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Area Team (AT) Senior Team PowerPoint Presentation
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Area Team (AT) Senior Team

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Area Team (AT) Senior Team
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Area Team (AT) Senior Team

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  1. NHS EnglandBirmingham, Solihull and The Black Country Area Team (AT) Senior Team Wendy SaviourArea Director Fay Baillie, Director of Nursing Alison Taylor, Director of Finance TBC Medical Director Karen Helliwell, Director of Commissioning Les Williams, Director of Operations and Delivery
  2. Director of Commissioning Karen Helliwell Commissioning Directorate(Public Health) Admin Support Ursula Phillips Head of Public Health Helen Kelly Admin SupportAmy Ufton NimirlaHeer Stacy Halpin Screening and Immunisation Team (funded by Public Health England) Public Health Commissioning Manager John Grayland Public Health Programme Ian Walker Public Health Programme Contracts LeslynRew
  3. Director of Commissioning Karen Helliwell Commissioning Directorate(Primary Care) Head of Primary Care Commissioning Donna MacArthur Admin Support Lynne Mason Admin Support RukiaBibi (Mat) Sandra McKoy GP Contract Manager Gillian Shelley Pharmacy/Optometry Contract Manager Michelle Deenah Dental Contract Manager Tracy Harvey Assistant Contract Manager Martina Ellery Anna Nicholls Jane McGrandles Assistant Contract Manager Brian Wallis Howard Finegan Assistant Contract Manager Carol Marston Viola Clarke Support Officer BaljinderDhami Terrance Chikurunhe Tbc Support Officer David Brown Debbie Szrejder Support Officer Peter Quinn Rajiv Lakhani Support Worker Janet Smith Support Worker Mukesh Patel Tracy Wade Support Worker Merleen Frank Carol McNeil
  4. Director of Commissioning Karen Helliwell Commissioning Directorate(Specialised Commissioning) Head of Specialised Commissioning Stephen Washbourne Admin Support Matthew Marshall Carol Cook tbc Admin Support Kerry Stokes Pharmacy Support tbc Local Service Specialist Mark Walsh Local Service Specialist Sarah Freeman VandaraNajran Mental Health Lead and PoC Phil Brian Senior Supplier Manager Gail Fortes-Mayer Supplier Managers Kieran Caldwell Naseer Ahmed-Iqbal SumanaBassinder Mental Health Supplier Manager Roger Cook Mental Health Supplier Managers Nicky CoxTonita Whittier Mental Health Case Managers Joanne Wallace Phil Walsh Paul Bingham Steven Heath
  5. Director of Commissioning Karen Helliwell Commissioning Directorate(Family Health Services) Commissioning) Head of Primary Care Support Services Alexis Ellis Head of Family Health Services Marion Hall Contractor Payments (BSol and Black Country) Lyn PallettMartynPardoe Patient Services (Medical Records, Breast and Cervical Screening call and recall, Patient Data) Performers’ Lists Janet Baxter Operational development and information SuheelAkhtar Patients Services: medical records, breast and cervical screening call and recall patient data;Performer's Lists Julie Robinson NB: A more detailed version of this structure will follow
  6. Director of Finance Alison Taylor Finance Directorate Admin Assistant Chris Parsons Head of Finance Tracey Martin Head of Primary Care Finance Ben Cochrane Finance Manager (CCG Assurance) Hannah Johnson Finance Manager (Corporate) Sarah Morgan Head of Finance (Specialised) David Boehmer Finance Managers (Primary Care) Michael Hau RajinderSanghera Finance Assistant (CCG Assurance) Anna Gordon Finance Assistant (Corporate) MapiyeHwetwete Finance Manager Deb Lane Finance Manager Carol Cooper Senior Information Manager Martin Hart Information Manager tbc Accountants(Primary Care) Helen Dunn RandeepBaran
  7. Medical Director To be appointed Medical Directorate Senior Admin Support Helen Sanders Assistant Director (Revalidation) Dr Nick Griggs Dr Nick Hall Assistant Director (Clinical Strategy) Dr NarinderSahotaDr Will Murdoch Admin Assistant Josephine Thomas Programme Managers Jason Fraser NdiUdoffa Hardeep Kaur Project Officers Genny SamuelsCarole Beardsmore
  8. Medical Director To be appointed Medical Directorate (Strategic Clinical Networks and Senates) Senate ChairDr David Hegarty SCN Clinical Directors: Mr Rob Gornall (Cancer); Dr Andy Spencer/Dr Alison Bedford Russelll (M&C); Dr KarimSaad/Dr CharonBinyon (D, MH & NC); Dr Anthony Kenton/Dr IndiraNatarajan (CVD) Network and Senate Associate Director Danielle Taylor PA AndreanConstantinou, Julie Davies Network Managers Robert Wilson (CVD) Kate Burley (Cancer) Mary Passant (Maty/Paeds) Ben Parfitt (Neurosciences) Senate Manager 0.5wte Angela Knight Jackson Senate PA 0.5wte tbc Network Admin and Support Officers Mandy Wilson, Laura Robinson, Kimberley Tracey, Barbara Caunce Quality Improvement Leads Berni County, Ben Knight, Carol Reilly Quality Improvement Leads Andrea Reed, Victoria Millward, Eunice Foster Quality Improvement LeadsRichard Johnson, Stephanie Connell, Liz Bagley, Sharon Adams, Marilyn McKoy, PadmaBhakta, Jane Barnes, Sarah Tranter, Alison Davies, James Gillies, Sarah Crawford Thomas, Juelene White, Cecily Hollingworth, Sarah Leedham, Paula Wells
  9. Director of Nursing Fay Baillie Nursing Directorate Senior Admin Support Helen Sanders Assistant Director (Patient Experience) Karen Deeny Assistant Director (Quality and Safety) Jane Taylor Admin Assistant Lisa Heynes Chianti Clanchar Quality and Safety Manager Elaine Thompson Patient Experience Manager Angela Young Patient Safety Lead (Quality Assurance) Helen Jones Patient Experience Lead Glen Ward
  10. Director of Operations and Delivery Les Williams Operations and Delivery Directorate Business Manager HariAtwal Senior Admin Support Marcia Green Head of EPRR Dawn Roberts Head of Assurance/Delivery Stella Tew Business Administration Officer Gillian Synnott Admin Assistant Nicola Gales Assurance and Delivery Manager Jason Evans Operations and Delivery Manager Peter Jefferson Admin Support Assistant Sophie Reynolds Assurance and Delivery Project Officer Jennifer Nixon Operations and Delivery Co-ordinator Ian Ford Business Office