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  1. INFO IET Formula 24 This is the formula for you if you are aged between 11 and 16 years old. Ideal for secondary schools, youth groups and privateers. Teams have to compete in at least one regional heat and finish in the top three to automatically qualify for the National Final held in October at Goodwood Motor Circuit. The rest of the 75 strong grid is filled with those cars that have completed the most miles in any one race with three wild cards thrown in for good measure.

  2. INFO The events are all four hour endurance races at some of the best motorsport venues in the UK. Check out the race diary to see what’s happening near you. All teams have the same motor and six 12 volt batteries to be used in pairs. During the race at least five team members must drive the car, and up to six further members can act as pit crew so there’s plenty of pit stop action! Other than the motor and batteries you are free to design a car from your own imagination, or build one of the fantastic kit cars. All cars must follow a set of strict regulations but you’ll be amazed at the variety of designs sitting on the grid before a race. Check out the photo galleries for some inspiration.

  3. BATTERIES There are two batteries that need to be in the car to power it. The batteries last for about 1 Hour and 28 Minutes (APPROX). The battery has to be charged up for the day. You cannot charge or use more than 6 batteries for the race.

  4. Practising driving on the Tennis courts.

  5. Practising driving on the Tennis courts.

  6. Practising driving on the Tennis courts.

  7. Practising driving on the Tennis courts.

  8. Race day – 14th June 2013

  9. Alford Race day 14th June 2013

  10. Alford Heat 2013 Results

  11. After the race – 4 hours completed

  12. JEDYEC F24 racing team

  13. F24 racing team JEDYEC All the members of the Jedburgh Young Engineers Club want to thank all our sponsors for their support to allow the team to gain racing experience and provided us with problem solving skills to make us an effective team. We want to do even better next year!