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Gigaset HC450 The easiest way to welcome guests - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gigaset HC450 The easiest way to welcome guests. Stephan Kremer, 12.01.2009. Door Intercom that cordlessly connects to Gigaset Phones. …or also to external numbers (fixed or mobile phone). Gigaset Home Control - OPCAP.

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Gigaset hc450 the easiest way to welcome guests

Gigaset HC450

The easiest way to welcome guests

Stephan Kremer, 12.01.2009

Or also to external numbers fixed or mobile phone
…or also to external numbers (fixed or mobile phone)

Gigaset home control opcap
Gigaset Home Control - OPCAP

  • "Gigaset Home Control" is a standard that allows you to control

    • household devices

    • lights and blinds

    • alarm systems

    • heating and air conditioning systems


    • door intercoms such as the Gigaset HC450

  • from a Siemens Gigaset cordless telephone.

  • All compatible devices feature the "Gigaset Home Control" logo, making them very easy to identify.

  • You will find more detailed and up-to-date information together with sources of supply for compatible products on the Internet at the following link:


  • OPCAP => Open platform for cordless applications

  • Main features
    Main features

    • Two-way speech with callers to the door using the cordless telephone – including handsfree

    • Intuitive use via the handset's soft keys (open door, activate entry light)

    • Easy configuration using the menu on the handset

    • Forwarding to external numbers (fixed or mobile phone)

    • Ease of installation and registration with the Gigaset system

    • Replacement of the old bell button with the door intercom – the existing cabling is generally adequate for installation

    • Support for existing bell and standard door openers

    • Configuration options for the second bell key (separate door call to specific handset, activation of entry lighting, same function as first bell key)

    • Ideal for single family homes

  • o Supported languages (for menus and voice prompts):

  • German, English, Dutch, Italian, French

  • Volume price
    Volume / Price

    • Price ~ 300 Euro

    • Volume in market approx.10.000

      • Germany ~ 8200

      • Netherland ~ 730

      • Switzerland ~ 280

      • Belgium ~ 220

      • Austria ~ 190

      • Italy 135

      • Rest of world ~ 250

    Top faq
    Top FAQ

    • Reset to factory condition

    • Press the pushbutton of the control unit for min. 35 seconds.

    • If the LED of the control unit is flashing alternately green/red, the reset process was successful.

    • How to register a Gigaset HC450 to a Gigaset telephone

    • The base station PIN must set to default (0000)!

    • Press the paging key at the base station for 3-5 seconds. The base station switches into the registering condition. 

    • Press the paging key of the door intercom (control unit) - the status LED starts flashing. 

    • After the registration was successful, the LED stops flashing. 

    • In the list of internal participants the name “intercom" appears.

    Compatible base stations
    Compatible base stations

    • Gigaset C470

    • Gigaset C475

    • Gigaset E450

    • Gigaset E455

    • Gigaset E450 SIM

    • Gigaset E455 SIM

    • Gigaset S440

    • Gigaset S445

    • Gigaset S450

    • Gigaset S455

    • Gigaset S450 SIM

    • Gigaset S455 SIM

    • Gigaset S645

    Analoge phones

    ISDN phones

    IP phones

    Gigaset S670

    Gigaset S675

    Gigaset S680

    Gigaset S685

    Gigaset SL370

    Gigaset SL375

    Gigaset SL440

    Gigaset SL550

    Gigaset SL555

    Gigaset SL560

    Gigaset SL565

    Gigaset SL780

    Gigaset SL785

    Gigaset CX470 ISDN

    Gigaset CX475 ISDN

    Gigaset SX440 ISDN

    Gigaset SX445 ISDN

    Gigaset SX450 ISDN

    Gigaset SX455 ISDN

    Gigaset SX670 ISDN

    Gigaset SX675 ISDN

    Gigaset SX680 ISDN

    Gigaset SX685 ISDN

    Gigaset C470 IP

    Gigaset C475 IP

    Gigaset S450 IP

    Gigaset S675 IP

    Gigaset S685 IP

    Other base stations such as Gigaset SX353 ISDN, CX253 ISDN, SX205 or SX255 ISDN

    do not support Gigaset Home Control and are not compatible with the Gigaset HC450.

    Compatible handsets
    Compatible handsets

    • Gigaset C47h

    • Gigaset E45

    • Gigaset S1

    • Gigaset S1 color

    • Gigaset S44

    • Gigaset S45

    • Gigaset S67h

    • Gigaset S68h

    • Gigaset SL1

    • Gigaset SL1 color

    • Gigaset SL37h

    • Gigaset SL55

    • Gigaset SL56

    • Gigaset SL74

    • Gigaset SL78h

    Other GAP supporting handsets, also from other manufacturers,

    can be used for the voice connection to the Gigaset HC450, but not to open the door or activate entry light.

    Package contents
    Package contents

    • o 1 Control Unit with cover

    • o 1 Door Unit

    • o 1 Installation frame for door unit

    • o 1 Power Supply Unit

    • o 2 nameplates and covers

    • o Installation material

    • o 1 User manual