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PHONICS. Melissa Reutter Dimonique Daughtry Lauren Horn. Phonics Approaches. 1. Traditional Bottom-up 2. Contemporary Top-down. Traditional Approaches. Analytic Phonics Instruction Whole-to-part

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  1. PHONICS Melissa Reutter DimoniqueDaughtry Lauren Horn

  2. Phonics Approaches • 1. Traditional • Bottom-up • 2. Contemporary • Top-down

  3. Traditional Approaches • Analytic Phonics Instruction • Whole-to-part • Students are first taught a number of sight words then the relevant phonics generalizations

  4. Traditional Approaches • Synthetic Phonics Instruction • Part-to-whole • Students learn sounds of letters and letter combinations • Blends sounds to make words • Identifies which phonics generalization

  5. Traditional Approaches • Linguistic Phonics Instruction • Based on highly regular sound-symbol patterns • Students decode words through regular letter patterns DISH FISH WISH

  6. Contemporary Approaches • Analogy-based Instruction • Children taught to use knowledge of letters in words pronounced right. ONSETS & RIMES We use letter patterns to read, rather than looking at individual letters and blending them

  7. Contemporary Approaches • Spelling-based Instruction • Students are taught strategies for studying words they read and write • Observe students’ writing and invented spelling • Helps determine developmental level

  8. Contemporary Approaches • Embedded Phonics Instruction • Students learn phonics skills in the context of stories that make sense

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