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CRT Bellringers

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CRT Bellringers

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  1. CRT Bellringers

  2. 4/15 8-9th lit. • The school board is considering a district-wide dress code. A student is concerned that it might be too strict and limit personal expression. Which type of writing should the student use in a letter to the school board? •   A.  cause/effect •   B.  process •   C.  persuasive •   D.  question/answer

  3. 4/15 9th comp. • Before writing a summary of a passage about Shakespeare, what would a writer need to do? •   A.  Make a graphic organizer to separate the main idea from the details. •   B.  Predict which facts are the most important to use in the summary. •   C.  Think of questions the teacher might ask. •   D.  Determine the format of the article.

  4. 4/16 8-9th Lit. • The main idea, or thesis statement, is usually found in which part of a composition? •   A.  the conclusion •   B.  the body •   C.  the title •   D.  the introduction

  5. 4/16 9th comp. • A history teacher has assigned students to write a research report about a famous person. The student has a draft with many details, but it is boring. Which writing trait should the student focus on to make the report more interesting? •   A.  conventions •   B.  sentence fluency •   C.  engaging voice •   D.  organization

  6. 4/17 8-9th lit. • Caleb has written a letter to the city council to persuade them to upgrade and care for a local ballpark. Which of these four sentences would be the most persuasive? •   A.  You need to do this because you are the city council. •   B.  The ballpark is important to my friends and me, and we are counting on you. •   C.  Safety is a public concern, and the ballpark should be made safer. •   D.  I will be upset if you don't take care of the ballpark.

  7. 4/17 9th comp. • Which sentence is written correctly?  • A. Our family gone and took our grandparents to dinner on there anniversary. •  B. Me and my friends studied our history lesson together.  • C. Between you and me, I think the movie could have been more interesting.  • D. After the performance, my parents gave both Amy and I a bouquet of flowers.

  8. 4/18 8-9th lit. • Which sentence is written correctly? •  A. Between you and I, what hesdoing is wrong.  • B. In the book, Tuck Everlasting, Winnie should have drunk the water. •  C. Each of the football players have a red and green jersey.  • D. Of the two decisions the last one was better.

  9. 4/18 9th comp. • Which is the most effective method to achieve appropriate sentence fluency? •   A.  Use many simple sentences. •   B.  Use the appropriate voice. •   C.  Use sentence variety. •   D.  Use many descriptive words.

  10. 4/19 8-9th lit. • Which sentence uses capitalization correctly? •   A.  The president of Birdwatchers Anonymous published a newsletter called Peepers Cheepers in October. •   B.  The President of Birdwatchers anonymous published a Newsletter called Peepers Cheepers in October. •   C.  The president of birdwatchers anonymous published a Newsletter called Peepers Cheepers in October. •   D.  The President of birdwatchers anonymous published a newsletter called Peepers Cheepers in October.

  11. 4/19 9th comp. • Which sentence has all the words spelled correctly? •   A.  The old man dosen't seem to have much energy. •   B.  Alot of old people truely wish they were young again. •   C.  Living forever if you're old isn't all that wonderful. •   D.  They where the last generation to worry about there health.

  12. 4/22 8-9th lit. • Take this time to clean up your binder. Recycle any old or unnecessary items. Be sure to organize your binder in way that makes sense to you.

  13. 4/22 9th comp. • Please assemble your rough draft and peer edit, as well as your final draft of your research paper to turn in • Review notes on Agreement; write an example for each rule (1-5). .

  14. 4/23 8-9th lit. • A student has been assigned to write something that will entertain an elementary school class when read aloud. Which writing format is the most appropriate for this assignment? •   A.  letter to the editor •   B.  research paper •   C.  interview •   D.  short story

  15. 4/23 9th comp. • Abby has been asked to write a swimmer's safety book. What should she focus on as she begins to write? •   A.  recent photographs •   B.  accurate information •   C.  her personal experiences •   D.  using symbolism to create interest

  16. 4/24 8-9th lit. • A Girl Scout group is putting on a skit for their next meeting. What would make the most effective story for this audience? •  A. a short, humorous plot with a lot of action •  B. a sad plot involving one unhappy character •  C. a musical with a lot of songs •  D. a drama with a variety of costumes

  17. 4/24 9th comp. • A student has been assigned to write an explanation of an event that occurs at school. Which writing format would be the most appropriate for this assignment? •   A.  poem •   B.  insructions •   C.  essay •   D.  letter

  18. 4/25 8-9th lit. • Taryn wants to verify that she included the correct date of a Canadian holiday in her research paper. Which resource would be the MOST useful for this purpose? •   A.  encyclopedia •   B.  atlas •   C.  almanac •   D.  newspaper

  19. 4/25 9th comp. • Look at the dictionary entry for the word predator. Which definition shows how the word predator is used in the following sentence? • "Their great size and the use of their tusks protect adult elephants from predators.” 1. one that follows others to harm them • 2. one that plunders or exploits others • 3. an animal that preys on others • 4. one that lives or gains by stealing from others •  A. definition 1 B. definition 2 C. definition 3 D. definition 4

  20. 4/26 8-9th lit. • What is a personal or official record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections kept on a regular basis? • A. journal •  B. almanac •  C. editorial •  D. interview

  21. 4/26 9th comp. • Ted ordered a set of books but didn't receive them. What format should he use to inform the book company of this situation? •  A. business letter  • B. friendly letter  • C. persuasive letter •  D. informative essay

  22. 4/29 8-9th lit. • Which would be an example of a text-to-self connection? •   A.  watching a movie and thinking about the beautiful scenery •   B.  reading an encyclopedia article and realizing the science textbook has the same information •   C.  reading a poem and realizing that it brings out strong personal emotions •   D.  reading a story and recognizing that it uses the technique of flashback

  23. 4/29 9th comp. • Please prepare for the presentation: • Catrina Booth (3rd period) • Marjorie Bernal (5th period) • On deck: • Amaal and Jeynnie

  24. 4/30 8-9th lit. • Sterling is writing a research paper on a former U.S. president. He wants to focus on the timeline of the presidency. What is the most effective organizational pattern to use? •   A.  chronological •   B.  process •   C.  description •   D.  comparison

  25. 4/30 9th comp. • Please prepare for the presentation: • JeynnieValdovinos (3rd) • Amaal Sharif (5th) • On deck: • Ruben and Erik

  26. 5/1 8-9th lit. • Alana plans to write an essay comparing and contrasting two different vacation experiences. Which kind of graphic organizer would be most appropriate to use as a pre-writing strategy for this essay? •   A.  Venn diagram •   B.  sequential chart •   C.  flow chart •   D.  persuasion map

  27. 5/1 9th comp. • Please prepare for the presentation: • Ruben Montes (3rd) • Erik Demler (5th) • On deck: • Bianca and Alexsis

  28. 5/2 8-9th lit. • Jolie has been assigned to write a report about the life and times of William Shakespeare. Which graphic organizer would be most useful in organizing the ideas for this report? •   A.  outline •   B.  Venn diagram •   C.  sequence chart •   D.  network tree

  29. 5/2 9th comp. • Please prepare for the presentation: • Bianca Rosas (3rd) • Alexsis Lever (5th) On deck: Axel and Ethan

  30. 5/3 8-9th lit. • After completing the first draft, what is the next logical step in the writing process? •   A.  brainstorm •   B.  edit •   C.  revise •   D.  publish

  31. 5/3 9th comp. • Please prepare for the presentation: • Axel Sanchez (3rd) • Ethan Woodcox (5th) • On Deck: • Jared and Abdul