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Remembrance Day POPPY DAY PowerPoint Presentation
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Remembrance Day POPPY DAY

Remembrance Day POPPY DAY

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Remembrance Day POPPY DAY

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  1. RemembranceDay POPPY DAY

  2. WhatisRemembranceDay? Remembrance Day is on 11 November. It is a special day set aside to remember all those men and women who were killed during the two World Wars and other conflicts.

  3. Poppy Day? Why? The poppy, as a memorial flower to the war dead, can be traced to a single individual, Moina Michael. She was so moved by Lt. Col. McCrae's poem, "In Flanders Fields," that she wrote a response: . . . the blood of heroes never dies But lends a luster to the red Of the flower that blooms above the dead In Flanders' Fields. Later she would spearhead a campaign that would result in the adoption of the poppy as the national symbol of sacrifice.

  4. Poppy Dayisdifferent, because on thefield, wheresoldiershavedied, wasgrowing up poppy. Poppy is a redflower, and rediscolorofblood. Peoplefrom many countries are celebratingPoppy Day, becauseforthemisthisdayimportanttoo. ForAustralia, Canada, India, New Zealand, SouthAfrica, United Kingdom, St. Lucia, Bermuda, India, Kenya, Mauritius, NorthernIreland, France, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, United States.

  5. WhichstatescelebrateRemembranceDay? Canada In Canada, RemembranceDayis a public holiday and federalstatutoryholiday, as well as a statutoryholiday in allthreeterritories and in sixofthe ten provinces(Nova Scotia,Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebecbeingtheexceptions) New Zealand New Zealand‘snationaldayofremembranceisAnzacDay, 25 April. "Poppy Day" isusually on theFridaybeforeAnzacDay. Poland 11 Novemberis a public holiday in PolandcalledIndepdendenceDay, as theendingofFirstWorldWar.

  6. United States VeteransDayisobserved in the United Stateson 11 November, and isboth a federalholidayand a stateholiday in allstates. However, thefunctionoftheobservance elsewhereis more closelymatched by MemorialDay in May. United Kingdom TheFirstTwoMinuteSilence in London (11 November 1919) wasreported in theManchester Guardian on 12 November 1919. Thetwominutesofsilence are marked by cannonfire Cenotaph, London

  7. When was the first Poppy Day? The first actual Poppy Day was held in Britain on November 11th, 1921 and was a national success raising £106,000. Since then, during every November, we keep the memory alive by wearing a poppy to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives during war.

  8. Which side should I wear my Poppy? I feel it is more important to wear a poppy rather than worry about which side you should wear it. Some people prefer to wear a poppy on the left over their hearts. However, the general rules is to wear Left for men because that's where medals go and Right for women because that's where a widow would wear her husband's medals.

  9. Whitepoppy? The white poppy isan artificial flower used as a symbol of peace, worn as an alternative to, or complement to, the red remembrance poppy for Remembrance Day or Anzac Day.