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Guide to Questionnaire Designing

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Guide to Questionnaire Designing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Searching the web to see how to write the questions for your dissertation. Look no further, and here comes the one stop questionnaire design guide from dissertation India, the best and one-stop solution for your next dissertation writing while providing other services.\n\n \n\nThis guide will help you in the long way to help you get the framework and questionnaire ready for your next questionnaire in your thesis, not just now but in the future, as the guide has been developed by the experts with the decades of experience under their belt to boast about. This guide will not just help the fellowship students with their dissertation, but also a lot of other professionals as journalists, editor, copywriters, and other professionals related to these fields of writing. Read on to know more or better yet download the ppt to save it for later use.

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guide to questionnaire designing

Guide to Questionnaire Designing

meeting the objectives
Meeting The Objectives

Researcher should first clearly point out and define his research aims and objectives. This would help him designing the questionnaire that pinches exactly what is required. For this, clarity with the questions asked, possibilities of answers, and the implications of analytical approach must be ideated in advance.

The objectives can be drawn after the complete and critical research on the existing literature as well as on the prospective respondents. Researchers are advised to carry out the complete and detailed analysis on how to meet the research aims and objectives before moving on to designing the questionnaire.

deciding on population and sample size

Deciding On Population and Sample Size

The population includes the all members of a community, place, region, age-group etc from which you seek responses for exploring the research problem. Because reaching out to a great population size and interviewing each of them is nearly time-prohibitive, you must decide on a definite sample size.

A sample size is actually a subset of the population or a selected number of participants in the research interview and data collection. It is drawn from the target population keeping money, time, and other equipments or facilities required under consideration.

writing the questions

Writing The Questions

Before you begin writing questions, you should first decide on whether you must ask open-ended questions to the respondents or close-ended. The choice of type of questions depends on the type of your research, and hypothesis.

If you are conducting a qualitative research, then it would be good choice to go for open-ended questions where the respondents would have the liberty to interpret the questions and give their opinions accordingly.

However, if you are conducting quantitative research, go for close-ended questions where the respondents must answer in agreement or disagreement with your opinion.

open ended vs close ended questions

Open-ended Vs Close-ended Questions

Below are good examples of open-ended questions and close-ended questions. Have a close look at both:

Open-ended Question:

How will you measure the magnitude of impersonal behaviour towards the patients suffering from chronic stress?

Close-ended Question:

Do you see the impersonal behaviour affecting the patients’ psychic negatively?

  • Yes
  • No
language of questions

Language of Questions

Apart from what information researcher wants to get from the respondents, he should also keep the language and style of writing questions in mind. Your language, style, and tone of writing interview questions must:

  • Be precise in context
  • Be formal, mild, and straightforward
  • Not too direct and offensive
  • Not contain the negatives such as “don’t”, “must not”, “cannot” etc.
  • Avoid ambiguity or dual standard
structuring the questionnaire

Structuring The Questionnaire

It is a must that the researcher structure all the questions in a chronological order and proper sequence that directs him to ask questions to respondents without jumbling up. So, arrange the questions wisely- keep the basic ones in the start and the complex ones in the end of questionnaire. You must ask the sensitive questions soft-spoken and in apt context.

the interviewer and the respondent building the rapport
The Interviewer And The Respondent: Building the Rapport

A personal interview for a research survey should remain confidential. Only the answers of the research questions asked from the respondent should be disclosed.The interviewer must assist the respondent in comprehending the questions. The follow-up descriptors should not be too challenging or incomprehensible for the respondent. Instead, interviewer should try to put it mild and soft-spoken not to hurt respondent’s sentiments.Interviewer must honestly inform the respondent about the use of questionnaire and the answers beforehand.Interviewer should not make it informal conversation and fairly carry out the entire interview.

where to get quick assistance

Where to Get Quick Assistance

It is normal if the novice researcher gets stuck at writing or defining the questionnaire. That’s why, many universities and private firms offer questionnaire designing support and services to the researchers, doctoral candidates, and masters students.


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