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Arvind Bugde , Director Department of Tribal Welfare, Government of Goa PowerPoint Presentation
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Arvind Bugde , Director Department of Tribal Welfare, Government of Goa

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Arvind Bugde , Director Department of Tribal Welfare, Government of Goa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Draft Strategy and action plan for Implementation of Forest Rights Act as per FRA amendment Rules 2012. Arvind Bugde , Director Department of Tribal Welfare, Government of Goa. COMMITTEES constituted under Forest Rights Act,2006.

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Draft Strategy and action plan for Implementation of Forest Rights Act as per FRA amendment Rules 2012

ArvindBugde, Director

Department of Tribal Welfare, Government of Goa

committees constituted under forest rights act 2006

COMMITTEES constituted under Forest Rights Act,2006.

The Forest Rights Act 2006 has been in operation since 1/1/08 in the state of Goa.

Total 102 Forest Right Committees has been constituted and notified in all the village Panchayats in Goa having forest area.

Sub. Divisional Level Committees in all sub-Divisions notified vide notification dated 9.06.2011Two District Level Committees have been notified vide notification dated 9.06.2011

State Level Committee have been notified vide notification dated 9.06.2011

reasons for poor implementation of forest right act
Reasons for poor implementation of Forest Right Act
  • It was seen that the Gram Sabha were recognized at the panchayat level, rather than at the level of revenue villages.
  • Forest Right Committee mainly consisted of Sarpanch, Panch members and local tribal leaders who were already busy with other activities.
  • There was no dedicated person or location where the claims would be submitted.
  • There was very little awareness amongst the tribal population about their rights and duties towards the forests.
corrective steps taken
Corrective steps taken
  • A Orientation workshop was conducted for the Officers of the Department of Panchayats, Forests, Revenue, Tribal Welfare on 6/6/2012.
  • Senior Officers of Forest Departments of States Like Chattisgarh, Karnataka and NGOs of Gadchiroli were the resource persons.
  • It was decided to re-constitute the Forest Right Committees which were formed in violation to the provisions of FRA and fresh time line was fixed.
re constituted frc
Re-constituted FRC
  • A Schedule was drawn for the preparations commencing from the first week of June 2012.
  • The actual exercise of conducting Gramsabha’s was stretched over a period of four Sundays in the month of August 2012 .
  • Gram Sabhas conducted at the village level re-constituted 102 Forest Right Committees.
preparations made
Preparations made
  • List of Gramsabha members for each village was prepared and supplied to the Village Panchayat, BDO Office, Mamlatdar office for its publication.
  • List of members of Gramsabha was given to the government Official who personally visited each of the head of the household and gave him the notice of Gramsabha and obtained his signature on the list for records.
  • Orientation Meetings were organised for the Village Panchayat Members, Gram Sevaks, Panchayat Secretaries and they were guided about the rules for conducting the Gramsabha for constitution of the Forest Right Committees
  • Press Notes, Advertisements released through Print Media for publicity of the Gramsabha meeting.
problem faced
Problem faced
  • Adult Population size of many villages were more than 3000
  • Population scattered over hamlets spread across at long distances from the venue of Gramsabha.
  • It is a rainy season and this part of Goa is getting heavy rainfall.
facilities provided
Facilities provided
  • All Hamlets were identified from where the population was to be transported to the venue of Gramsabha.
  • Buses of Indira Bal Rath were requisitioned and provided for transportation of the members.
  • Pandals were errected for holding Gram sabhas and sound system was provided.
  • Observers were appointed by the District Level Committee of the rank of ADM, SDM, BDO, Mamlatdar, Joint Mamlatdar, Goa Civil Service Officers who were present at every location to observe and report back to the Collector.
  • There was very good response and FRC were re-constituted
why new time line
Why new time line
  • There are 102 Villages have forest land spread across six talukas of the state situated at the foot hills of the western ghats.
  • With the Amendments to the FRA Rules , there is a need to re-look at the composition of the Forest Right Committee and re-constitute the FRC to meet the requirements of the amended Rules.
  • Gram Sabha is also required to constitute committee for the protection of wild life, forests and bio diversity to carry out the functions of section 5 of the Act
  • New time line is therefore proposed for the step wise process to be followed for strengthening the institutional frame work for implementing the Forest Right Act.
we have decided to go all out in doing the publicity and awareness of the fra
We have decided to go all out in doing the publicity and awareness of the FRA

Awareness about the functions, powers and duties of the Gramsabha

  • Use of NSS, NYK
  • Legal aid programes for the population residing in Forest Areas
  • Publicity and awareness of the Forest Right Act through Local Print Media, All India Radio, Television.
  • Awareness programmes to be conducted at every hamlet level.
awareness campaign
Awareness campaign
  • Use of Hoardings, pamplets, locally translated material on Act, Rules to create awareness amongst the forest dwellers about the new changes brought in the amendment to the FRA rules 2012.
  • To educate Forest Dwellers for filing individual, Community claims and the requirements to be complied.
  • To create awareness about various committees appointed by the Gramsabha to implement the Act and about the functions of Gramsabha.
training to committees
Training to Committees
  • Training to the District Level Committees, Sub Divisional Level Committees, the Forest Right Committees and to the committees appointed under 4(e) of the rules on the clear understanding of the Act and on best practices of other states that could be replicated in the State of Goa.
  • Goa Institute of Rural Development have been assigned the task of capacity building through trainings.