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Driver Education Syllabus. Teachers: Mrs. Gamez, Mr. Miller, &Mrs. Crispo. Some of the state requirements to obtain a drivers license.

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Driver education syllabus

Driver EducationSyllabus

Teachers: Mrs. Gamez, Mr. Miller, &Mrs. Crispo

Some of the state requirements to obtain a drivers license
Some of the state requirements to obtain a drivers license

  • State law requires all driver education students to pass 30 hours of classroom instruction. That means passing this class with a 60% and being in the classroom for at least 30 hours.

  • State law requires all driver education students to pass 6 hours of supervised-instruction and 12 hours of supervised instructional observation.

  • State law requires that all driver education students under the age of 18 must drive with their permit for 9 months after the date it was issued


  • Drive right: you are the driver: 10 th Edition

  • The students need to take care of the book or will be responsible for repairs

  • This book is an important part of our curriculum and should be brought to class everyday and read daily.


  • In order to learn how to drive, presence in the classroom is important. We are partnering the classroom phase of driving with the driving phase. So information gained in the classroom can be transferred directly to the driving phase.

  • We do not accept Tardiness, when the bell rings they are in their seats.

  • Driving requires responsibility tardiness goes along with this.

  • Should an absence occur, it’s the students responsibility to ask another student what they missed (handouts/notes). Notes should be located on the drivers education web site. Tests can be made up during academic lab.

Homework and tests
Homework and tests

  • Home work will be written on the wipe board. A weeks worth of assignments will be listed.

  • Late work is not acceptable students will not receive full credit for the work done.

  • Assignments are required for all 18 chapters. Those include chapter outlines, and chapter review questions. Extra credit is offered for answering the decision making questions for every chapter.

  • The chapter review questions are at the end of every chapter, that range from 10-16 questions.

  • The work needs to be neat and the answerers should be written out and name written on the top right corner of the assignment.

  • Assignments can be hand wrote or typed.

  • Assignments are due at the beginning of class. If they are not handed in students will not receive credit.

  • Tests are the major portion of their grade so studying the notes , reading the chapters, and doing homework is very important.

  • The test are multiple choice, this means pick the best answer.

  • Outlines are also required as home work assignments. What is an outline?

Helpful information packets
Helpful Information Packets

  • To obtain a drivers license under the age of 18

  • 50 hour verification sheet

  • Permit limitations / GDL program

  • Parent Booklet for behind the wheel activities

Contact information
Contact information

  • or voice mail 583-6454



  • You can also keep track of progress on line.

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