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August 2012 Program Overview, Differentiators & Road Ahead - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) A TiE Global Education Initiative to Empower Next Generation Entrepreneurs & Leaders. August 2012 Program Overview, Differentiators & Road Ahead. Creating a global community of youth empowered to be entrepreneurial. Vision.

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Presentation Transcript
August 2012 program overview differentiators road ahead

TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE)A TiE Global Education Initiative to EmpowerNext Generation Entrepreneurs & Leaders

August 2012Program Overview, Differentiators & Road Ahead

August 2012 program overview differentiators road ahead

Creating a global community of youth empowered to be entrepreneurial


To offer a comprehensive and well-structured curriculum to educate and groom high school students within a business environment to emerge as entrepreneurs and future leaders in a dynamic global environment


  • Equip students with entrepreneurial skills

  • Nurture their ambitions and incubate their ideas

  • Develop soft skills to lead, influence, work better in teams

  • Access to successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors and startup service providers



August 2012 program overview differentiators road ahead

TYE – Few key differentiators entrepreneurial

  • Unique mix of interactive classroom sessions, mentoring, coaching, workshops, team building, idea generation and validation plus, business plan competition followed by career tracking and alumni club.

  • Global connectivity and exposure, leveraging TiE’s proliferating network of entrepreneurs, business leaders, practitioners, startup service providers student community, sponsors and availing TiE resources

  • Early exposure to real life business and company building situation

  • Time tested model relying on 7 years of success locally and globally

  • Assured transformation amongst participants in addressing challenges, problem solving techniques and leadership drive.

  • Past participants have led multiple initiatives in their community, organizations and even started companies

August 2012 program overview differentiators road ahead

TYE Leverages Its Global entrepreneurial Ecosystem to engage Local and Global stakeholders offering value to its Communities, Evangelists & Supporters Worldwide

August 2012 program overview differentiators road ahead

TiE Young Entrepreneurs entrepreneurial

TiE Young Entrepreneurs

9 high school teams from diverse parts of the world, came together on April 30 2011 in the USA and what happened was magical!






Business Plans


Venture Funding

Tye major milestones so far
TYE – Major milestones so far entrepreneurial

  • Program ran successfully at the TiE Boston chapter 2005 – 2009

  • Received TiE Global award as “Unique Educational Program for Youth” – 2007 & 2008

  • Recognized as TYE Global Program in 2009 for roll out

  • TYE Global Business Plan Competition - Round 1 2009-10: 4 chapters, Round 2 2011-12: 9 chapters and Round 3 2011-12: 17 Chapters

  • Covering 4 continents and engages over 1200 stakeholders worldwide with 800 plus students participating in past 5 years

  • Supported by Kaufman Foundation, Deshpande Foundation, Microsoft, Cisco, prestigious institutes like MIT, IIT & other top universities & schools plus leading corporations

  • Process driven, well documented curriculum that gets regularly updated with ready to use collaterals and variety of resources, tapping the TiE network

  • Over 20 winning teams at participating chapters and 3 winning teams at the TYE Global Business Plan Competition in 2010 and 2011

  • More than 8 companies started by various participating students and teams

  • Alumni Club started for sustained global connectivity and peer to peer sharing

August 2012 program overview differentiators road ahead

  • TiE Global Initiative to empower young entrepreneurs… entrepreneurial

  • Global initiative across Boston, Carolinas, Delhi, London, San Diego, Rajasthan, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hubli, Atlanta, Austin, Melbourne, Vancouver and Washington DC

  • The program is dedicated to young aspiring entrepreneurs to sow the seeds of entrepreneurship that germinates at a later stage when they are ready to take off.

  • Instills creativity, confidence and skill

  • Curriculum spans course modules culminating with the Global Business Plan Competition during April-May 2012.


Fostering Entrepreneurship Through The Guru – Shishya Tradition

Tye global program keeps evolving
TYE Global Program Keeps Evolving entrepreneurial

  • Atlanta

  • Austin

  • Ahmedabad

  • Boston

  • Carolina

  • Cleveland

  • Chennai

  • Delhi

  • Hubli

  • Jaipur

  • Kolkata

  • London

  • Melbourne

  • San Diego

  • Seattle

  • Vancouver

  • Washington DC

    & counting

  • Cultivating entrepreneurship in our youth today and tomorrow

  • Robust curriculum of classroom sessions business plan writing & coaching, with 5+ years’ experience

  • A growing community of engaged members, mentors, speakers, youth who can learn & benefit from each others’ experience

  • Attract educational sponsors and interest from various stakeholders

  • Local Chapters take a customized approach to implement learnings & utilize varied resources (blogs, twitter, social groups, website, reputed speakers)

Where is tye headed
Where is TYE headed? entrepreneurial

  • Harvest and cultivate TYE Alum network of future aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Develop a robust resource base of volunteers within TiE membership, who are entrepreneurs and business executives, who would be willing to offer guidance and support to TYE alums if needed

  • Facilitate connections within the TYE alum and TiE Global network

  • Facilitate funding opportunities and incubate ideas of TYE alums

  • Raise funds to support and sustain the growth and scale of TYE Global Program

  • Expand the pool of startup service providers to support TYE participants

  • Roll out TYE Global Program in all global TiE chapters in the next 3-5 years through an organic growth strategy

Tye program overview

  • Students ( entrepreneurial 35-40 students)

  • Speakers

  • Instructors

  • Mentors

TYE Program Overview*

  • Instruction - Key Concepts of a Business Plan

  • Inspirational Speeches

  • Interactive Discussions

  • Workshops


  • 1-1 Mentoring

  • Business Plan Development

Phase 1: Classroom Instruction


  • Mock Presentation designed to receive critique and advice from a panel of judges

  • Final Business Plan competition at the chapter level

  • Chapter winning team will compete at the TYE Global Business Plan Competition for a $25K winning prize

  • Judging panel of VC/ Angel/ Entrepreneurs/lawyers/executives from accounting firms

Phase 2:

Business Plan Development


Phase 3:

Business Plan Competition

*TYE Year of inception: 2005

Now there is tracking of past participants and the Alumni Club offers tremendous post program connectivity & sharing

August 2012 program overview differentiators road ahead

TYE Curriculum Overview entrepreneurial

What is Entrepreneurship?

  • What does an Entrepreneur do?

  • How does an Entrepreneur earn wealth?

  • Pros and Cons of being an Entrepreneur

    Opportunity Recognition

  • Cost/ Benefit Analysis

  • Opportunity Cost

  • SWOT Analysis


  • What is Marketing & What is its Purpose?

  • Benefits of Marketing?

  • Market Research: the five W’s

  • Competitive Strategies

  • Advertising & publicity

  • Break Even Analysis

Tye curriculum overview
TYE Curriculum Overview entrepreneurial


  • Identify Sources and Types of Funding

  • Various Financial terms like Unit of Sale/ Fixed Cost/ Gross Profit etc.

  • Various Financial Formulas like breakeven analysis, ROI etc.

  • Introduction to Balance Sheets, Income Statement, Cash Flows etc.

  • Introduction to Stocks, Bonds Credit (Personal & Business), Debt, Venture Capital

  • Taxation and Ethical Business Behavior

    Business Law

  • What are the key legal contracts & agreements?

  • Understand the different types of Corporations

  • Intellectual Property Protection

  • Various Business Models.

  • Presentation & Team Building Skills

  • Team work and team building

  • Project Management

  • Leadership and Listening Skills

  • Presentation Skills

Here is what people say about tye
Here is what people say about TYE entrepreneurial

“TYE helped us make new friends, learn, stretch our imagination, be inspired by entrepreneurs and teachers. It was truly an eye opening experience and I had lots of FUN”.

.........Ajay Bharadwaj, TYE Alum 2008

“Thank you for having me as a mentor. It is truly an exciting and rewarding experience for me to mentor highly motivated, dedicated and bright kids”

..........Murali Menon, CTO, Guevara

“We saw better business plans presented today that what we see everyday. It was truly exciting to be a judge”

.........Mike Gaiss, Sr. VP of Marketing, Highland Capital Partners

“The experience, exposure to successful people and the learning is simply extraordinary”

........Indra Sood, Parent

Testimonials entrepreneurial

“I feel this (TYE program) is a real life lesson, which helps broaden the outlook significantly and I would recommend it to kids and their parents to consider seriously. It really enhances their outlook and strengthens the foundation.

From learning simple things like to research the Internet, take initiative, carry a reluctant team member forward, share rewards, and look at competition, they were exposed to complex issues like do home to home or phone surveys for their projects, sharpened computer skills on PowerPoint, word or Excel and understand what it takes to build an organisation, merits and demerits of how organisations operate.” AnkulLal (Father)  PayalLal   TYE 2010 and AnmolLal TYE 2011

Tye new delhi
TYE NEW DELHI entrepreneurial

  • Students work in teams and brainstorm to generate business ideas

  • Mentors (Gurus) will be assigned to students who will guide them to build a successful/ viable B-Plan

  • Students finally present their business plan to a panel of judges consisting of established Venture Capitalists & Entrepreneurs

  • Winning team is announced in April and will participate in the Global competition – with student teams from other TiE Chapters

  • TYE Global Prize is then awarded to the wining team

  • Winners of the Delhi B-Plan competition have been awarded laptops by HCL, gift hamper by Nokia and a scholarship to an entrepreneurship program by IWSB

Join the tye community
Join the TYE Community entrepreneurial

People from all walks of life embrace TYE to make things happen

and transform our youth

Tye s bigger cause is social development
TYE’s bigger cause is Social Development entrepreneurial

“TYE Global program is committed to create and nurture future generation of entrepreneurs and leaders and make positive contribution to building a strong network of youth across TiE to serve communities and ecosystems worldwide.”

Become a Stakeholder

as mentor, instructor, student participant, investor, service provider, sponsor, partner and evangelist to

take TYE to the next level.