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Care Finder

Care Finder

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Care Finder

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  1. In times of need…. Care Finder for you

  2. We all value and respect our elders and Would like to gift them the best of their Silver years. What if we are not physically next to them, Or what if we feel that we need to help them with something they need the most… Care Finder becomes your representative In a true sense. “Displaying respect to Our elders is a part Of our cherished custom.. Caring for them is in our DNA”

  3. Care Finder’s Extensive research over a year by professionals who were inspired by this idea, led us to understand the needs of many like you.. Who would Like only the best for your parents or Elders who are a part of your life… The research led us to identify the Immediate wants… that constantly resurfacing in your busy life….. Helping you reach your care To your loved ones….

  4. For a given need, you Need to find a service provider That fits closest …. You cannot Assess them individually…. We Can. It is our business. To help you get the right fix For your requirements. We work on a consulting mode And connect you and the service Providers , giving you each the Right perspective about the other.

  5. We make things happen for you…… Want to know more ??? Some things we can do for you…. Visit

  6. Who says elder life has health issues… Most of them are healthy… they can give You a complex. However, if some of them are not…. Then we are there for you… Care givers, bed side assistants, home hospital Set up, home nursing, pathology, medical Home visit…. Renting of home medical Support….. Name it. We have it for you. Health

  7. We have worked so hard and saved money For a future… and at times we need to Spend out of the savings for our loved ones We at Care Finder… believe you need to Have the best of deals… what if you can Buy medicines at discounts, medical procedures At a lesser cost without compromising quality.. At the same time, making your loved elders feel That you have given them the best….. Documenting your medical We will do it for you Health

  8. Choosing a retirement home for your Loved ones ? Or do you want to make sure that Their existing living is made comfortable For them ? Or do you want your parents to stay Somewhere safe when you are on that Emergency travel…. From independent living, palliative care, Assisted living…. Care Finder maps the best of choices For your loved ones…. Consulting in area of living is one of Our core competencies…. Living

  9. Document digitalization You’ve always wondered what those Stacked papers in your home is Lethargy or lack of time… you have Not sorted them Are they important papers, or are They papers carried over a period of Time without application of mind The issue is that they occupy space We help you sort your documents, Index them and digitalize them…..

  10. Missing property documents Government papers on your Real estate related documents Keeping your property documents In a ready to sell format Do things when you are not rushed Do them today…… At Care Finder.. We have the best And most credible partners who Help you in this….

  11. We have many more interesting Options for you…. Through our Care services… Visit us at You will be amazed to find the Solutions to what you have been Wanting….. Because your needs Were researched and solutions found… Health Living Property management Legal documentation Tax Hobbies We address your needs…..

  12. Care Finder membership is something your loved ones will relish Gift them a membership today + 91 44 4351 2826