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Health Ahead/Heart Smart

National Cardiovascular Health Conference 2002 Washington, D.C. Sandra Owen Georgia State University Gerald Berenson Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

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Health Ahead/Heart Smart

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  1. National Cardiovascular Health Conference 2002 Washington, D.C.Sandra Owen Georgia State UniversityGerald Berenson Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Health Ahead/Heart Smart “A process for predicting compliance and aligning a K-6 cardiovascular curriculum to national Health Education, Science Education (personal health) and Technology Standards" and Tropical Medicine

  2. Purpose Revise the K-6 Health Ahead/Heart Smart curriculum to be aligned with national standards National Health Education StandardsScience K-4 (Scroll down to F section) Science 5-8 (Scroll down to F section) Science 9-12 (Scroll down to F section) Student Educational Technology Standards Health Ahead/Heart Smart

  3. Method • Predict curriculum compliance using the Curriculum Analysis Tool (CAT); • Identify lessons congruent with personal health science standards; and • Create student activities incorporating national technology standards Health Ahead/Heart Smart

  4. Curriculum Analysis Tool • Developed by the Education Development Center, Inc. under contract with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; • Provided a process for identifying gaps in compliance; and • Promoted accountability by aligningcurrent lessons with standards Health Ahead/Heart Smart

  5. Three Phases:Assessment/RevisionPhase One: A careful read of each grade level prior to scoringPhase Two: Grade level scoring using CAT Identify needed revisionPhase Three: Post- revision scoring Health Ahead/Heart Smart

  6. Pre-Revision Analysis Health Education Criteria: 82% Health Education Standards: 78% CDC School Guidelines: 77% Curriculum Fundamentals: 75% Technology Standards O% Health Ahead/Heart Smart

  7. Post-Revision Analysis • All sections of the CAT met 100% compliance • Activities were developed to incorporate technology standards • Lessons were classified by Science Standard • Lessons were classified by Health Education Standard Health Ahead/Heart Smart

  8. Conclusion “Health Ahead/Heart Smart K-6 Curriculum offers schools coordinated, comprehensive, standards-based lessons which join the science of predictive risk behaviors with the effective application of protective health behaviors.” Health Ahead/Heart Smart

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