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Rex’s Dream/.>_< PowerPoint Presentation
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Rex’s Dream/.>_<

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Rex’s Dream/.>_<
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  1. Rex’s Dream/.>_< What I want to be? What I will be? Sometimes I know we are so young to say something like “I have a big ego.” sometimes I cry when I am lonely, cause I really don’t know what I should be. Maybe now, I got it.

  2. I believe everyone has their own world, with their own ego. That’s network securityengineer.That’s what I want to be.

  3. I’d like to be a man like my father-network security engineer. After I graduated from my ideal college. Because our country needs people were good at internet. So I want to do something for my country. It’s not like business is good for country’s economy, it’s technology, and China is developing country, it’s a good chance.

  4. My heartbeat is founded in GRCC, the US.

  5. First, I think Chinese education is not good for me. It’s exam-oriented education. But I am interested in the US. Second, American education can make me more creative. I think it’s most important point for me.

  6. Also, GRCC can make my life more perfect, because we don’t have many time to prepare SAT or GRE. It can make us more happy, it can improve our life skills, English skills while we are playing games. And it’s also good for our job in the future. So my plan is get on well with host family, so that I can talk with American. And I’ll work hard and as a result, I can be alive in the US.

  7. I hope I can read in UW one day.

  8. I hope one day I could read in the UW-University of Washington. Because IT is good in the UW. If I can read in this college, I’ll be successful. Also I will do something in the college, it’s good for learning American culture.

  9. I believe I come to the US is for college. Because if I fail, I can’t play again. That means over. I think I need to improve reading before enrolling in a college program. Self-Assessment

  10. Thank you for your watching.