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Time Management

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Time Management . by Julie Morgenstern. "When life is a to-do list, something is wrong. Time management is about giving what matters a place in your schedule. Create a life that nurtures who you want to be.". Seven Time Management Tools. 1.) Self-Assessment.

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time management

Time Management

by Julie Morgenstern

"When life is a to-do list, something is wrong. Time management is about giving what matters a place in your schedule. Create a life that nurtures who you want to be."
1 self assessment
1.) Self-Assessment
  • I spend too much time on ____.
  • I procrastinate on ____.
  • I would spend a 25th hour of the day doing ___.
2 estimate task time
2.) Estimate Task Time
  • How long does it take ME to do this task?
  • Include hidden time costs:
    • Thinking Time
    • Traveling (Commute)
3 remember the four d s
3.) Remember the Four D's:
  • Delete
  • Delay
  • Diminish
  • Delegate
4 take a step back to see the big picture view
4.) Take a Step Back to See the Big Picture View
  • Simplify Categories
  • Define Goals for each category
  • Select Activities for each goal
5 make a time map
5.) Make a Time Map
  • Be in the moment, not in the next moment or the past moment.
  • Time Maps can be vertical or horizontal, with daily themes and color-coded activities.
6 the s p a c e formula
6.) TheS.P.A.C.E. Formula:
  • Sort tasks into categories, estimate the time for each
  • Purge the stuff you don't "need" to do
  • Assign a home for it in the time map
  • Containerize Tasks: start & stop when you intend to, and avoid procrastination, tardiness & interruptions
  • Equalize: reflect on the successes of the day, re-prioritize, evaluate, and improve your methods
7 choose just one planner
7.) Choose Just One Planner
  • paper or electronic, varieties are numerous:
    • Calendars & Desk Calendars
    • Day Planners
    • Online Task Organizers (Google Calendar)
    • Offline Task Organizers (Swift To-Do List)
more tips
  • Make morning or evening time a sanctuary for yourself
  • Slow down and take a closer look at your tasks
  • View time as a "balance" of your day, and life
  • Batch your tasks like cookies, putting like with like
  • Multitasking takes the brain 4x's longer than focusing on 1 task at a time
  • Time is a container - tasks take up time like objects take up space
  • Apply perfectionism only to tasks that matter most
  • Make all your decisions for morning on the night before
  • Leave a Do Not Forget list by the door
  • Vertical Time Maps devote each day to the theme of that day, it's categories, goals, and activities
  • Stop procrastinating by focusing on the payoff and breaking it into smaller steps
  • Filter interruptions by responding to them later, take messages - studies show it's faster (7 minutes versus 11 minutes)
  • Forgive your failures, and celebrate your successes!
  • What helps you manage your time well? What tips do you have to share?