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Our selection of high quality pet bedding.Our Selection of pet bedding and pet mats to keep your pet comfirt.

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  2. ABOUT US • When choosing a run you need to size it appropriate for the dog or dogs that are to be housed in it. taking into consideration the length of time the dog will be in it each day. We have 3 types of dog run panel to choose from, First we have the 8cm spaced bar dog run which is suitable for medium top large breeds.For small breeds and security dogs the 5cm bar or mesh panel runs are more suitable. • The second run panel we do is the 5cm bar spaced panel this is suitable for all breeds with the anti climb bar, and a 5cm spacing between the bars.

  3. SUPPLIES Our Selection of pet bedding and pet mats to keep your pet comfirt. PET BED 75CM WIDE PRICE PER METER / RUBBER BACK €24.6 PET BED 100CM WIDE PRICE PER METER+ / RUBBER BACK €43.1

  4. blog • Tips On How To Handle Separation Anxiety In Dogs • Slaneyside Kennels  01 November 2018  Hits: 495 • Separation anxiety is a pretty serious matter not only for your dog but for you, too! At first, you start stressing about whether your neighbours will be mad about all the barking. Then, you worry if the dog is going to make a mess out of your place while you’re gone. Finally, you feel bad that the dog is anxious in the first place. • Today, we’ll share with you some tips that can help you overcome your dog’s separation anxiety problem. • Try talking with a professional trainer or your dog’s vetSeeking advice from a professional isn’t usually the first resort, but in some cases, it is the right thing to do. A vet might prescribe medication to temporarily fight your dog's anxiety. Also, you might want to work with a professional trainer. They might be able to come up with a strategy on training your dog to deal with being left alone better. • Know what acts as a “trigger”In order to cure something, you must know the cause, right? That’s why you must learn what triggers your dog’s anxious behavior. It might be the sound of the keys when you pick them up. Or, it might be the moment when you start preparing to go to work. Try to pinpoint the triggers and then work towards making them less powerful until they stop triggering the anxiety completely.


  6. CONTACT US Phone 053 936 9998 Address Tomahurraenniscorthy Wexford Ireland E-mail slaneyside@gmail.com Website https://www.dog-runs.ie/

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