mao zedong and the chinese revolution n.
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Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution PowerPoint Presentation
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Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution

Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution

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Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution

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  1. Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution

  2. Republic of China • The Qing Dynasty was over thrown by Chinese nationalist in 1912. • The Dynasty had ruled China since the 1600s. • The new government was be known as the Republic of China led by Sun Yixian. • Sun Yixian vowed to end foreign control over Chinese affairs.

  3. The government could not bring order to China or help its people. • Many people were killed by robbers and thieves. • Agriculture was failing and the country faced famine. • WWI pulled the attention away from China’s problems.

  4. After the War • After the war the Treaty of Verailles restored the government with Sun Yixian leading the country. • Japan was given some of China’s territory.

  5. Birth of the Chinese Communist Party • Many young Chinese were angry about the Treaty. • They wanted to end what they felt was a failed government of Sun Yixian. • They began looking at Russia and their Communist Revolution as an alternative to western democracy.

  6. In 1921, a group of young Chinese men including Mao Zedong met to form the Chinese Communist Party.

  7. Nationalist Republic of China • After Sun Yixian’s death the new head of government, Jiang Jieshi, tried to make an alliance with the Chinese Communist Party. • The two groups worked together for some years to bring order to China. • Jiang Jieshi and his government later turned on the communist and many were killed. • 1929 – The Chinese government became known as the Nationalist Republic of China.

  8. Jiang Jieshi AKA: Chiang Kai-shek

  9. Civil War in China • Mao Zedong survived the attack on the communist. • He relocated his communist party to the countryside and rallied the support of the peasants. • Civil war broke out between Mao’s communist and Jiang Jieshi’s Nationalist government.

  10. 1933 – Mao and 600,000 followers escaped defeat from the Nationalist government by heading into the mountainside. • The 6,000 mile journey was known as the Long March. • There was a temporary truth during World War II while both sides fought to keep the Japanese from taking over China.

  11. People’s Republic of China • When WWII was over the Civil War started up again. • Mao’s army was now known as the Red Army. • In 1949 the Red Army defeated the Nationalist government. • Oct. 1949 – Mao proclaimed the creation of the People’s Republic of China. (a communist government)