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wp4 status joint r d programming n.
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WP4 Status Joint R&D Programming PowerPoint Presentation
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WP4 Status Joint R&D Programming

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WP4 Status Joint R&D Programming
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WP4 Status Joint R&D Programming

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  1. WP4 StatusJoint R&D Programming WP4 Presented by Paolo Pierini 27/11/2013

  2. WP Composition • P. Pierini, INFN • C. Omet, GSI • D. Schulte, CERN • T. Garvey, PSI • B. Launé, CNRS/IN2P3 • L. Lilje, DESY • O. Napoly, CEA • D. Obradors, CIEMAT • D. Bocian, IFJ PAN • S. Smith, STFC • V. Ziemann, UPPSALA (+A.Kallberg, SU) + involvement of many colleagues in our institutions TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  3. WP4 Objective: R&D Programming • “The main objective of the WP is to develop a common methodology and procedure for initiating, costing and implementing collaborative R&D projects in a sustainable way • Using these procedures, WP4 will aim at proposing a coherent and comprehensive Joint R&D Programme in the field of accelerator science. • This Programme will identify the activities in accelerator science to be carried out by a broad community within the distributed TIARA infrastructure” D4.2 PAR D4.3 TTR TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  4. WP4: R&D Programme • “To substantiate this purpose, this Work Package is devoted to identify the critical technical issues in the field of accelerator science and to define a joint R&D Programme to be carried out with the European distributed accelerator R&D infrastructure, proposed by TIARA” • i.e., the R&D is primarily “infrastructure-targeted”, to discuss use of existing facilities and plan the deployment of new ones D4.1 KIR TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  5. Deliverables One still to go TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  6. Gantt TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  7. Milestones TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  8. Documents on CDS • D4.1, delivered at M11 (+6) • General Report on key accelerator research areas and key R&D issues • TIARA-REP-WP4-2011-006, 46 pp. • D4.2, delivered at M28 (+4) • R&D Projects Access Report • TIARA-REP-WP4-2013-009, 12 pp. • D4.3 (ongoing), delivering at M36 (+3) • "Toward TIARA". Final plan of the collaborative R&D Program • 26 pp. So far and growing... TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  9. Milestone documents on CDS • MS16, delivered at M23 (+1) • Report on R&D Projects Access, describing procedures for identifying, defining and launching of collaborative R&D projects • TIARA-REP-WP4-2012-016, 12 pp. • MS17, delivered at M28 (+4) • Intermediate Report on Joint R&D Programme • TIARA-REP-WP4-2013-010, 46 pp. • (update of D4.1) • MS18, delivered at M34 (+2) • Presentation of final, implemented plan of the collaborative R&D Programme • TIARA-REP-WP4-2013-015, 3 pp. TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  10. WP4.1: KARA/KTI • Identification of the critical Key Accelerator Research Areas and Key Technical R&D Issues • (..) key Accelerator research Areas and key R&D issues related to future or foreseeable new large accelerator based infrastructures (SLHC, ESS, IFMIF, ILC/CLIC, Neutrino and flavor factories, EURISOL, 4th generation light sources…) • [R&D need from projects] • (…) dedicated studies will be carried out on emerging ideas and technologies, so to identify key issues and common component developments • [ “project independent” R&D needs] From WP description TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  11. Key ARA Accelerator Concepts (6) • Accelerator Design • Beam Dynamics • FEL processes • Beam cooling • New techniques for high gradient acceleration • Medical and Industrial Accelerators Accelerator Components (8) • Sources and injectors • RF structures • RF systems • SC magnets • Conventional NC magnet systems • Diagnostics and instrumentation • Targetry • Radiation issues Accelerator Technologies (5) • Electronics and Software • UHV • RF sources • Cryogenics • Alignment and Stabilization 19 KARAs ~130 KTIs TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  12. Components: KTI 1/3 TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  13. Components: KTI 2/3 TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  14. Components: KTI 3/3 TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  15. Technology: KTI TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  16. Concepts: KTI 1/2 TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  17. Concepts: KTI 2/2 TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  18. WP4.2 will develop a common methodology and procedure for initiating, costing and implementing collaborative R&D projects in a sustainable way. Methodology and procedure for evaluation of scientific and technical projects and for their costing will be turned to enable the emergence and the launching of collaborative R&D activities. • In addition, appropriate communication tools for effective knowledge exchange and for assistance in legal questions will be identified and implemented TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  19. WorkProgramme - Setting • The TIARA implementation phase would need to first adopt its work program, outlining the main topics needing R&D activities to be carried out at its federated infrastructure. • A preliminary proposal for a work programme is D4.3. • A lightweight steering, managing and advisory structure would then be needed in order to keep the work program updated regularly using transparent, effective and timely procedures agreed by all TIARA partners • In contact with the external bodies identified by WP2.2.2 in TIARA-REP-WP2-2012-012 as representatives of the wide communities of “users” TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  20. WP- Implementing - Emergence • Support for networking and coordination activities focused on the R&D items identified in the TIARA work program are particularly useful to foster emergence of collaborative project around new ideas • Focus on individual topics of the work program • Assist in the organization and support participation of small technical workshops where • the key technical issues of the topic are reviewed, • the implications of finding solutions, to use in existing or future facilities are clearly identified, • the R&D Infrastructures where the technical work can be carried out are presented to the community TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  21. WP- Implementing - Emergence • Assist in the dynamic formation of working groups and small task forcesfor drafting out (in a limited time) proposals for R&D programs to be carried out at the infrastructures • TIARA will aim at providing quicker and timelier mechanisms for the emergence of proposals, which then can lead to collaborative R&D projects applying to TIARA funding • To achieve this quick reaction a minimal set of resources should be available at any time during the TIARA implementation phase and a flexible application system should be in place TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  22. WP–Implementing – Access to RI • TIARA should aim to facilitate (in a quicker and timelier fashion with respect to EC programs) access to the R&D Infrastructuresfor • testing and validation of small-scale experiments to explore early concepts, which could later evolve in a full scale R&D program that will exploit the R&D Infrastructure • TIARA could act as a single-point-of-entry for this type of requests, providing assistance in finding alternatives and support for the activities TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  23. Evaluation • Proposal in the TIARA Work Program scope. • An assessment of the impact of the outcome of the R&D project in the accelerator community(especially concerning proposed or existing projects) is important, also in terms of cost/benefit perspectives. The assessment of the R&D proposals should consider: • the enabling of new competences in the laboratories thanks to the collaborative R&D programs, • the possibility of spin-offs, • the interdisciplinarityof the scope of work including different fields of research. TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  24. Evaluation • The evaluation process should be transparent, effective and timely. Should include: • the technical content and feasibility, • the quality of the proposed organization, i.e. realistic time schedules, work program, collaborative effort and sharing of human and technical resources. • TIARA should aim at assessing and reviewing the proposed compositionof partners, to: • avoid duplication of efforts, • achieve effectiveness and ability to reach the goals, • enhance collaboration between institutions, • guarantee technical coverage, • guarantee excellence of the team TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  25. Evaluation • For a given R&D project, it is important that there is one institution leadingthe R&D, acting as a PI. This institute has to play a major role in the R&D program. • Avoid cases where many players have moderate interest in a R&D topic but there is no driving force TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  26. TIARA role • It is important that in its implementation plan TIARA should not add extra unnecessary layers of administration, evaluation or reporting with respect to the present situation • Instead, TIARA should take steps towards the simplification of the layered structure typically found in collaboration projects, due to the many stakeholders involved (e.g. institutions, countries according to international agreements, EC, international panels for collaborative projects) TIARA-PP Final Meeting

  27. Conclusions • On the way to finish last D4.3 deliverable (presented yesterday) • All other MS reports and deliverables are on CDS • Initial lag for the first deliverable (6 months), then gradually reduced • Long setup phase, underestimated • Took some time to achieve consensus on a common vision among institutions with different specific interests • Reshuffling of institutional contacts • If costing is to be included in the TIARA implementation phase consider the necessary additional workload and expertise needed TIARA-PP Final Meeting