parents intro to cadet program
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Parents Intro to Cadet Program

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Parents Intro to Cadet Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parents Intro to Cadet Program. The Cadet Program. The Cadet Program is organized around four program elements. As cadets participate in these four elements, they advance through a series of achievements, earning honors and increased responsibilities along the way. Cadet Program Schedule.

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the cadet program
The Cadet Program
  • The Cadet Program is organized around four program elements.
  • As cadets participate in these four elements, they advance through a series of achievements, earning honors and increased responsibilities along the way
cadet program schedule
Cadet Program Schedule
  • Weekly Squadron Meetings
      • Meet weekly for two and one-half hours. (1400-1630)
      • Please make a special effort to be on time.
      • If your cadet is unable to attend a weekly meeting or other activity, he/she should let the Flight Sergeant know in advance.
  • Weekend / Summer Activities
      • There are many weekend and summer activities available to cadets at local, state, and national levels.
      • Our Squadron tries to have, on average, one weekend activity per month. This excludes summer vacation and Christmas Break.
      • We try to have Weekend Bivouacs on a quarterly basis.
cadets responsibilities
Cadets' Responsibilities
  • The Cadet Program is designed to instill in cadets a sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline.
  • Cadets - not their parents – are responsible for preparing their uniforms and planning ahead.
  • Cadets advance at their own pace through self-study and group study.
  • To progress, cadets must actively participate, pass written and performance tests, and demonstrate that they are ready to accept increased responsibilities.
  • If the Command Staff believes a cadet is not ready to advance, they will appoint a Mentor to counsel them and to assist in the improvement of their performance.
advancement ii
Advancement II
  • Cadets must achieve two promotions yearly.
  • We attempt to provide cadets with as much instruction as possible.
  • However, due to the limited time of weekly meetings, to be successful, Cadets must study on their own.
cadets fitness requirements
Cadets Fitness Requirements

Cadets must pass a CPFT once per achievement.

cadet activities
Cadet Activities
  • Outside of regular meetings, Cadets have the option to participate in several local, state, regional, and national activities:
      • Local weekend training
      • Wing level training
      • Regional activities
      • National Special Cadet Activities
local weekend activities
Local Weekend Activities
  • The Group and Squadrons try to provide weekend activities at least monthly, such as:
      • Search and Rescue Exercises (SAREX)
      • Basic Cadet Training (BCT)
      • Special Qualification Training (SQTR), such as Ground Team Member-3, UHF Direction Finding, Flight Line Marshalling, etc.
      • Model Rocketry
high adventure activities
High Adventure Activities
  • “With ‘challenge’ being one of the key traits of cadet life… commanders are encouraged to offer cadets youth-scaled, high adventure activities…”
      • Includes rappelling, rock climbing, ropes courses, water survival courses, and similar activities.
      • Activity Director must brief Wing CC on safety plans
      • Wing CC must approve activity in writing
      • Cadets need parental permission
wing level activities
Wing Level Activities
  • Wing conference (April)
  • Wing Cadet Competition (October)
  • Encampments
  • Frostbite Competition
  • Basic Cadet Training
  • Model Rocketry Weekends
  • During weeklong encampments, which are usually conducted (in the summer at Camp Blanding; in the winter at Tyndall AFB), Cadets are exposed to Air Force values and traditions.
  • First-year cadets develop teamwork and self-confidence in what is, for many, their first experience away from home.
  • Advanced cadets apply their leadership skills while serving in positions of responsibility.
encampment ii
Encampment II
  • All cadets are encouraged to attend their first encampment as soon as possible.
  • Summer Encampment is normally held in June, and Winter Encampment just after Christmas and over New Year’s Day.
  • Encampments base cost is approximately $125.00.
  • Cadets should expect to spend initially about $200.00 for the complete equipment list.
national cadet special activities ncsa
National Cadet Special Activities (NCSA)
  • NCSAs expose the cadet to complex technical training at a reasonable cost.
  • NCSAs must be applied for by 15 Jan each year.
  • Cadets must have completed

one encampment.

parents committee
Parents' Committee
  • Some of the ways parents can help include:
      • asking area businesses to make financial or in-kind donations;
      • organizing a carpool system;
      • planning an awards night or pot luck dinner;
      • helping the squadron connect with other local civic groups;
      • serving as a guest speaker;
      • spreading the news about CAP and helping recruit new members.
the cadet s expenses
The Cadet’s Expenses
  • We strive to provide as many activities free or at low cost. We do not receive any significant financial support from outside.
  • However, there are many expenses dependent on your child’s activities, but they are usually spread out over time. We often receive contributions from individuals to help out Cadets out.
      • Uniforms
      • Transportation
      • Lodging
  • Estimated annual expense for a moderately active cadet is;

Typical Highly Active

      • Rank, Patches, etc. = $54.00 $54.00
      • Uniforms / Equipment = $100.00 $350.00
      • Weekends = $100.00 $200.00
      • Summer Activities = $250.00 $600.00

Total= 504.00 $1204.00

  • Blues - Dress uniform.
      • The Commander will order the blue uniform through e-Services, which is furnished to the Cadet at no charge. If the Cadet does not renew the following year, he/she will have to return the uniform to the Squadron.
      • The cadet will need to order:
        • Shoes ($30 -$50)
uniforms ii
Uniforms II
  • BDUs – Utility uniform preferred by cadets.
      • We have quite a few used BDU uniforms, which is furnished to the Cadet at no cost. However, if your Cadet is quite small or quite large, (s)he may have to purchase one. The Cadet will have to purchase his or her own boots or cap though:
        • Boots ($45 up)
        • BDU cap ($7)
useful links
Useful Links
  • Squadron Calendar – in development
  • Cadet Library-
  • New Cadet Help-
  • Wing –
  • Cadet Supplies-