work with skeleton data
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Work With Skeleton Data

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Work With Skeleton Data. Kinect for Windows Video Courses Jan 2013. Introduction to Kinect Skeleton Data. Skeleton data is calculated based on depth information captured. Skeleton data consists of 20 joints’ positions of human body.

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work with skeleton data
Work With Skeleton Data

Kinect for Windows Video Courses

Jan 2013

skeleton data
Skeleton data is calculated based on depth information captured.

Skeleton data consists of 20 joints’ positions of human body.

Kinect can recognize up to 6 players and give full skeleton data for 2 of them.


Skeleton Data

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tracking state
A tracked player can have a tracking state of either “tracked” or “position only”.

A “tracked” skeleton gives detailed position information of 20 joints.

A “position only” skeleton gives only the position of the player, no detailed information for each joints.


Tracking State

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tracking mode
Default mode – tracks all 20 joints. Optimized for standing and fully viewed player.

Seated mode – tracks less joints (heads, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands). Optimized for seated player and whose lower body is not fully visible.


Tracking Mode

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skeleton data stream
Skeleton data is also organized in stream of frames.

Each skeleton frame is based on calculation on depth frame.

Each skeleton frame contains up to 6 structures of skeleton data


Skeleton Data Stream

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    • Introduction to color stream
    • Demo: How to get color data
    • Demo: ColorBasics sample
  • Overview
    • Hardware overview and
    • SDK installation
  • Depth
    • Introduction to depth stream
    • Demo: How to get depth data
    • Demo: DepthBasics sample
  • Skeleton
    • Introduction to skeleton stream
    • Demo: How to get skeleton data
    • Demo: SkeletonBasics sample
  • Audio
    • Introduction to audio stream
    • Demo: How to capture audio
    • Demo: Speech recognition
  • Advanced Topics
    • Streams sync and coordinate mapping
    • Demo: Streams sync and coordinates mapping
    • Accelerometer and tilt angle
    • Demo: How to get accelerometer and tilt angle
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