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The Angel Experiment

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The Angel Experiment
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The Angel Experiment

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  1. Yarinette Ventura The Angel Experiment : By: James Patterson

  2. Genre: Fiction

  3. Summary: A group of kids (the Flock) named Maximum Ride, Fang, Angel, Gasman, Iggy, and Nudge were made in a lab and have wings and special abilities. They are 98% human and 2% bird. When the Erasers, wolf-like mutants, kidnap Angel, The flock goes after these villains to save her and find their parents. The Flock goes to the School, where they were experimented on by some crazy people. Soon the leader of the flock (14 year old Maximum Ride) is told by her father figure, Jeb, the she has to save the world. She travels all around New York City to complete her mission to save the world. Will she be able to save the world?

  4. My favorite Passage: "The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything else into perspective." I like this quote because it is true that when you are about to face death, everything matters to you and you really notice everything. Maximum Ride was faced with an important mission when she was told to save the world and when she had to get Angel back. She could die at any moment, get caught by the Erasers, or get her secret out, so she had to risk everything and be on point at all times.

  5. Personal Response: What I got from the book was that even if you do not have a real family, the ones that you care about can be your family because they are always there for you no matter what. I would recommend this book because it is a book that is very suspenseful. It is also a cool science fiction and adventurous book. This is a book that you would not want to put down.