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Simulation Project Status

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Simulation Project Status. Witek Pokorski, PH/SFT 19.11.2007. Simulation Project Structure and tasks. Simulation Project (Gabriele Cosmo) Coordination. Geant4 collaboration. Geant4 (John Apostolakis) LHC-oriented development and support of Geant4 toolkit. Fluka (Alfredo Ferrari)

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simulation project status

Simulation Project Status

Witek Pokorski, PH/SFT


simulation project structure and tasks
Simulation ProjectStructure and tasks

Simulation Project (Gabriele Cosmo)




Geant4 (John Apostolakis)

LHC-oriented development and support of Geant4 toolkit

Fluka (Alfredo Ferrari)

LHC-oriented development and support of Fluka



Garfield (Rob Veenhof)

Development and support



Physics Validation (Alberto Ribon)

Validation of the detector simulation MC engines

Simulation Framework (Witek Pokorski)

Geometry exchange format (GDML), FLUGG, persistency


Generator Services (Witek Pokorski)

Event generators repository, generator validation, HepMC

Witek Pokorski

geant4 highlights of 2007 1 physics model revisions
Geant4 - Highlights of 2007 (1)Physics model revisions

Physics improved, after investigating shower shape

  • New Quasi-elastic channel
    • Not modelled before in high-energy interaction
      • Accounts for 5-10% of cross-section, replacing part of QGS-‘deep’ interaction
  • Revised FTF model for protons (in v8.3), and pions (9.0)
    • Model usable below 10 GeV, being tested down to 4-5 GeV
  • Models already utilized in revision of physics lists (8.3)
    • QGSP & QGSP_BERT use new Quasi-elastic channel
    • FTFP uses revised FTF model

and demonstrated improvement of shower shape (Atlas results) for either pions (QGSP_BERT best) or protons (FTFP best).

  • Improved stability of energy loss algorithm achieved
    • Demonstrated to 1% level in Fano cavity conditions (LAPP/MPFI)

Witek Pokorski

geant4 highlights of 2007 2 validation and cpu performance
Geant4 - Highlights of 2007 (2)Validation and CPU performance
  • Validation extended, including
    • hadron interactions ( 3, 15, 159 GeV/c )
    • neutron transport as in TARC experiment (2.5 GeV/c)
  • Assessment of hadron cross-sections
    • Fixes for E>100 GeV, new Barashenkov s for protons
  • Computing performance (7.1 vs 8.3/9.0 )
    • Improved hadronic modeling, more secondaries/steps, cost +20%
    • Gained ~3-6% addressing leading hotspots
      • Ongoing work with CMS/FNAL team
    • Use of better models is growing - challenge is their extra CPU cost
      • multiple scattering (+50%), BERTini (+50%, added in best physics list)
  • Fixes for NaNs, reported & found
  • New module for Error Propagation (P.Arce, CIEMAT) – G4 9.0

Witek Pokorski

fluka highlights from last year
FLUKAHighlights from last year
  • Flair: the new FLUKA GUI
  • Release Fluka2006.3b (March 2007)
    • Direct pair production by heavy ions
    • installed in LCG AFS area
  • FLUKA Course: Houston, May 14-18th
  • FLUKA Course: Legnaro, October 15-19th
  • Applications to hadrontherapy (Florian Sommerer, CERN PhD, won the GSI “Cristoph Schmelzer Award 2007” for his work applying FLUKA to hadrontherapy monitoring problems)

Witek Pokorski

fluka flair program interface
FLUKAFLAIR - Program interface
  • Wrapper of standalone applications
  • Tree browser to select application
  • Allow different ways of viewing the same object
  • Input:
    • Filtering Cards
    • Show card links
    • Units: i.e. 20 GeV/c (ToDo)
    • Data validation
    • Import/Export on various formats
  • Process:
    • Debugging
    • Compilation
    • Run monitoring
    • Merging
  • Plotting:
    • Interface to plot packages
    • Table of Isotopes
  • Python Libraries:
    • Input file manipulation
    • Processing
    • Plotting

Witek Pokorski

cms activation study using fluka
Neutron flux near the beam pipe



CMS Activation study using FLUKA
  • Validation of previous studies
    • Neutron, charged hadron and photon fluences agree with earlier calculations
    • Radionuclide production in cavern air also agrees
    • M.Brugger, S.Roesler, S.Mueller, R.Ranieri, R. Veenhof and FLUKA collaboration

Witek Pokorski

garfield new developments
GARFIELDNew developments
  • Gas-based detectors simulation program
    • Interface with Ansys electrostatics
    • Analytic solutions found for diffusion in certain non-homogeneous fields
    • RD51 is expected to lead to a considerable increase of activity
      • new requirements foreseen

Witek Pokorski

physics validation activities in 2007
Physics ValidationActivities in 2007
  • conclusion of the first round of studies on hadronic shower shapes
    • CERN-LCGAPP-2007-02
      • improvement on the longitudinal shower shape in Geant4 version 8.3 (inclusion of a new process)
  • Fluka and Geant4 ATLAS TileCal 2002 test-beam validation
    • first results presented on 25 July 2007.
  • simple (thin-target) benchmarks
    • conclusion of the 3rd simple benchmark (inclusive pion production)
    • in progress 4th benchmark (single target diffraction in proton-nucleus collisions in HELIOS).
  • radiation studies in Geant4
    • TARC benchmark, and LHCb
  • close contacts with experimental groups
  • Man power: currently 1.2 FTEs. Below 1 FTE starting from January 2008

Witek Pokorski

physics validation atlas tilecal 2002 test beam








Physics validationATLAS TileCal 2002 test-beam

20GeV pions:total energy

A.Dotti, LCG Physics Validation meeting, 25 July 2007

Other beam energies (50 GeV, 180 GeV, 350 GeV) in progress -expected results end 2007



Future work: Fluka extension of the ATLAS HEC test-beam analysis.


Witek Pokorski

physics validation atlas tilecal @90degrees
+ quasi elasticPhysics validationAtlas TileCal @90degrees

In Geant4 8.3, quasi-elastic process has been included, and now QGSP_BERT describes well the longitudinal profile.

QGSP_BERT improves also the lateral profile, making showers wider.

Similar results seen in other analyses.

T.Carli, LCG Physics Validation meeting, 17 Oct 2007

Witek Pokorski

simulation framework recent developments in geometry tools
Simulation FrameworkRecent developments in geometry tools
  • Geometry Description Markup Language (GDML)
    • used as exchange format and primary geometry format
    • new, faster ROOT GDML 'reader'
    • new GDML-Geant4 interface to be integrated in Geant4
  • FLUKA Geant4 Geometry Interface (FLUGG)
    • updated for the latest FLUKA and Geant4 versions
    • extensively used for Physics Validation
  • Geant4 geometry persistency using ROOT I/O
    • all necessary adaptation done in Geant4 and ROOT

Witek Pokorski

generator services
Generator Services
  • new project leader and new organization since October 2006
  • project planning meetings every 6-months
    • representatives of LHC experiments as well as MC generators authors involved in decision making
    • project plan of work commonly agreed
  • re-focus on efficient installation and validation of MC generators for LHC experiments
  • several technical changes introduced to improve the usability (see next slide)
    • positive feedback from experiments and MC authors

Witek Pokorski

generator services generators repository genser
Generator ServicesGenerators repository (GENSER)
  • entirely new repository structure introduced
    • simple configure/make for building generators
      • moved away from SCRAM
    • no restriction on generators' code structure
      • difficulties in integrating some generators not present anymore
    • generators released individually
      • avoids delay of 'global' releases
  • ATLAS, CMS and LHCb using GENSER
      • more than 20 generators available and used

Witek Pokorski

generator services15
Generator Services
  • Generators validation
    • increased effort
    • at least one test for each generator
      • added tests for new C++ generators (Sherpa, Herwig++, Pythia8)
    • tests of distributions added
    • physics validation
      • fruitful collaboration with Rivet/CEDAR project
  • HepMC event record
    • ATLAS, CMS and LHCb moving to HepMC 2
  • MCDB - Monte Carlo event data base
    • ready to use

Witek Pokorski

simulation project major milestones 2005 2008
Simulation ProjectMajor Milestones : 2005-2008

2005/09: VD522 - 3rd simple benchmark completed

2005/09: VD524 - Validation of Fluka against ATLAS TileCal test-beam

2005/10: VD532 - First results of ATLAS combined and 2004 test-beams data comparisons

2006/03: GS602 - Introduction of MCDB GRID certificates and management of large files

2006/05: G4606 - Developments for Geant4 8.1 public release

2006/06: SF608 - Refinements to GDML schema to support user extensions of elements

2006/06: VD617 - Investigation of corrections to test-beam data for validation of stand-alone simulation engines

2006/12: SF613 - First release of a common framework for MCTruth handling

2006/12: G4618 - Report on the main physics effects responsible for hadronic shower development in Geant4

2007/02: GS704 - Restructure of GENSER to become SCRAM-free

2007/02: GS705 - Redesign of Generator Services Web and creation of GENSER Savannah portal

2007/03: GS707 - New Generator Services Validation Web pages

2007/06: VD703 - Application of corrections to test-beam data to the LHC calorimeter test-beam simulations

2007/06: SF709 - Integration of GDML plug-in in Geant4

2007/09: GS702 - Pythia 8 production release

2007/09: GS710 - Evaluation of the Rivet tool for application in GENSER Validation

2007/09: GS717 - Integration of [email protected] in GENSER

2007/09: VD721 - TARC benchmark for neutron production, interaction and transportation

2007/11: SF711 - Review, redesign and debugging of the Flugg tool

2007/12: G4712 - Thin-target validations of Geant4 forward physics

2007/12: GS719 - Inclusion of new versions of supported generators in GENSER

2007/12: GS720 - Migration to HepMC-2 for ATLAS and CMS completed

2007/12: G4721 - Developments for Geant4 9.1 public release

2008/02: VD801 - 4th simple benchmark for Geant4 and Fluka: diffraction of nuclei

2008/04: G4802 - Status report on comparisons with shower shapes and relevant physics modeling

2008/06: G4803 - Developments for June 2008 public release

2008/09: VD804 - Fluka extension to the ATLAS HEC test-beam analysis

Witek Pokorski

current lcg simulation manpower
Current LCG simulation manpower

As of Nov 19

Witek Pokorski