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Facebook Project – Almost Done. You can complete one or more of the following pages on a historical figure. Insert the historical figures picture and name on each page you select to complete. INFO - Fill out as if you were that historical person.

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Facebook project almost done

Facebook Project – Almost Done

  • You can complete one or more of the following pages on a historical figure.

  • Insert the historical figures picture and name on each page you select to complete.

  • INFO - Fill out as if you were that historical person.

  • FRIENDS – Type in the name of the people who would have been involved with the historical figure. Put a picture or symbols for each friend. This could include people who were not their friends.

  • WALL - This should be a time line of some important event. Pick one or more of the historical figures friend to set the time. It can be in years. Great place to use people who did not agree with them.

  • PHOTOS –Use different pictures that illustrates aspects of their lives – family, important sites, etc.

  • NOTES – Copy of a speech or short explanation of something that was important in their lives.

Facebook can help you connect and share history of people’s lives.

All about Me Museum:

This could be use by students to document their lives and likes.

Contact Debbie.schweitzer@jefferson.kyschools.us if there is a problem with this file.

Laura numeroff 1

> Info


I am:




Interested in:


Places I have traveled :

Other :

July 14,1954 (1)

Female (1)

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY – started in fashion design, after one year I started taking classes in writing/illustrating books for children. I wrote my first published book in college. (1)

Brooklyn, New York (1)

Author (1)

I love to draw, read and make up stories. (1)

My motto is… “never give up!” (1)

Laura Numeroff (1)

I love to travel. I travel all over the U.S. for book signings. (2)

I love movies. I once went to 72 movies in one year. (2)

Friends of laura numeroff 1

> Friends







Friends of Laura Numeroff(1)



Delete pictures and put in pictures of people they work with in their lives. They could have been someone who did not like them.

Laura numeroff 11

> Photos

In San Francisco with PIG! (1)

Giving MOUSE a cookie! (1)

Laura hugging her BFF! (1)

Laura Numeroff (1)

Look I made muffins (age four)! (1)

At one of my first book signings a long time ago. (1)

Some of my favorite readers. (1)

Laura numeroff 12

> Wall

Laura I am having a party on Saturday. Can you bring the cookies?

July 2011


I’ll bring the cookie but Laura your muffins are the best. Can you bring those instead?

July 2011


Sounds yummy! I will bring my famous pancakes.

July 2011


I can bring cupcakes! Anyone have a flavor preference?

July 2011

Laura Numeroff (1)


I’ll make muffins but we really need some veggies at this party!

July 2011

Laura numeroff 13

> Notes

Title:If You Give An Author a Pencil... (all from 2)

Date: 7-14-11

If You Give An Author a Pencil...

By the time I was nine years old, I loved to write and tell stories and knew someday I would be an author. But when I was fifteen, I decided I wanted to be a designer, just like my big sister, Emily. I went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York to study fashion design. But after my first year of college, I realized it wasn't my cup of tea. So, I took classes in illustration, animation, photography . . . and a class called "Writing and Illustration Children's Books" with Barbara Bottner.

. . . She's Going To Need Some Paper To Write On . . .

In that class, we had a homework assignment to write and illustrate our own children's book. I ended up selling my homework, and Amy For Short was published by Macmillan in 1975, just before I graduated. That's when I realized that writing for children combined my three favorite things to do: writing stories, drawing, and reading!

. . . And A Library Card.

I am and have always been an avid reader. I was thrilled when they told me I could take home any six books! I would lie on my bed and read for hours. Then as soon as I finished the six books, I went back to the library for more. Two of my favorite books were Stuart Little, about a mouse in New York, and Eloise, about a little girl in New York. Now I love biographies, nonfiction, and stories dealing with travel.

"Never Give Up" . . . Even If You're Bored

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie was the tenth book I wrote. The idea came to me on a long, boring car trip. I don't know about you, but I get silly when I get bored.On the way from San Francisco to Oregon in the car, I tried to make my friend laugh by telling a story about a mouse nibbling on a cookie. "He'd want some milk to go with it. And then he'd probably need a straw. Then he'd want a napkin . . ." and by the time we reached Oregon, I had told the whole story! If You Give a Mouse a Cookie was turned down nine times -- but my motto is "never give up." I continued to submit it to publishers until it found a home at Harper.Now, I visit classrooms all over the country and read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. For fun, I'll warn them that I may make a mistake while I'm reading and I hope they can catch it. Then I'll say something like "If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to want a banana." You should hear the shouts o f protest go up. There's also a dance I made up to the song "Doin' the Mouse Cookie" which I teach the kids. It's fun to see kids growing up with Mouse, Moose, and Pig. And so many exciting things are happening with these characters -- they even have Hollywood knocking at the door.

If You Give A Writer a Day Off . . .

I'm a film freak; one year I saw seventy-two movies. I enjoy exploring California (where I live) and get a kick from just driving through the country and watching cows (I spent twenty-five years in New York City). To supplement my income when I first started out, I had such odd jobs as running a merry-go-round and doing private investigation.My work is my life. I can draw no distinction between the words "work" and "spare time." I love what I'm doing. I'd eventually like to write screenplays and adult fiction, but I'll always have a first love for children's books. I hope to be writing until my last days. (2)

Laura Numeroff (1)


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