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  2. INITIAL REVIEW • Lots of potential for improvement. • Set and newsroom looks dark. • No bright colors. • WTVA logo, anchor desk, weather center, green wall reporter background, doesn't match. • Anchors • Craig is a strong experienced, lead anchor • Emily is a great team player. • Reporters • 2 female reporters show experience and have good creditability • Need more opportunities to tease • wtva.com/facebook/twitter during show.  • First weather could play higher in A block

  3. A BLOCK • Double tease - VO’s • Alleged child molester could've used short bite from suspect. Beer on Sunday good hot button issue. Slow punch on lower third for beer story tease.  • Double anchor intro - Alleged child molester. • I would've used "local martial arts instructor" instead of "local business owner". Needs to be showcased as "exclusive" or "exclusive interview". 

  4. A BLOCK • Molester GRX • good info to set up  • Molester PKG • Live reporter intro at green wall. • Repeated same info in GRX set up. • PKG good. • Doesn't mention whether alleged incidents took place at business. I would get copies of two complaints and any public documents on the arrest and show them. • Suspect sound is left at the end. • Cutting bite in half and doing donut style would be better, a little at the beginning, a little at the end. • On a legal note, I would instruct the reporter/photog to stay on the public right of way and not on private property when getting b-roll of business.

  5. A BLOCK • Beer on Sunday - Great issue. • This reporter is using a complex reporting style, a little confusing. No need to stuff the entire story in on PKG. • Good reaction from people in town. Why did town not allow beer sales on Sunday in the past? Religious reasons? What does the church say about it? • This story is a good opportunity to streamline the PKG and have a breakout element. • Keep business/local reax/religious in the piece, and break out the mayor/police chief in separate VSV. The two apparently don't agree on the impact.

  6. A BLOCK • Not Guilty - Interesting story. • Sounds complicated with relationships between suspect and victim. Probably better with reporter presence and reaction from family in courtroom. • Robbery arrest - good story. • Needs help with writing. • Election questions - ok. • Poor vids. Needs sound from other side. • Why was he not allowed to speak? Council member not there. Talk to council. • Food recall - good information for families. • I would like to see a picture of what the package looks like.  • Jefferson Awards - good community involvement.  • Tease Courthouse fire - great video  • 2 box tease WX to sports (#1)  • - Reason to go from right to left?

  7. B BLOCK • Courthouse fire folo VO to double anchor toss to PKG - good.  • Courthouse fire folo PKG • Lots of breakout potential here. This reporter needs some help on reading between the lines. • What's the real story? The county courthouse has been relocated. The county is considering options to rebuild. The most interesting element as a viewer is the process the old courthouse documents must go through to be saved. • I would like to see set up VSV on courthouse relocation/rebuilding, PKG on saving the documents. • This reporter needs more than one sound bite in story, as well as reaction from real people in town to personalize. I'm sure a building which was destroyed by fire will always hold sentimental value. Some instruction on basic camera work is needed for him. • Tease sports (#2)

  8. WEATHER • WX - 3 shot makes weatherman and weather set look like it's a few miles down the road. • I would not use 3 shot, make animation for "Weather Authority" coming out of break, and go straight to weather (similar to sports). • Then have weatherman meet anchors at the desk for a tighter 3 shot at the end. • Weatherman is knowledgeable and has good energy – very thorough

  9. SPORTS • Before break, tease sports (#3) - reason to tease sports three times?  • Teased website several times, not bad. • Sports Anchor • Talking too fast, stumbling. Tried to squeeze in too much. Needs to slow down. More stories in sports block than A block.  • BB signing - no tripod used. shaky video.  • Ole Miss/MSU BB OTS  • 2 sport athlete VO • MSU enrollees VO - Would be better with pictures of players instead of generic team vids  • Soccer tryouts RDR - Would be better to wipe into GRX and wipe into next story  • HS soccer VO  • Saints VO - could do without for time. Run at 10p. • HS football coach VO - probably would go better after MSU enrollees VO  • Sports block had so much pace, show hits the wall at the end on 4 shot.

  10. END OF SHOW • WTVA "always on" lower third covers branding on desk. I would recommend squeeze back into GRX. • Bumps & lower thirds could coordinate better with open graphic scheme • Weather graphics • Map should contrast more: background image and text color • “Color the weather” image floats: utilize real estate