commonwealth of pennsylvania department of public welfare
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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. FY 2008-09 County Child Welfare Presentation to PCCYFS February 21, 2008. Child Welfare NBB Development. FY 2008-09 Child Welfare Need-Based Budget (NBB) was built from FY 2006-07 actual expenditures (i.e. the base).

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commonwealth of pennsylvania department of public welfare

Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaDepartment of Public Welfare

FY 2008-09 County Child Welfare

Presentation to PCCYFS

February 21, 2008

child welfare nbb development
Child Welfare NBB Development
  • FY 2008-09 Child Welfare Need-Based Budget (NBB) was built from FY 2006-07 actual expenditures (i.e. the base).
  • Counties were required to submit all additions, modifications, and deletions to the base expenditures for development of the FY 2007-08 implementation budget and FY2008-09 NBB.
  • All county adjustments were reviewed by OCYF against the requirements under 55 PA Code Chapter 3140 and approved or modified as warranted to establish the FY2008-09 certified expenditure level.
child welfare nbb overview
Child Welfare NBB Overview
  • For FY 2008-09, Child Welfare NBB total expenditures of $1.910 billion.
  • Expenditures include increases in mandatory services. A cost of living adjustment on purchase services was not provided for in this NBB request.
  • Growth in services to children funded through child welfare and Special Grant funding that was extracted increased by 9.1% over FY 2006-07 actual costs and 5.5% over FY 2007-08 Certified NBB.
child welfare nbb system continues to shift
Child Welfare NBBSystem Continues to Shift
  • Continued growth in In-Home services
  • Decreased growth in Institutional placements
  • More reliance on State funds
    • Decrease in federal revenues
    • Increase state Act 148 funds by $99.6 million
    • Includes the state share of special grants extractions for adoption ($13.1M), Information Technology (10.9M) and Evidence Based Practices ($15.5M)
major changes for fy 08 09
Major Changes for FY 08-09
  • No funding for Behavioral Health Services Transition (MA – Realignment) or TANF Transition.
  • No COLA on Purchased Services
  • Funding extracted out of the NBB and funded as Special Grants
administration for children and families
Administration for Children and Families
  • ACF review has identified deficiencies in Pennsylvania’s Title IV-E claiming.
  • Consequently, ACF is requiring corrective action before July 1, 2008.
  • ACF has asked Pennsylvania’s Child Welfare system including OCYF, CCYAs and Child Welfare providers to make necessary changes in a very short time frame.
acf s six major points
  • Institute a Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System with an Automated Title IV-E data reporting system
  • Statewide Quality Assurance Review and Multiple Tier Review Programs
  • Title IV-E Institutionalized Foster Care Per Diems
  • Residential Facilities Invoices
  • Review of Per Diem Rates in Excess of $300
  • Review of Age Compliance
documentation of residential providers rate package
Documentation of Residential Providers Rate Package
  • Must break down cost by the categories and identify Allowable Title IV-E from Non-IV-E
    • Direct client services
    • Support Services
    • Treatment Services
    • Indirect Administrative
  • will include information for three year period

(most recent actual year, current year and proposed year)

  • Licensed bed capacity
  • Occupancy rate
  • Total Per Diem/Allowable IV-E

(Maintenance and Administrative (if applicable))

residential facilities invoices
Residential Facilities Invoices
  • Require Information on Monthly Invoices but not limited to:
  • Identify specific programs by using the certification number
  • Location of the Program
  • Specific Unit of the program if multiple services levels
  • Identify the status of children (Dep/Del/Both)
  • Dates of Service and related Total Per Diem
  • Separate Incidentals charges
current projects
Current Projects
  • Finalize standardized forms
  • Bulletins
  • Work with counties to develop a standard Title IV-E rate by Facility for a Provider
  • Develop and provide training for CCYA and Providers