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Text Evidence as written on chart: PowerPoint Presentation
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Text Evidence as written on chart:

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Text Evidence as written on chart: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Text Evidence as written on chart:. My reason: How I re- wrote it to make it better:. Partners. Tell your partner how you will re-write a piece of evidence to better support a reason. Spin your evidence!.

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text evidence as written on chart
Text Evidence as written on chart:

My reason:

How I re- wrote it to make it better:

  • Tell your partner how you will re-write a piece of evidence to better support a reason.
spin your evidence
Spin your evidence!
  • How can you re- word your sentence so they sound stronger and more supportive of your reasons?
  • What is your next move as you continue to flash draft.
do now
Do Now
  • In your reading notebook, write down what was the first opinion you held on child soldiers on the first day of the unit.
in beginning
In beginning
  • I thought….That child soldiers were victims because they were children that were ripped away from their home and forced to commit horrible crimes.
after reading
After reading
  • Perhaps the real debate on child soldiers is not that they are victims, but need to held responsible in order to keep them safe from the commanders who wish to use them to achieve their goals.
  • Turn, talk about how your opinions have changed why they have changed.
  • Write your responses in your reading notebook how and why our opinions changed as well as the articles that made these changes occur
  • Your topic is due at the end of the period!
period 3 4
Period 3/4
  • Do Now: Why does it feel repetitive when we read articles about child soldiers?
  • Some times evidence overlaps such as:
    • Child soldiers occur during times of civil unrest
    • Child soldiers usually occur during war times
    • Child soldiers were manipulated
    • What are some that you can think of?
take out the following articles
Take out the following articles
  • API African International and Analysis: Should child soldiers be prosecuted for their crimes?”
  • Locate the first time each article mentions a child soldier should be prosecuted.
  • How does the description the prosecution of child soldiers overlap or not overlap
  • overlap and not overlap?

The second article mentions how hard it is to readjust back to society especially if they have achieved ranking which means they have committed a lot of crimes.

  • The first article does not mention the readjustment issues at all
  • The first article is not specific
  • The second article said the age of consent should be 18 and the first article mentions the ages of 15-17
  • The second article is contemplating the debate of prosecution and the first is sold on them being prosecuted
  • Research topic on post-it
spin it
Spin it

They had no family but the fighters

Parents often sold their children into the service of the army.

The children were easily manipulated by the commanders because they did not have a family to take care of them. Parents often sold their children into the service of the army because they were destitute. This illustrates the idea that the child soldiers did not have a family because their family sold them to a new one.