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S2 Homework: Christianity PowerPoint Presentation
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S2 Homework: Christianity

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S2 Homework: Christianity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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S2 Homework: Christianity
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  1. S2 Homework: Christianity

  2. About the Slides There are 6 homework tasks. Make sure you read ALL slides. There is a list of books available in the school library and web sites that will help you with the tasks at the end. If you come across any good web sites or books that are not listed, let your teacher know so that they can be added to the list. Merits will be given for effort and creativity, outstanding effort will be rewarded further. So, do the best you can!

  3. Task 1: Did God Create the World? For this task you will have to think about the creation story in the Bible where God creates the world in 6 days. You should: • Consider the story • Give your own view on it • Consider the Big Bang Theory as an alternative version of creation • Give YOUR own opinion on how you think the world came into existence

  4. Task 2: Should Christians Care About Animals? • For this task you will have to think about stewardship and if Christians have a responsibility to care about animals. You should consider: • The story in the Bible in which humans are put in charge of animals • How animals are treated in factory farms and zoos • Who’s responsibility it is to look after and care for animals

  5. Task 3: Is there a Heaven? Is There a Hell? What happens to us when we die? Christians believe that after death, the soul goes to heaven or to hell depending on how good or bad the person has been in life. For this task you should: • think about this and give your own opinion. • consider different beliefs about life after death and what heaven and hell really are.

  6. Task 4: Christianity in the News There are many religious conflicts and events going on around the world right now. For this task you should try to find an interesting story involving Christians. You can: • present it as a story • as an interview between the reporter and the person or people involved. • create a newspaper article with a picture

  7. Task 5: Working For the Kingdom of God For this task you should: • Choose a Christian, alive or dead who tried to make the world a better place • Write a biography (life story) about the person • Include at least 1 picture of the person you have chosen to write about • You must include where and when they lived • How their Christian faith affected their actions and life

  8. Task 6: ‘Love Your Neighbour’ Jesus taught people to ‘love their neighbour as you love yourself’ but what does that mean? For this task you should: • Explain what it means to love your neighbour • Give examples of this happening • Give examples of this not happening • Give your own opinion on whether you think it is possible

  9. Christian Figures: See if you can work out who they are

  10. Presentation of Work You havebeen given a eight weeks to complete this work so this should be reflected in the standard that you hand in. Homework can be either hand written in a jotter or typed up on a computer and handed in inside a folder or poly pocket. You should: • Be creative and imaginative • Use lots of picture and make it colourful • Where possible, explain the belief or practice • Express your own opinion clearly • Give reasons for your view • Have FUN doing it.

  11. Books and web sites to help you. • The creation story is found in the book of Genesis in the Bible or at http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis+1-2&version=NIV • An outstanding steward of the environment was St Francis to know more about him look at search on Wikipedia. • For information on Christian attitudes to animals click on the link below http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/christianity/christianethics/animals_1.shtml • Famous Christians http://www.christianheroes.com/ch/people.asp click on people index • The story of the Good Samaritan can be found easily using Google. Books available in school library: • Mother Teresa; Saint of the Slums • Faiths and Festivals- Robert Palmer • Atlas of World Faiths • The Christian Experience-Aylett and O’Donnell • Going to Church