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Instruction for English Learners

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Instruction for English Learners. CCAC Conference October 2012. Paula Jacobs, PSD Roxann Purdue, CAW. English Learner Authorizations. English Language Development (ELD)

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instruction for english learners

Instruction for English Learners

CCAC Conference

October 2012

Paula Jacobs, PSD

Roxann Purdue, CAW

english learner authorizations
English Learner Authorizations
  • English Language Development (ELD)
  • Content subject area that provides instruction to promote the acquisition of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English
  • Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE)
  • Instruction in subject matter, such as

math or social science, presented in English

  • Bilingual
  • Instruction presented in student’s primary language (L1)

Appropriate Assignment of Teachers

Previous and Currently Issued Authorizations

Requirements, Application and Submission for current EL Authorizations

Update: EL Authorizations Advisory Panel

Future: Revisions to EL Authorizations

Coming Soon: Single Subject WL:ELD Credential

appropriate assignment of teachers
Appropriate Assignment of Teachers

EL authorizations required when local level determines EL instructional services needed regardless of . . .

  • Schools’ “decile” rank
  • Subject area or type of setting
  • Number of EL students in the class
education code 44253 1
Education Code §44253.1

“. . . For these pupils to have access to quality education, their special needs must be met by teachers who have essential skills and knowledge related to English language development, specially designed content instruction delivered in English, and content instruction delivered in the pupils’ primary languages. . .”

clad certificate or english learner authorization eld and sdaie
CLAD Certificate or English Learner Authorization (ELD and SDAIE)

Options for credential holderswho have not yet earned an English Learner authorization

  • California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL)
  • Three Routes:
    • CTEL Program
    • CTEL Examination
    • Combination: Program and passage of 1-2 subtests of CTEL examination
ctel program route
CTEL Program Route
  • Commission-accredited CTEL programs
  • Listed on the Approved Program chart on Commission website

(Specialist Credentials and Certificates: CLAD)

  • CLAD certificate or EL authorization issued – online recommendation by program sponsor
ctel examination route
CTEL Examination Route
  • CTEL Exam Structure
    • Test 1: Language and Language Development
    • Test 2: Assessment and Instruction
    • Test 3: Culture and Inclusion
  • Exams offered during testing windows in November, March, May and August
  • Applications submitted via online direct application or by mail for exam-only route

Other routes require recommendation online

ctel combination route exam subtests and program coursework
CTEL Combination RouteExam Subtests and Program Coursework
  • Exam Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) equivalent to CTEL Program Standards
  • Program Sponsors determine
    • the alignment of CTEL exam subtest KSAs with program coursework addressing standards
    • whether or not courses align with examination subtests
    • whether they will make online recommendation based on a combination route
prior clad course work
Prior CLAD Course Work
  • Courses completed under prior CLAD Certificate guidelines no longer eligible to apply directly to Commission for certification (Including courses completed outside of California if teacher did not earn an equivalent authorization on OOS Credential)
  • If CLAD Certificate was not obtained, may contact an IHE with a CTEL-approved program to request review of coursework
  • CTEL program may determine equivalency of any prior course work
bilingual authorization 2008 eld sdaie and l 1
Bilingual Authorization (2008)(ELD, SDAIE and L1)

New Flexibility

  • Authorization may be earned with teaching authorization
  • Authorization may be added subsequent to issuance of teaching credential
  • If program sponsor has clarified alignment with CSET:LOTE exam subtests, program may recommend based on combination option
bilingual authorization
Bilingual Authorization
  • Preconditions - Candidates must hold or qualify for CLAD certificate or English learner teaching authorization (MS/SS/Ed Spec)
  • Three Routes

- Program coursework

- CSET: LOTE Examination

- Combination: Program coursework and passage of 1-2 subtests of CSET: LOTE examination

  • Applications submitted via online direct application or by mail for exam-only route

Other routes require recommendation online

bilingual program route
Bilingual Program Route

Guidance for Program Sponsors:http//

  • 6 Program Standards
  • 27 Approved Bilingual Authorization Programs
  • Listed on the Approved Program chart on Commission website
    • Specialist Credentials and Certificates: Bilingual Authorization
cset lote bilingual examination route
CSET: LOTE Bilingual Examination Route
  • CSET:LOTE Exam Structure

IIorIII - Language of emphasis

IV - Bilingual Education and Bilingualism

V - Bilingual Culture of emphasis

  • Examination KSAs and Program Standards are equivalent

  • Arabic
  • Armenian
  • Cantonese
  • Farsi
  • Filipino
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew*
  • Hmong

*Alternate assessor agency or program

  • Italian*
  • Japanese
  • Khmer
  • Korean
  • Latin*
  • Mandarin
  • Portuguese*
  • Punjabi
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese
bilingual authorization combination route
Bilingual Authorization Combination Route

CSET: LOTE Subtests and Program Coursework

  • Program sponsor determines where coursework is equivalent to subtest KSAs
  • Submits program document and/or alignment matrix to CTC
  • Approved program recommends candidates online when all program standards met

Coded 09-06

candidates with an existing credential streamlined structure
Candidates with an Existing Credential:Streamlined Structure
  • Consolidation of BCLAD and CSET: LOTE Examinations (Coded 06-0024)
  • Options for Bilingual Authorization holders to earn Single Subject WL Credential or SS:WL holders to earn Bilingual Authorization
  • In all cases, the Bilingual Authorization is dependent on candidate’s basic credential authorization and meeting preconditions

Emergency Teaching Permits

  • Options for appropriate assignment while earning additional authorization
  • Emergency CLAD and Bilingual Permits
  • Appropriate prerequisite credential
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Basic Skills Requirement, unless exempt
  • Issued in one year periods
  • Renewal based on course work or passage of exams
  • Equivalent authorization statements
sb 1292 certificate of completion of staff development ccsd
SB 1292 Certificate of Completion of Staff Development (CCSD)
  • FOR holders of Service Credentials with a Special Class Authorization and Designated Subjects Vocational, CTE or Special Subjects Credentials who have not yet earned an English Learner authorization
  • Based on SB1292 CCSD Guidelines; authorizes SDAIE only
  • Six Commission-approved 45-hour programs (online programs available)

Educator Preparation

Commission Responsibilities

Develop and maintain standards for subject matter programs and educator preparation programs

Accredit program sponsors and educator preparation programs that meet standards

Develop and maintain educator licensure examinations

qualifying for a credential
Qualifying for a Credential

All Credential Candidates; multiple and single subject, and education specialist, must meet both subject matter competence and pedagogical competencerequirements


meeting the pedagogy requirement
Meeting the Pedagogy Requirement

California-trained multiple and single subject candidates must complete an approvedteacher preparation program and must pass the Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA)

There are different models of teacher preparation programs and the Teaching Performance Assessment but all are standards-based

update on el authorizations advisory elaa panel
Update on EL Authorizations Advisory (ELAA) Panel


  • Review current EL Authorizations structure
  • Review and Analyze contentof program standards based on EL services authorized
    • Is it sufficient for ELD?
    • Is it sufficient for SDAIE?
      • Is there adequate focus on academic language and literacy?
    • What is missing?
important considerations
Important Considerations
  • Does the teaching authorization match the preparation?
  • What type of EL instruction is authorized?
  • What content, context or instructional setting is authorized?
    • Multiple or Single Subject
    • Self-contained, core, departmentalized
    • K-12, EL, special needs
california teachers of els ctel ksas and program standards
California Teachers of ELsCTEL KSAs and Program Standards

Basis for Current Authorizations

Program or Exam for credentialed teacher to add an EL authorization

Revised KSAs presented to Commission March 2012

Field Review of proposed revisions to CTEL KSAs – May 2012

Anticipate revised exam – Fall 2013

future authorization structure
Future Authorization Structure
  • Retain current CTEL authorization
    • SDAIE and ELD in the grade levels, subjects and settings authorized by the prerequisite teaching credential and ELD as a separate departmentalized content area in grades Pre-K-12 and for adults
  • Limit authorization for MS, SS, Ed Sp
    • ELD and SDAIE to the settings andcontent areas for which the basic credential authorizes instruction
    • Commission December 2012
transition to future authorizations
Transition to Future Authorizations

MS, SS, and Education Specialist

  • Last Date to enroll for current authorizations = 12/31/2013
  • Time allowed for completion to retain current authorization
    • 2 years, traditional & blended programs
    • 3 years, MS/SS Interns and Ed Spec University Interns
    • 4 years, Ed Spec District Interns
elaa panel tasks
ELAA Panel Tasks

Make recommendations reflective of current research and best practices relative to preparation of teachers to provide ELD and/or SDAIE instruction

  • Preliminary Teaching Credential Program Standards

Multiple and Single Subject (MS/SS) Education Specialist (Ed Spec)

  • Induction/Clear Credential Program Standards
elaa panel tasks1
ELAA Panel Tasks
  • Make Recommendations for Services Credential Standards
    • PPS Counseling, Social Work
    • Administrative Services
  • Provide analysis and direction for future panels including possible standard language
  • Field Review of recommended standard revisions – Fall 2012
elaa panel tasks2
ELAA Panel Tasks

Develop subject matter content for a SS:WL credential in English Language Development

Develop a new specialist credential to support instruction of English Learners

new single subject world languages content area world languages english language development wl eld
NEW Single Subject World Languages Content Area World Languages –English Language DevelopmentWL: ELD
meeting the subject matter competence requirement
Meeting The Subject Matter Competence Requirement
  • Single Subject Candidates

Two options:

    • Pass the appropriate CSET subject matter examination
    • Successfully complete a program of subject matter preparation coursework approved by the Commission

Note: A major in a subject is not the same as a Commission-approved subject matter program

smrs and ksas
SMRs and KSAs
  • Subject Matter Requirements (SMRs)
    • Typically apply to subject matter preparation programs and examinations (SMRs for new ELD examination and programs)
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs)
    • Typically relate to pedagogy preparation and pedagogy related examinations. (KSAs for CTEL examination)

This assures that all candidates regardless of route taken have demonstrated mastery of the same set of competencies

eld subject matter content
ELD Subject Matter Content

January 2012 - Commission adopted subject matter content for WL:ELD

Represents scope and sequence of content information for either CSET examination or subject matter program standards

5 Domains

smrs for eld 5 domains
SMRs for ELD – 5 Domains

Knowledge of English Learners in California and the United States

Applied Linguistics

Cultural Foundations

Foundations of English Learner Education in California and the United States

Principles of ELD Instruction and Assessment to Promote Receptive and Productive Language Proficiency

english language development
English Language Development
  • Differentiate preparation and authorization to provide ELD
    • context/setting in which it is provided
  • Systematic ELD based on ELD standards with goal of full proficiency in English
  • Content-specific language development
  • Systemic explicit instruction designed to help English learners move along a continuum of English language proficiency including the development of literacy
  • Content is based on the state ELD proficiency standards in English
    • ELD is commonly delivered as a separate and distinct discipline that follows a developmental scope and sequence of language skills within functional contexts
contact information
Contact Information
  • Credentialing
  • Assignments
  • Programs
  • Paula Jacobs
  • Examinations
  • Phyllis Jacobson
  • Donna Anderson