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Landsteinar Strengur. [email protected] Topics. Kögun Group Landsteinar Strengur in Retail Partner network Products. About Kögun Group. Founded 1988, profitable every year since Listed on ICEX, 2005 revenue est €200m Fast growth during last 18 months

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  • Kögun Group

  • Landsteinar Strengur in Retail

  • Partner network

  • Products

About k gun group
About Kögun Group

  • Founded 1988, profitable every year since

  • Listed on ICEX, 2005 revenue est €200m

  • Fast growth during last 18 months

  • Strong investor backup

  • Three main business areas

    • Consulting and implementation, mainly mission-critical and defense systems

    • Business software (ERP/CRM/e-business...)

    • Hardware, outsourcing and related services

A member of the k gun group
A member of the Kögun Group

  • Landsteinar Strengur (LS) is Microsoft gold partner with 80 employees and annual revenues of 15 million dollars

  • A leading provider solutions for the hospitality and retail markets

Landsteinar strengur background
Landsteinar Strengur Background

  • In Retail since 1988

  • Certified as a world-wide product by Navision in 1997

  • Covering the Icelandic Retail market

  • One of the largest End-to-End Retail software provider in the world

  • Microsoft all way through

    • Operating system, databases, Code, ERP

Ls retail installations
LS Retail installations

In LS’s estimate, Microsoft Business Solutions license revenues associated with LS Retail accounted for more than 2% of Microsoft’s worldwide Microsoft Business Solutions license revenues in 2004

Our vision
Our Vision

  • One of top 5 WW retail software developers

  • The first selection for specific segmented retailers

  • No. 1 retail software supplier on Microsoft

  • Global coverage



  • Development

    • Product, Sales- and marketing material

    • Product service

  • Distribution

    • Awareness and Marketing

  • Sales and Support

    • Customization, Consulting, Education,

    • Training, Implementation, Service




Network of partners
Network of Partners

USA, Canada and Mexico



55 Partners in 44 countries


South Africa

Localised versions


UK, US, CA, Australia


Schweiz, Austria






France, Flemish



Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finish

Baltic countries

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia


Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarish, Polish




Localised versions

Partner strategy
Partner strategy

  • Focus on Retail and Microsoft platform

    • Not new unless it fit some gap/territory

    • Close relationship

  • Evaluation based on performance and activity

    • Revenue (Pipeline update and progress)

    • Certification

  • International projects/customers

    • One owner

    • One contact point for the customer

Example of international projects
Example of International Projects

  • Adidas – Fashion chain

    • K3 Landsteinar in UK coordinating partner

    • 8 partners involved in the implementation

  • Bestseller – Fashion chain

    • Munk IT in DK coordinating partner

    • Russia, Finland and more to come

  • Levi Strauss

    • Toshiba Tec Europe coordinating partner

    • Other Toshiba Tec resellers and LS Retail partners

  • IKEA

    • Landsteinar NL coordinating partner


LS Retail

Market focus
Market Focus

  • End-to-End, focus on the whole supply chain, based on Microsoft Technology

  • Chains with different types of stores who generate a high transaction volume

  • Complex stores

Ls retail
LS Retail

  • End to end solution on Navision 4.0

    • Hospitality, Fashion, new functionality

  • Axapta back office 3.0

    • Migration from Navision platform

  • LS POSIS - independent POS

    • .NET POS

  • Data Director

    • Built-in communications module

Ls retail navision
LS Retail Navision

  • Integrated into Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision

    • same platform from POS to HO

  • Scalability

    • works in single stores, multistore and multi-national environments

  • Fast and reliable

  • Built-in communications module

    • Data Director

Ls retail advantage
LS Retail Advantage

  • One platform retail operation

    • Simple operation – low cost of ownership

  • Supports your business

    • Food, Fashion, DIY, Hospitality, Speciality

  • Information at your fingertips

    • Traceability from General Ledger to POS Transactions

  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel

    • Simple integration with other Microsoft products

Ls retail1
LS Retail

  • In use in more than 16.000 POS

  • Proven solution since 1996

  • LS Retail 4.0 is the 11th version of LS Retail products

    • Upgrade path available from all former version

  • LS Retail will be upgraded in the future as it has been in the past

    • Always available on the latest version of Microsoft Navision

  • Maintain older version - 2 years notice on discontinuities

    • New functionality only available with the latest version

Product focus
Product focus

  • POS always up and running

    • Resilient design and architecture

  • Right Data on right time at right place

    • Complex data structure

  • Functionality

    • In line with the customers and partners need

    • Focus on specail Retail sectors, as Fashion, Department, DIY, Supermarket, Pharmacy etc..

Product focus1
Product focus

  • Configuration

    • POS, Stores, employee, HW, data flow etc.....

  • In-store management

    • Barcode, price, offers, receiving, shrinkage, history, etc..

  • End-of-Day procedure

    • Cash management

    • Reporting

    • Posting

Resilient pos fast pos
Resilient POS – Fast POS

  • The POS supports the following modes of operation

    • Online – POS is connected to the back office

    • Offline – POS runs on a standalone database

    • Semi-online – POS is offline but accesses other databases using a Transaction Server

  • The POS can create, update and post sales orders making the Navision integration even better

  • A resilient and fast application which is used in thousands of stores World-Wide


  • All data communications are handled by the LS Retail Data Director

  • A fast and proven product capable of communicating with hundreds of stores

  • Configured and controlled from LS Retail – no programming required

  • Supports Microsoft Navision, Microsoft Axapta, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL and most ADO compliant db’s

Why axapta
Why Axapta?

  • Offer our partners a retail solution in Axapta as an alternative to the Navision solution

  • Give the customer a choice between two platforms for the same solution.

  • Axapta is a “more” suitable solution for larger companies with more complex structure and concurrent users

  • More advanced coding environment

  • Scalability

Main features
Main features

  • LS Retail Axapta - Back office

  • LS Retail Axapta – Scheduler

  • LS Data Director

  • 3rd party POS support

Back office
Back office

  • Complete management solution for single and multi stores

  • Powerful functionalities in-store and at head office

  • Gives the store manager full control of activities within the store


  • A built-in scheduling mechanism

  • Controls the data flow between head office and stores

  • Fully integrated with LS Data Director

  • Axapta plug-in for LS Data Director

3rd party point of service pos
3rd party Point-Of-Service (POS)

  • LS Retail Axapta is designed to work with 3rd party POS systems

  • Plug-in based interface

  • Till management can be controlled from the back office

  • All setup in one place

  • Functionality depends on the POS abilities

Ls retail axapta experience a pioneering project in south africa
LS Retail Axapta Experience- A Pioneering Project in South Africa

1750 users800 concurrent

Client quote

“The successful implementation of the Axapta ERP & LS Retail Solution will take Waltons to the next level. The ability to make rapid management decisions across all the business operations and support critical business needs such as flexible price & cost strategies is the key to maintaining our competitive advantage.” “The LS Data Director Replication solution is such a fundamental factor for the success of the project. The stability and robustness of this solution will help us achieve our goal of data flow consistency and data integrity through the business.” François Reyneke, Financial DirectorWaltons, South Africa

Posis integration
POSIS integration

Landsteinar Strengur will offer POSIS as a

supported POS solution with LS Retail Axapta

Past and present
Past and Present

  • Released in Iceland in 1997

  • A large domestic market share (tills)

    • Supermarkets 60%

    • Pharmacies 95%

    • Petrol stations 100%

    • Convenience st. 30%

    • Restaurants 30%

  • A growing market share in the UK

  • The power of posis
    The Power of POSIS

    • Adaptability

      • Touch screen and keyboard interfaces

      • Proven versatility in multiple retail environments

        • Supermarkets

        • Convenience stores

        • Fast Food

        • Pharmacies

        • Forecourts

    The power of posis1
    The Power of POSIS

    • Power

      • High transactions speed

      • A highly responsive user interface

      • Efficient data replication

    • Simplicity

      • An easy learning experience

      • Low training costs

    The power of posis2
    The Power of POSIS

    • Security

      • Transactions backup

      • Immunity to network failure

      • Monitoring and Supervision System

    The customer says
    The Customer says:

    • "We at ESSO have been using POSIS since 1998 with excellent results. By implementing POSIS we managed to solve many problems associated with previous systems. It is our policy to constantly improve customer services and the deployment of POSIS in our Petrol Forecorts allows us to maintain our market leading position."

      Steingrímur Hólmsteinsson, Manager, Information Technology, Esso Iceland.