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Mr . B iggs’s Eng. II Honors: Summer Reading (TSL, F451) PowerPoint Presentation
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Mr . B iggs’s Eng. II Honors: Summer Reading (TSL, F451)

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Mr . B iggs’s Eng. II Honors: Summer Reading (TSL, F451) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mr . B iggs’s Eng. II Honors: Summer Reading (TSL, F451) . September 6 - October 9, 2012. ME. Biggsistence. Fahrenheit 451: A Cautionary Tale. “ You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” – Ray Bradbury

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Mr . B iggs’s Eng. II Honors: Summer Reading (TSL, F451)

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fahrenheit 451 a cautionary tale
Fahrenheit 451: A Cautionary Tale
  • “You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” – Ray Bradbury
  • But WHO is getting people to stop?
  • WHO is Bradbury warning usagainst by writing this novel?
  • WHO are the interests mostlikely to create a F451 world?
  • These are some of the questionswe’ll explore over two classes…
  • But first: TEST
what does it mean to be mentally enslaved
What does it mean to be MENTALLY ENSLAVED?
  • Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds.-Bob Marley, “Redemption Song”
  • Who might Marley be accusing of “mentally enslaving” others? The same people Bradbury is accusing of “dumbing down” Americans?
  • Who could benefit from mentally enslaving you? Why? Are YOU mentally free? How do you take away that freedom?
is this mental slavery beatty quotes
Is THIS mental slavery? (Beatty Quotes)
  • “Speed up! One column, two sentences, a headline” (55)
  • “Everything boils down to the gag, the snap ending. Life becomes one big pratfall” (56)
  • “We must all be alike … Everyone made equal. Each man the image of every other” (58)
  • “(Clarisse) didn’t want to know HOW a thing was done, but WHY. That can be embarrassing. You ask why to a lot of things about you wind up very unhappy indeed” (60)
what is an ideology
What is an “ideology”?

1. (Government, Politics): A body of ideas that reflects the beliefs and interests of a nation, political system, etc. and underlies political action

2. (Philosophy): The set of beliefs by which a group or society ordersreality soas to render it intelligible-BASICALLY, it is a belief or narrative that “justifies” the setup of society “Ideology is an imagined relationship to real conditions... It is indispensable in any society if men are to be formed, transformed and equipped to respond to the demands of their conditions of existence.” – French Philosopher Louis Althusser “The truly powerful feed ideology to the masses like fast food while they dine on the most rarified delicacy of all: impunity.” –American Activist Naomi Klein, author of

9 6 9 7 political ideologies
9/6, 9/7: Political Ideologies

WHO IS IN CHARGE OF SOCIETY?-Authoritarianism: a central state authority rules *THEOCRACY: the church *OLIGARCHY: a small elite *Who else can rule in this type of society? -Libertarianism (aka “liberalism): Decentralized; individual right-guarantees*DEMOCRACY: Each individual gets a vote*ANARCHISM: no government; all is voluntaryHOW IS THE SOCIETY’S ECONOMY RUN?-Capitalism (“Right-Wing”): Competitive (money, businesses, consumers)-Socialism (“Left-Wing”): Cooperative (free services, equality, less choice)Both of these economic systems can be run in a libertarian or authoritarian way. You can have anarchist socialism, statist capitalism, etc.

ideology at home
Ideology At Home

“The American Ideology of Capitalism makes us all connoisseurs of liberty, of the indefinite expansion of possibility.” -Philosopher Susan Sontag“‘The pursuit of happiness’is an American myth. The ideologies and governments of this century that promised happiness, have left people with more material possessions, but less psychological well-being. Many of the citizens are emotionally bankrupt and unhappy. (But) the demands of life in our current socioeconomic system require that we keep running and running …” -Economist Med Yones

counter ideology communism
Counter-Ideology: Communism
  • What is the ideology?
  • To what socialconditions is this a response?
  • How does thisgraphic representsociety?
  • What actions is it promoting?
  • How do these actionsserve the ideologicalinterest of Communism?
political ideologies in action
Political Ideologies in Action
  • America: Democratic Capitalism
  • China: Authoritarian Capitalism
  • Sweden: Democratic Socialism
  • North Korea: Authoritarian Socialism (“Communism”)
  • Iran and Saudi Arabia: Theocracy
  • Hippie Communes: Socialistic Anarchism
  • Wall-E: Capitalistic Anarchism (no government, just corporations)
creative writing f451 investigative journalism
Creative Writing: F451 Investigative Journalism
  • How did America slide from liberal democracy into F451’s Authoritarianism? With a partner, create a timeline depicting the rise and fall of “mental slavery”…
  • What interests were most responsible for the transformation?
  • What were the major events in the transition?
  • After its collapse, what would replace the authoritarian world?A new system, perhaps one with an ideology a freedom or hope?
  • 2 pages typed / Use at least 4 terms from your vocabulary.
  • 50 points
journal entry men and women
Journal Entry: Men and Women
  • Agree or disagree with this statement:Men have significantly more power than women in contemporary America.
  • Justify your position with at least three examples.
  • You may use your phone to Google, but you only have ten minutes to write at least eight lines.
  • Collected: 10 points (Quiz Grade)

“"A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ.” – Former Republican Presidential Candidate (and Baptist Minister) Mike Huckabee

  • Video:
poetry of anne bradstreet
Poetry of Anne Bradstreet
  • Puritan writer; The first female poet in America
  • “To My Dear and Loving Husband”, her most famous poem: What does this suggest about Puritan women’s self-perception?
women and religion eve and lilith
Women and Religion: Eve and Lilith
  • LILITH: Adam’s supposed first wife…Refuses to “submit” – insists on equality.Speaks the name of God (YHWH) – power!Becomes a goddess or witch, chased by angels
  • EVE: Adam’s wife in the bible (or second wife?) Born “from his rib” – naturally subservient Listens to serpent, eats forbidden fruit
  • Both women are condemned …Lilith seen as a nighttime sex demon (“succubus”)Even blamed for the Fall, punished with birth-painWhy is it portrayed this way? Think ideologically…
women in the bible mary and mary
Women in the Bible: Mary and Mary
  • Mary, Mother of Jesus: Like Eve, associated with birth;seen as holy, clean because of her Virginity (“Immaculate”)
  • Mary Magdalene: Prostitute; like Lilith, associated with sex, sinful; “Cleansed” by Jesus in Bible, but legends say they married
  • At right: Mother Mary with Mary M. (kneeling)
feminist poet adrienne rich s aunt jennifer s tigers
Feminist Poet Adrienne Rich’s “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers”
  • Aunt Jennifer's tigers prance across a screen, Bright topaz denizens of a world of green. They do not fear the men beneath the tree; They pace in sleek chivalric certainty.
  • Aunt Jennifer's fingers fluttering through her wool Find even the ivory needle hard to pull. The massive weight of Uncle's wedding band Sits heavily upon Aunt Jennifer's hand.
  • When Aunt is dead, her terrified hands will lie Still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by. The tigers in the panel that she made Will go on prancing, proud and unafraid.
the mountain range
The Mountain Range

“In the high country of the mind one has to become adjusted to the thinner air of uncertainty...”― Robert M. Pirsig