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Mail Finder

Mail Finder. Global presence. Holland. Goldau, Switzerland. Münster, Germany. VIenna, Austria. NewJersey , USA. Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Trivandrum, India. Durban, RSA. Mailfinder.

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Mail Finder

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  1. Mail Finder

  2. Global presence Holland Goldau, Switzerland Münster, Germany VIenna, Austria NewJersey , USA Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Trivandrum, India Durban, RSA

  3. Mailfinder This application is a plug in for Microsoft outlook. It works across a LAN with Client Server Architecture as its base. It is done using Microsoft development tools (.Net Framework, Visual studio). This project has utilized the power of WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and WPF (Windows Presentation foundation). The plug-in is used for filing the mail item and task item of the organization. A mail can be filed under different projects defined for the organization loaded from a database. This application provides a fast Search of mails which is filed and saved in the database. One can search a mail using its subject, sender address and receiver address. Searching the content of the mail is another feature. Auto Intelligence is also another feature of this. If intelligence is enabled it will search for the project from the mail itself. That is, the user need not specify the project, if it is there in the mail either in subject or the body. Speed and Performance is just another quality of this application. 

  4. Mailfinder

  5. Mailfinder

  6. Mailfinder

  7. Advantages • Ensures safety and availability of project or work related emails. • Works from within Microsoft Outlook – easy to use. • Emails can be categorized against project / client / vendor / user level etc. • Smart recognition of incoming or outgoing emails prompts for classification – a real time saver. • Advanced search engine in the central database and the local caches ensure fast retrieval of mails. • Avoids duplication – saves memory space and contributes to overall efficiency.

  8. Thank You Team Palnar

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