. Major Programs, 2008-2009.

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State Aid in Texas

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state aid in texas

State Aid in Texas

Spring, 2010

Presenter: Jane Caldwell, Dir., Grants & Special Pgms.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

major programs 2008 2009
Major Programs, 2008-2009
  • Unsubsidized Loans $1,647,617,916
  • Subsidized Lns. $1,468,336,240
  • Pell Grants $1,072,525,997
  • PLUS Loans $ 321,832,047
  • Merit Aid by Inst. $ 314,848,923
  • TEXAS Grants $ 230,316,128
  • Other Grants/Schol. $ 202,832,325
trends in state aid
Trends in State Aid

The state subsidizes students enrolled in

public institutions. Tuition and fees only

cover a portion of the total costs to

provide education. Therefore, to control

costs, state aid policies:

  • Encourage students to be efficient
  • Penalize students for inefficiency
a push for efficiency
A Push for Efficiency
  • Early H.S. Graduation Scholarship Pgm.
  • Tuition Rebates
  • ¾ or full-time enrollment for TXG, TEG, and BOT
  • Requirement of 24 hrs/yr – TEG, TXG
  • GPA requirements for TXG, TEG, TEOG, BOT
penalties for inefficiency
Penalties for Inefficiency
  • Loss of state aid eligibility after XX years or YY semester credit hours (SCH)
  • Full-cost tuition if repeating a class for the 3rd time
  • Full-cost tuition once you have completed 30 SCH beyond your undergraduate degree plan
  • Limit to 6 dropped classes without impact on GPA
how new programs begin
How New Programs Begin
  • Legislature passes statute;
  • Legislature appropriates funds;
  • CB writes & adopts rules; and
  • If a decentralized program, institutions select recipients.
  • If centralized, apps are submitted to CB, which selects/identifies recipients
  • Decentralized (Campus-based) Operations
  • Centrally-administered Programs
  • Programs Administers Solely on Campus
decentralized programs cycle
Decentralized Programs Cycle
  • CB calculates & announces allocations;
  • Institutions package awards;
  • Students accept offers;
  • Institutions request funds from CB;
  • CB issues funds;
  • CB reallocates funds at program deadline;
  • Institutions submit year-end reports;
  • New year begins again at Step 1.
decentralized deadlines
Decentralized Deadlines
  • Allocated funds “belong” to the institutions only until the reallocation date, (February 20 in spring 2010). Funds not drawn down by the deadline are FORFEITED by the school and reallocated by the CB to other institutions.
  • Institutions must issue the funds they receive from the CB or apply them to student accounts within 5 days of the funds’ arrival.
centralized programs cycle
Centralized Programs Cycle
  • Institutions or high schools submit applications to CB;
  • CB processes applications and confirms eligibility or ranks applicants & selects recipients;
  • CB announces award recipients to insts.;
  • Institutions request funds and provide documentation of award value;
  • CB issues funds (up to student’s award amount).
inst pgms exemptions
Inst. Pgms. -- Exemptions
  • Allow special populations to pay lower tuition and/or fees
  • Must be applied for through the college (other than EHS and Educational Aides)
  • Include programs for persons who are:

ºBlind or Deaf º TANF recipients º Valedictorians

º Foster Care º Adopted º Dual enrolled

º Middle/high school students playing “Taps”

º Children of deceased/disabled veterans, peace officers, firefighters, MIAs, POWs & others

inst pgms waivers
Inst. Pgms. -- Waivers
  • Allow nonresidents to register while paying the resident tuition rate.
  • Must be applied for through the college
  • Include programs for:
    • Military stationed in Texas;
    • Research and teaching assistants
    • Competitive scholarship recipients
tx public ed grants

Enroll at public institution

Financial need

Selective Service Registration

Funded through tuition set-asides.

Administered as per CB-approved guidelines.


Is not an entitlement; renewal awards occur at institution’s discretion

No statutory end to student eligibility

TX Public Ed. Grants
texas grants

TX residency

Entering undergrad

HS grad. with RHSC or ADP or receipt of AD within 16 mo. of college enrollment

No bachelor’s degree

EFC ≤ $4000 for IY or [COA-EFC-Gift Aid] <= .5*COA

¾-time enrollment

No drug conviction

Selective Svce. Reg.

To continue:

End of 1st year – inst academic progress

Thereafter, overall GPA of 2.5; 75% completion rate/year and 24 credit hours completed/year

Eligibility ends when receive BA, reach 150 hours or 5 yrs for 4-yr plans; 6 yrs for 5-yr plans

TEXAS Grants
teog grants

TX residency

Undergrad enrollment at 2-year public institution

EFC ≤ $2000 for IY or [COA-EFC-Gift Aid] <= .5*COA

>=1/2-time enrollment

No drug conviction

Selective Svce. Reg.

To continue:

End of 1st year – inst academic progress

Thereafter, overall GPA of 2.5; 75% completion rate/year

Eligibility ends at75 semester credit hours, four years, or when the student receives an associate's degree, whichever comes first

TEOG Grants
tuition equalization grants

Enroll in private, non-profit institution

Full-time enrollment

Texas resident or National Merit Finalist

Not receiving athletic scholarship

Undergrad or grad

Selective Service Reg.


Is at discretion of institution (no entitlement).

Requires at least 2.5 GPA and completion of at least 24 hrs/year (ugr); 18 hrs/yr (grad).

Eligibility ends for undergrads at 5 yrs for 4-year degrees; 6 yrs for 5-yr plans.

Tuition Equalization Grants
top 10 scholarship
Top 10% Scholarship
  • Initial Award Eligibility. Student must be:
    • A Texas resident;
    • Ranked in top 10% of class at the time the institution makes its admissions decisions;
    • Complete Recommended or higher curriculum;
    • Graduate from accredited HS in TX spring 2009;
    • Enroll in public college or university in TX; and
    • Show financial need.

* Entitlement if student completed FAFSA by April 1, 2009. Thereafter, the award will be made if funding is available.

top 10 more
Top 10% - More
  • Award Amount = $2,000
  • Workforce Bonus:
    • Major in critical workforce shortage fields identified by the CB
    • Enroll as college juniors or seniors; and
    • Have overall GPA of 3.0 at the beginning of the relevant junior or senior year.
  • Hardship provisions will be developed for fewer hours, lower GPA, lower completion rate.
top 10 cont awards
Top 10% - Cont. Awards
  • Contingent upon additional funding from the Legislature
  • Continuation award requirements:
    • Complete 30 SCH in prior year;
    • Maintain a cumulative 3.25 GPA; and
    • Complete at least 75% of the hours attempted.
educational aide exemption pgm
Institutions must check for:


Selective Service Registration;

That student is meeting institution’s SAP; and

Enrollment in studies leading to a teaching certificate

Award amounts = tuition and fees less laboratory and course fees.

Verification screen site: SpecialPrograms/

Educational Aide Exemption Pgm.
early h s graduation scholarships
Early H.S. Graduation Scholarships
  • Institutions must check:
    • Residency; and
    • Selective Service Registration.
  • Awards = $500-$3,000, depending on how early the student graduates and the number of college hours earned before HS graduation.
  • Verification screen site: SpecialPrograms/
tx b on time loan bot

TX residency

Full-time enrollment

Due to current funding, only renewal applicants for 2008-2009

To continue:

Overall GPA of 2.5; 75% completion rate/year

Loan Forgiveness:

If graduate with 3.0 overall GPA within 4 yrs for 4-yr degree, 5 yrs for 5-yr degree, or 2 yrs for 2-yr degree/cert, or

With no more than 6 hrs beyond degree requirements.

TX B-On-Time Loan (BOT)
college access loan cal

Texas resident

½ time enrollment

Meet SAP

Receive favorable credit evaluation or provide cosigner

Other Features:

Low fixed interest rate

3% orig fee

Borrow up to COA

(less fed. Stafford and other gift aid)

6-mth grace

10-year repayment; 20-year if balance >$30,000

College Access Loan (CAL)
  • CB: 1-800-242-3062 or 512-427-6340
  • FA Hotline 1-888-331-8881