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Reproductive Anatomy

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Reproductive Anatomy. Meet 'The Question Box'. Female Anatomy: External. The external organs are contained in an area called the Vulva : Outer labia Inner labia Hymen Opening to the vagina Clitoris. Female Anatomy: Internal. Vagina :

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female anatomy external
Female Anatomy: External
  • The external organs are contained in an area called the Vulva:
      • Outer labia
      • Inner labia
      • Hymen
      • Opening to the vagina
      • Clitoris
female anatomy internal
Female Anatomy: Internal
  • Vagina:
      • Stretchable passage between the vulva, cervix, and uterus
      • About 4 to 5 inches in length
  • Also known as the:
    • birth canal
    • organ of intercourse
female anatomy internal1
Female Anatomy: Internal
  • Cervix:
      • Opening to the uterus
      • The cervix plays a very important role in reproduction. Without a “strong” cervix, a female would not be able to naturally hold a fetus
  • Uterus:
      • Also known as the womb
      • Lined by a thick blood filled blanket called the endometrium
      • The uterus is a very strong muscular organ. The function is to house and support the developing fetus
female anatomy internal2
Female Anatomy: Internal
  • Endometrium:
      • Develops throughout the menstrualcycle
      • Shed if fertilization and implantation do not occur. This is called menstruation
  • Fallopian Tubes:
      • Extend from the top of each side of the uterus each tube ends near an ovary
      • Outer edge of the tubes has fimbria that sweep the mature eggs from the ovary into the tube
female anatomy internal3
Female Anatomy: Internal
  • Ovaries:
      • Attached by ligaments to each side of the uterus and to the walls of the pelvis
      • Each ovary has thousands of follicles
      • Each follicle has an immature egg
  • Egg (Ovum):
      • Female reproductive cell
      • The largest human cell

(about the side of a grain of salt)


male anatomy
Male Anatomy
  • Penis:
    • Formed of spongy tissue that fills with blood and becomes erect during sexual excitement
  • Ejaculation:
    • Occurs from the penis
  • Not all erections end in ejaculations!
male anatomy1
Male Anatomy
  • Glan:
    • Soft top of the penis foreskin covers the glans in uncircumcised men.
  • Foreskin:
    • Retractable tube of skin that covers and protects the glans of the penis
  • Circumcision removes the foreskin
male anatomy2
Male Anatomy
  • Scrotum:
    • Sac of skin which holds the testes, Epididymidesand vas deferens
    • Keeps testes up to 5 degrees cooler than normal body temperature; to allow for sperm production
    • Also protects testes from injury to some degree
male anatomy3
Male Anatomy
  • Testes:
    • Two ball like glands
    • Produce sperm
    • Produce testosterone
  • Urethra:
    • Tube that runs from the bladder to the opening in the glans of the penis
    • Carriers urine from the bladder and semen from the vas deferens
male anatomy4
Male Anatomy
  • Epididymis:
    • Each is a tube tightly coiled over the top and behind each testes
    • Where the sperm matures
  • Vas Deferens:
    • Two long narrow tubes that carry the sperm from each epididymis to the seminal vesicles
male anatomy5
Male Anatomy
  • Prostate Gland:
    • Located below the bladder
    • Produces a thin fluid to help sperm move
    • Fertilizes sperm
  • Cowpers Gland:
    • Secrete fluids that male the seminal fluid sticky
male anatomy6
Male Anatomy
  • Seminal Vesicle:
    • Located beneath the bladder
    • Produce seminal fluid in

which sperm move and are


    • This fluid, along with secretions from the Prostate Gland and Cowper’s Gland is called semen
  • Semen:
    • Thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract.
    • Semen does not consist of only sperm
activity vocab matching
Activity: vocab matching

With a partner, attempt to match the vocabulary with it's description.

exit ticket
Exit Ticket

Question: What is the path traveled by a sperm cell?

Journal:Was most

of this new information

to you or had you


it before?