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Working towards cross-border cooperation in e-Government (IDA Programme)

Working towards cross-border cooperation in e-Government (IDA Programme). Joris Heeren DG Enterprise European Commission. Outline of the Presentation. IDA Mission, scope and objectives Projects of Common Interest Horizontal actions and measures Contribution to e Europe/ e Government

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Working towards cross-border cooperation in e-Government (IDA Programme)

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  1. Working towards cross-border cooperation in e-Government(IDA Programme) Joris HeerenDG Enterprise European Commission

  2. Outline of the Presentation • IDA Mission, scope and objectives • Projects of Common Interest • Horizontal actions and measures • Contribution to eEurope/eGovernment • Way of working and role of Committees • Participation of the Candidate Countries

  3. European Institutions Member State Administrations European Commission The mission of IDA MS MS MS MS MS

  4. The IDA Programme • Guidance and support to telematic projects in specific policy areas • Provision of “horizontal” actions to ensure interoperability (e.g. generic services and common tools) • Annual budget 24 MEuro

  5. Projects of Common Interest Social Security Statistics Employment & Education Agriculture & Fisheries Humanitarian Aid GENERIC SERVICES Trade Translation Services Interinstit. Comm. Transport Judicial Affairs Enterprises & Internal Market Environment Consumer Protection Health Care

  6. The EURES network • Connects a network of over 500 employment offices in Europe • Provides access to international job vacancies and practical information on living and working conditions • Facilitates mobility and cross-border employment • To be complemented by portals on learning opportunities and social security benefits.

  7. FACTS & FIGURES • Stock of vacancies

  8. IDA Interoperability Measures: Strategy • Satisfy generic administrative requirements for ICT services • Ensure a consistent and co-ordinated approach (e.g. organizational & legal issues)

  9. Use of Horizontal Measures • Generic Services • Common tools & Techniques • Legal and Security Practices • Information Content Interoperability • Spread of Best Practice • Quality Assurance

  10. IDA communication platform TESTA • National networks • Institutions • Agencies • Sectoral admin.s

  11. EU Agencies EU Agencies EU Institutions EU Institutions EuroGate EU Member States EU Member States EuroGate EuroDomain EuroGate EuroGate EuroGate Direct connected sectors Direct connected sectors Direct connected sectors Direct connected sectors IDA communication platform Other services PKI PKI DNS DNS Mail relay Mail relay DIR DIR DIR Portal Portal Circa Circa

  12. Portal of the EU Administration • Resolution adopted by the European Ministers of the public service and administration • Target : citizens / enterprises in identified real life situations • Focus : pan-European dimension / support to freedoms of movement • Timeframe : Ex-ante evaluation Pilot Portal in 4th Quarter 2002

  13. public-service.eu http://europa.eu.int/public-service

  14. eEurope/eGovernment - IDA • AIM: Ensure that citizens/enterprises have easy access to essential public data, as well as promoting online interaction between citizens/enterprises and Government • CHALLENGE: Improving efficiency in the public sector requires a re-thinking of internal organisation and electronic exchanges between administrations/institutions • IDA: Programme used as a basis to develop pan-European services, exchange best practices and support innovative solutions • .

  15. eEurope+/eGovernment - IDA • AIM: Assist in accelerating reform and modernisation of the economies in the Candidate Countries through use of Information Society technologies and tools • EXPECTATION: Positive impact on the adoption and effective implementation of the “acquis communautaire” in a number of areas • IDA: Participation in Programme would enable Candidate Countries to interchange data with the Member States, thereby supporting implementation of the “acquis”

  16. Contribution of IDA (I) • Promote the use of open source software in the public sector • Promote the use of electronic signatures within the public sector • IDA study on the use of Open Source in MSs administrations, / how to pool resources together • IDA pilot projects on secure e-mail and interoperability of implementations of public key infrastructures

  17. Contribution of IDA (II) • Benchmarking of electronic public service delivery • Essential public data online including legal, administrative cultural, environmental and traffic information • IDA study in this field with focus on cross-border aspects • Sectoral portals and development of a portal of the EU administration*

  18. Contribution of IDA (III) • eProcurement • eGovernment Observatory • Development of an open platform for eProcurement • Gathering information on existing eGovernment initiatives, as well as emerging trends in applications, technologies and related areas

  19. Benchmarking of electronic service delivery in public sector CONTEXT - OBJECTIVE: • IDA/Swedish Presidency conference • Promotion of eGovernment best practice • Benchmarking within the EU public sector CONTRIBUTION TO: • Identification of eGovernment services that could be provided at the pan-European level

  20. Life-events • EU enterprise willing to set up a branch in • another Member State • EU citizen/student willing to live and work/study in another Member State

  21. Public Serviceswith cross-border aspects • A2B: Before: After: - B1 Registration of a new company 4 4 - B2 Corporation tax - Declaration and notification 1 4 - B3 VAT - Declaration and notification 1 4 - B4 Social contribution for employees 1 4 - B5 Submission of data to statistical offices 1 2 • A2C: Before: After: - C1 General information / Guidance to new citizens 3 3 - C2 Income taxes 1 4 - C3 Employment services 3 3 - C4 Social security benefit 2 4 - C5 Health insurance 2 4 • A2S: Before: After: - S1 General information / Guidance to new students 2 3 - S2 University enrolment 4 4 - S3 School quality and results 2 3

  22. Best Practice Score

  23. Amendments to IDA Decisions in the light of eGovernment • Recitals: • Reference to the recommendations of the Declaration issued at the Ministerial Conference on eGovernment, as well as the conclusions of “Sandhamn” • Statement on importance of close co-operation between the Member States, the Commission and, where relevant, the other European institutions • Provisions: • Objective related to the identification and deployment of pan-European eGovernment services for citizens and enterprises • The GIP shall include a description of the planned organisational development and re-engineering of working procedures related to the project • Establishment of a description of an infrastructure, which shall serve as a platform for the development of PCIs, as well as OSNs

  24. A strategy for Pan-European eGovernment services • IDA Open Consultation Process • IDA Conference (19-20 September 2002) “Pan-European e-Government services: role of IDA” • Communication to European Parliament and Council - Evaluation/recommendations for implementation IDA II - Amendments to the IDA II Decisions until 2004 - Guidelines for post-IDA II activities

  25. IDA - Way of working Much more than a technical programme… • organizational aspects • business aspects • legal aspects • cultural aspects

  26. The typical IDA project process

  27. Co-ordination of the IDA Programme Member States Commission IDA Unit TAC Delegates ISG PMB TAC Meetings WHAM Working Groups of experts

  28. Participation of Candidate Countries • Decision EU-Lithuania Association Council: - Decision No 1/2002 of 18 June 2002 - General conditions for participation in EC programmes • Memorandum of Understanding: - Conditions for participation in the IDA Programme - Letter from Mr Landaburu, attaching the model - Commission Decision adopting draft-Memorandum - Signature of Memorandum by both Parties

  29. Representation • Until formal participation in IDA: - Observer at TAC/WHAM - Observer at relevant sectoral committees and working groups • Following formal participation in IDA: - Observer at TAC - Member at TAC/WHAM - Member at sectoral committees and working groups • Following membership of the EU: - Member at TAC, TAC/WHAM, committees and working groups

  30. For more information about IDA Visit the IDA Web site: http://www.europa.eu.int/ispo/ida E-mail: entr-ida@cec.eu.int Post: IDA Promotion Office at Enterprise DG/D2 - SC15 2/50 European Commission Rue de la Loi 200 B-1049 Brussels, Belgium

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