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27 January – International Holocaust Remembrance Day

27 January – International Holocaust Remembrance Day. There once was a world The story of one Lithuanian Jewish family. TOPIC. Jewish Holocaust in Lithuania during the World War II. OBJECTIVES.

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27 January – International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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  1. 27 January – International Holocaust Remembrance Day There once was a world The story of one Lithuanian Jewish family

  2. TOPIC • Jewish Holocaust in Lithuania during the World War II

  3. OBJECTIVES • After watching a video materialyou will be able to answer the questions and retell the story in short individually or in groups.


  5. 1941


  7. SUGGESTED ANSWERS 1918 - Lithuania becomes an Independent country. 1940 – the Soviet army occupies Lithuania. 1941 - Nazi Germany occupies Lithuania. 1944 – the Soviet army occupies Lithuania again. 1990 – Lithuania is independent again. 95% - Lithuanian Jews are killed by Nazi.

  8. CHAPTER 1 • After watching Chapter 1, write two questionsfor your classmates to answer.

  9. CHAPTER 2 The Germans invaded Lithuania on 22nd June 1941. There is panic in town and people are trying to get away. Unfortunately, Ranana‘s family do not manage to hide. All men are separated from families, Ranana‘s father and brother as well. Ranana and her mum are taken to ghetto. A couple of weeks later, Nazis kill most Jewish men in town. Ranana loses her dad, her brother, her grandfather... The 9-year old girl and her mother work for Germans as all women of town. One day, Ranana sees German soldiers coming to their house. She understands what for – to arrest them. Then she shouts, „Mummy, let‘s run! Run!”

  10. CHAPTER 3 • After watching Chapter 3, retell the story with the help of clue sentences.

  11. STORY OF CHAPTER 3 They walk through the night, see a barn (kluonas), enter in and sleep there. At dawn, Ranana‘s mother knocks on the door of the farm house. She wonders if they give them some food. They understand that life can end for them at any minute, but in this region no one refuses to help this Jewish mother and her little girl. They sleep in attics and basements. People give them the same food they have on their tables. The best place they hide in is the village where the Strimaičiai family live. Mr Strimaitis is an agronomist. Ranana is especially happy as they have a daughter, Milda, who is her age. Every Sunday, the Strimaičiai family and Ranana go to church. They tell everyone that she is a relative from Kaunas. Her mother stays in the house. And then one day their luck runs out. They are near Barzdai and a man arrests girl‘s mother and her. He takes them into town. A total stranger comes from the opposite direction. He understands what is going on. He starts talking to the man. While they talk, he shows a sign to slip women away – and they do that. Women never find out the name of that man who saves them. Luckily they stay not far from the Strimaičiai home. In October 1944, the Russian Soviet soldiers come. It is the end of the war.

  12. HOMEWORK • 1. Watch the rest of the video. http://www.centropa.org/node/78683?subtitle_language= • 2. Answer the questions in English: • Where does Ranana live after the war? • What does she study? What is her job? • Who is her husband? How many children do they have?


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