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Phonics. ‘Helping you to help them’ Workshop 1. Can you read this?. Wigh ar wea dueing thiss? Ie feall sstewppide!. Aims. To ensure all parents have an overview of the teaching of phonics in school. To ensure consistent messages regarding the teaching of phonics.

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‘Helping you to help them’

Workshop 1

can you read this
Can you read this?

Wigh ar wea dueing thiss?

Ie feall sstewppide!

  • To ensure all parents have an overview of the teaching of phonics in school.
  • To ensure consistent messages regarding the teaching of phonics.
  • To update phonic subject knowledge.
the simple view of reading
The simple view of reading
  • In 2006 Sir Jim Rose completed his independent review of the teaching of early reading. The review report provided clear recommendations on what constitutes 'high quality phonics work'.
  • The 'simple view of reading'
  • The Rose Report makes a number of recommendations for the teaching of early reading.

Successful reading demands both word level reading and the ability to comprehend what has been read.

This is formalised in “The Simple View of Reading”


Rose Recommendations

  • More attention needs to be given to speaking and listening from the outset.
  • High quality, systematic phonic work should be taught discretely and daily and in line with the definition of high quality phonic work as set out in the Rose report.
  • Phonics should be set within a broad and rich language curriculum that takes full account of developing the four interdependent strands of language.

The Simple View of Reading

  • Word-level reading and language comprehension are both necessary to reading
  • Neither is sufficient on its own
  • This is formalised in “The Simple View of Reading”
  • Reading comprehension is a product of word recognition and language comprehension


  • Teaching phonics requires a technical skill in enunciation.
  • Phonemes should be articulated clearly and precisely.
letters and sounds
Letters and Sounds
  • DVD clip - enunciation
some definitions
Some definitions

A phonemeis the smallest unit of

sound in a word.

C-u-p c-a-t d-o-g

count the phonemes
Count the phonemes
  • How many phonemes can you count in the following words?
  • Mask
  • Car
  • Back
  • Bull
some definitions1
Some definitions


Letter(s) representing a phoneme

t ai igh

some definitions2
Some definitions


Recognising the letter sounds

in a written word, for example

c-u-p, and merging them in the order in which they are written to pronounce the word ‘cup’.

some definitions3
Some definitions

Oral blending

Hearing a series of spoken sounds and merging them together to make a spoken word – no text is used.

For example, when a teacher calls out

‘b-u-s’, the children say ‘bus’.

This skill is usually taught before blending and reading printed words.

some definitions4
Some definitions


Identifying the individual sounds in a spoken word

(e.g. h-i-m) and writing down or manipulating letters for each sound to form the word ‘him’.

some definitions5
Some definitions


Two letters, which make one sound

A consonant digraph contains two consonants

sh ck th ll

A vowel digraph contains at least one vowel

ai ee ar oy

some definitions6
Some definitions


Three letters, which make one sound

igh air

some definitions7
Some definitions

Split digraph

A digraph in which the two letters are not adjacent (e.g. make).

cvc words
CVC Words
  • C consonant phoneme
  • V vowel phoneme
  • C consonant phoneme
words sometimes wrongly identified as cvc
Words sometimes wrongly identified as CVC





Why are these words not CVC words? Discuss.

examples of ccvc cvcc cccvc and ccvcc
Examples of CCVC, CVCC, CCCVC and CCVCC

b l a c k s t r o ng

c c v c c c c v c

f e l t b l a n k

c v c c c c v c c

a segmenting activity1
A segmenting activity

Segment these words into their constituent phonemes:







sorting activity
Sorting activity
  • field
  • grow
  • moon
  • swarm
  • learn
  • bear
  • grass
Word Mistake


grow /ow/




bear /ear/

grassregional pronunciation

the same phoneme can be represented in more than one way
The same phoneme canbe represented in more than one way

a a-e ai ay ey eigh

e e-e ea ee y

i i-e ie igh y

o o-e oa oe ow

u u-e ue oo ew

oo u oul

ow ou ough

oi oy

ar a

or aw ore a ough

air are ear

eer ear

high frequency words
High frequency words
  • The majority of high frequency words are phonically regular.
  • Some exceptions – for example the and was – should be directly taught.
to consider
To consider

Any questions?