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2009 – Focus Areas

2009 – Focus Areas. Improvement of infrastructure to combat crime Anti-Terrorism Measures Crime : Prevention & Detection Lok Sabha Elections Groundwork for Common Wealth Games Focus on Senior Citizens / Women Traffic regulation and enforcement. 2009 - Highlights.

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2009 – Focus Areas

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  1. 2009 – Focus Areas • Improvement of infrastructure to combat crime • Anti-Terrorism Measures • Crime : Prevention & Detection • Lok Sabha Elections • Groundwork for Common Wealth Games • Focus on Senior Citizens / Women • Traffic regulation and enforcement

  2. 2009 - Highlights Rate of crime at lowest with 277.11 cases per lakh of population. However depends on Crimogenic Factors Rate of heinous crimes at 11.33 per lakh of population also at lowest Incidence of heinous crimes declined by 2.97% Decline in Motor Cycle borne cases by 3% MCOCA cases up - 25 from 5 in 2008

  3. Outstanding detection rate of heinous offences (89%) – improved by 1% Crime by Servant - down by 21% and heinous cases - down by 80% Major catches of criminals carrying rewards - Munna Bajrangi, Kanwaljeet @ Bittoo, Manoj Bakkarwala, Shaukat @ Pasha etc. Large number of gangs busted like Satte-Bittoo, Kishan Pal @ Fauji, Amit Gujjar, Chitania, Guljar Khan, Sonu Kharab, Ravana, Abhay @ Bhura, Virender @ Kalu etc. 2009 – Highlights (contd.)

  4. Arrest of terrorists - 20 Cases Pending Investigation down by 27% Creation of 9 sub-divisions/29 PSs Creation of 2 New traffic ranges Motor cycle patrols increased to 410 Traffic flow maintained despite extensive construction work and quantum increase in vehicles Total incidence of road accidents down by 17% 2009 – Highlights (contd.)

  5. Massive recruitment and training Constables – 6244 trained; 6449 to join by 15th January, 6718 - to join on 1st June - process initiated SIs 387 - recruited, 462 - process initiated, 620 - trained Drivers 891 - recruited 2009 – Highlights (contd.)

  6. Special Initiatives during 2009

  7. Pro-active Public Interface & Crime Prevention Surveys

  8. Verification of Servants • Door-to-door survey conducted, 7,30,067 houses covered, 1,26,218 servants checked, out of whom 1,11,893 (89%) found to have filled verification form 64% Servants were found having filled verification forms in 2008 Crime by Servants - down by 21% Heinous cases by Servants - down by 40%

  9. Verification of Tenants • Door-to-door survey conducted, 9,32,602 houses covered, 2,00,332 tenants checked, out of whom 1,71,584 (86%) found to have filled verification form 1,36,504 Tenant Verification Forms filled in 2008 drive

  10. Survey of Senior Citizens • Door-to-door survey conducted, 9,08,973 houses covered, 52,983 Senior citizens identified. • 8,864 registered with the Senior Citizen Cell of Delhi Police • 7624 were registered in 2008

  11. Special Security Audit of Senior Citizens w.e.f. 15th July-2009 • Security measures suggested • SHOs visit senior citizens • Personal supervision of DCsP • 7,511 Premises audited

  12. Checking of Cyber Cafés • 2,149 Cyber Cafés identified • Regular checking • Owners sensitized

  13. Eyes & Ears Scheme Launched in January 2008 for collection of crime & terrorist related Intelligence directly from public Stake Holders Rehriwalas, chowkidars, patriwalas, security guards, property agents, second hand car dealers, land lords, members of RWA/MTA, cyber café owners, PCO owners, guest house owners etc.

  14. Eyes & Ears Scheme 758 meetings by DCsP, 4,252 by ACsP, 30,919 SHOs and 83,031 by division/beat staff so far Toll Free Helpline – 1090 E-mail link on Delhi Police website Publicity and Advertisement through electronic/print media (including FM radio)

  15. Eyes & Ears Scheme 310 cases solved (173 cases in 2008) 357 Citizens rewarded

  16. Rewards to Public 161%

  17. So far 357 brave citizens have been honoured by us

  18. Crime Mapping & Identification of Crime-Prone Police Stations

  19. 22 New Police Stations created The Hon’ble Union Home Minister Shri P. Chidambaram inaugurated the Sun Light Colony Police Station marking the opening of the 22 New Police Stations on 22nd September, 2009

  20. Created new Police Station after Re-organisation of heavy Police Stations

  21. Contd…

  22. Benefits of New Police Stations • Increase in number of beats from 1666 to 2150 • Better handling of complaints • Police Station jurisdictions more manageable • More equitable distribution of crime • Greater focus and effective preventive measures • Improved Police-Public ratio • Better Police Public interface Contd…

  23. Contd… • Enhanced resources • Improvement in public satisfaction and safety feelings • Check on crime • Improvement in detection rate • Improvement in quality of investigation • Effective surveillance on criminals and anti-social elements • Effective and faster response • Better criminal intelligence

  24. PS Sultan Puri – sub-divided into four PSs – Impact on crime

  25. Set up with dedicated help line, e-mail, SMS and FAX numbers Calls received : 12108 Action taken : 11625 Complaints of harassment nipped in the bud Anti-Obscene Calls Cell Ph: 1096 & 27894455, Fax: 27292523 SMS : 9911135446 E-Mail : acp-sit-dl@nic.in

  26. Anti-Threat by Recovery Agents Cell • For any agent intimidating directly or threatening on behalf of Bank or financial company or any service provider or any other organisation or posing as Police Official, Income Tax Official, Advocate, MCD, Custom, Excise or any other department • Phone No. 26184455, Toll Free- 1051, Fax 26178123, e-mail acp-aec-dl@nic.in • 1656 calls received and in 1212 complaints action has been taken to the satisfaction of complainant

  27. CRIME

  28. Highlights Total IPC Crime up by 1.42% Rate of IPC Crime down by 3.21% Heinous cases down by 2.97% Rate of Heinous Crime downby7% Detection of heinous cases improves from 88.36% to 89.04%

  29. Crimogenic Factors in Delhi Heterogeneous Population (177 Lakhs) Floating Population (20-25 Lakhs) Socio-Economic Factors Substantial unplanned urbanization with inadequate infrastructure and civic amenities Adverse sex ratio (821 females/1000 males – 2001 Census) Socio-Economic imbalances, unemployment, income disparities, poverty Short cuts to success – adverse impact of advertisement Urban anonymity encouraging deviant behaviour Loosening of social control and family discipline Consumerism and materialism Absence of hinterland etc..

  30. Important Demographic Facts

  31. Type of Settlement-wise Population Planned Colonies 23.7% JJ Clusters 14.8% Slum Designated Areas 19.1% Urban Villages 6.4% Regularized Un-authorized Colonies 12.7% Unauthorized Colonies 5.3% JJ Resettlement Colonies 12.7% Rural Villagers 5.3% Source : Economic Survey of Delhi 2003-2004

  32. Growth in slum population ( in lakhs) *Projected Source : National Capital Regional Planning Board

  33. Source : Delhi Human Development Report 2006

  34. Crime Prevention Strategies • Reorganization of districts, police stations and beats leading to more intensive policing • Focus on development of criminal intelligence • Focus on detection of crime • High rate of arrest in heinous cases • Increased action under MCOCA • Verification of Motor Cycles • Substantial emphasis on better quality of investigation and detection • Intensified Beat Patrolling

  35. Contd… • Emphasis on SHOs personally leading foot and mobile patrolling • Mobile pickets for watch on movements of criminals • Regular checkings of vehicles wherever any suspicious activity is noticed • Police Stations with high crime rate identified and extra man power and additional motorcycles provided • Patrolling by PCR Vans & Motorcycles • Increase in expansion of PCR van fleet and strategic relocation and patrolling pattern of PCR vans • Out of box methods like sending armed police parties in plain clothes

  36. Contd… • Eyes & Ears Scheme • Checking of Guest Houses and Hotels • Regular Monitoring/analysis of crime trends and identification of vulnerable areas and time • Regular surveillance on the activities of desperate criminals and other active criminals • Identification of criminals from records / dossiers and conducting drives to find out their present activity • Developing information regarding active criminals • Special patrolling during dark nights

  37. Contd… • Focus on parks, bus stands, banks and other such vulnerable areas • Introduction of electronic surveillance system like instalation of CCTV cameras in busy markets, crime prone areas and border check posts • Community policing – regular interaction with RWAs/MTAs/ Thana & Distt. Level Committees • Advertisement campaign for educating public in crime prevention measures

  38. Verification Exercise of Motor cycles 4,38,020Motorcycles have been verified so far 77persons with criminal background 77criminals involved in various crimes apprehended Salutary impact on Motorcycles used in Robberies/Snatchings

  39. Use of Motor cycles in Crime

  40. Growth in Motorcycles in Delhi (in lakh)

  41. Desperate Gang of Robbers busted by brave act of Head Constable during Motorcycle checking • Brave act of HC Virender Singh of PS Saraswati Vihar • Six persons arrested • 12 cases of huge cash robbery of the current year solved • This gang was active in North-West and Outer District and operating on motorcycle and using fire arms • Used to target businessmen and persons carrying huge cash on their vehicle Contd…

  42. Important Cases Detected during checking • Shalimar Bagh dacoity case (Mannapuram Finance Co.) • Recovered Gold jewellery worth Rs. 5.22 lakhs • Cash Rs. 8.69 lakhs • Movable property Rs. 3.81 lakhs • Immovable property documents Rs. 35.81 lakhs • HC Jai Bhaghwan and Ct. Ajay of PS Shalimar Bagh spotted three persons on motor cycle • On verification of three motorcycle borne youths arrested five accused Santosh, Mintu Giri, Harish, Shankar Das and Mithai Munni Lal Contd…

  43. Contd… • Mandawali robbery case of Rs. 20 lakh • Recovered 15.05 lakh • On verification of two motorcycle borne youth when they failed to produce any document of the motorcycle arrested Mohd. Saifi and Shadab and later two more accused Prashant Gupta and Nadeem at their instance. • Murder-cum-Robbery case of Shahbad Dairy in which Rs. 1000/- was robbed from deceased • Sh. Ram Prasad was robbed and stabbed on 6.2.2009 • During Motorcycle checking two motorcycle borne youths Raju and Ajay Rawat were verified and found to be involved in the murder of Sh. Ram Prasad

  44. Contd… • Snatcher arrested • While vehicle checking, one Motorcycle rider without helmet tried to escape but apprehended • On verification he was identified Jonty @ Vikas and found accused in five cases of snatching and one case of M.V. Theft • Auto-lifters arrested • While conducting vehicle checking near bus stand Nand Nagri, Okhla Industrial Area, Aurobindo Market and in several areas of Delhi

  45. Impact of Preventive Measures

  46. Total IPC 3% 13% 1% 4%

  47. IPC Crime per lakh of population

  48. IPC Crime Rate in 35 Mega Cities of India - 2007 *Note-Crime rate in Delhi in 2009 - 277 49

  49. IPC Crime Rate in 35 Mega Cities of Indiaafter deduction of MV Theft & Road Accidents Source : Crime in India - 2007 50

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