The roman empire
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The Roman Empire. From Republic to Empire 753 BCE- 476 AD. Why It’s Important. Rome had a lot of power and kept getting stronger by conquering other countries. There was peace in the area for over 1000 years during this time.

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The roman empire

The Roman Empire

From Republic to Empire

753 BCE- 476 AD

Why it s important
Why It’s Important

  • Rome had a lot of power and kept getting stronger by conquering other countries.

  • There was peace in the area for over 1000 years during this time.

  • During this time, Romans developed many new ideas that are still around today.

Location of rome
Location of Rome

Rome is in Italy, on the continent of Europe.

How it began
How It Began

The story begins with the legend of a king named Alba Longa. He felt threatened by his nephews, Romulus and Remus so he tried to kill them by throwing them into the river. They were saved by a wolf who raised them.

How it began1
How It Began

When they were older, they went back and killed the king and set out to build their own city. The twins fought over where it should be until Romulus killed Remus and took control. He called the city Rome, after himself.

Etruria the kingdom rome s early days 700 500 b c e
Etruria the Kingdom: Rome’s Early Days (700-500 B.C.E.)

  • For two and a half centuries, kings of the neighboring Etruria, the land to Rome’s north, ruled the city.

  • The Romans learned about city building, art, religion, mythology, and even language from the Etruscans.

End of a kingdom
End Of A Kingdom

  • Many kings held Rome’s power but people were unhappy with this and wanted change.

  • Powerful citizens of Rome, all military veterans took control away from the king in 509 B.C.E.

Timeline of leadership
Timeline of Leadership

753 B.C.E.- 509 B.C.E.


by Monarchies

509 B.C.E.- 31 B.C.E.

Governed by a Republic

The start of the republic
The Start of The Republic

With a republic, people held more power because under a ruler, senators (representatives) were elected to help rule the area.

Unfortunately, they held little power and were expected to just do what the dictator told them to do.

The republic expands
The Republic Expands

  • Rome fought Carthage in 3 wars called the Punic Wars.

  • They wanted control of all resources like oil, wine, grain , gold and silver.

  • This would make them the most powerful area to date!

  • They also wanted to be so big that nobody could succeed in fighting them.

History log
History log

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